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Energy video titles

Energy: Let's save it!
November 2008
20% renewable energy by 2020
January 2008
Electricity and Gas: You choose!
June 2007
Intelligent shopping: Energy efficient appliances
December 2006
Better and cleaner urban transport for Europe
September 2006
Biofuels to replace oil
January 2006
Jämtland: a county fuelled by biomass
November 2005
Barcelona: Sustainable Energy City
July 2005
Energy use in buildings: Use it better, use it less
June 2005

Transport video titles

Intelligent Transport Systems ITS
October 2008
Air transport: new rights for people with reduced mobility
June 2008
Road safety: everybody's business
April 2007
Better and cleaner urban transport for Europe
September 2006
Rail transport: speeding up trans-European priority axes and ERTMS
September 2006
Protecting passengers and goods transport in Europe
September 2006
Europe making our skies safer
July 2006
Motorways of the sea
December 2005
Europe strengthens maritime safety
November 2005
Waves of Passion: a film on careers as an officer of the merchant navy
February 2004

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Road safety: everybody's business

Length: 8'

Date of production: April 2007

Subject: The European Union has set itself the goal of reducing the number of road deaths by half before 2010. In other words, of saving 25,000 lives a year.
How? Various measures are foreseen. These include reinforcing controls on the three principal causes of serious accidents – excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and not wearing a seat belt; giving increased consideration to more vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists; improving infrastructures and putting greater emphasis on technological progress such as the electronic stability control ESC etc.
Furthermore, in a spirit of shared responsibility, the European Charter on road safety is giving support to every organisation that actively engages in road safety because, at the end of the day, this is an issue which concerns all of us.


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