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December 2005
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November 2005
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February 2004

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Europe strengthens maritime safety

Length: 11’16”

Date of production: November 2005

Subject: Following the Erika and Prestige accidents, the European Union took a series of measures to make its seas safer. Today, a third set of maritime safety measures is being proposed by the Commission. This coherent package allows Europe to offer a maritime service which is safe, competitive and respects the environment. The European fleet should become a model fleet and the Member States are responsible for all vessels sailing under their flag. The quality of the work carried out by classification companies should be better monitored. The inspection of ships in port should also be increasingly focused on vessels with higher-risk profiles. Maritime traffic monitoring will be improved by the extension of the “SafeSeaNet” system throughout the Union. Refuge zones will be designated to accommodate vessels in distress. In summary, also with the support of the European Maritime Safety Agency whose role is strengthened, the package of measures aims at making the profession more responsible, fighting against “dustbin” vessels which represent unfair competition, and to ensure the European flags are recognised as model flags.

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