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Contract notices published in the Official Journal in 2005

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General prior information notice 


General prior information notice of  14/07/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 134-132226

General prior information notice of  29/04/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 30-080928

General prior information notice of  12/04/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 30-068067

General prior information notice of  02/04/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 30-062175

General prior information notice of  02/04/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 30-062169

General prior information notice of  11/02/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 30-028401

Corrigendum of 19/02/2005 :

OJ 2005/S 36-034306


 Contract notice 


Creation of the European Radiation Protection Training and Education Platform

European non-destructive testing ALARA network

European ALARA Network for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material-NORM

Repair and maintenance services of measuring apparatus

Apparatus for measuring radiation

SERVRAIL - study on the assessment of present and likely future conditions of providing rail-related services

Study to prepare a revision of Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements and energy performance labels for new hot water boilers

Comparative study on the powers and competencies of regulators in the energy and transport fields

Creation of an EU known shippers' prototype database - extension

Framework contract for ex ante evaluations and impact assessments

Biofuels initiative

Road transport working time directive — self-employed and night time provisions of the directive

Analysis of the degree of achievement of 2010 national and Community targets under Directive 2001/77/EC

Various services related to radioactive decommissioning waste
Study on the impact of the introduction of secondary slot trading at Community airports

Better buildings for Europe: assessing and communicating the Buildings Directive (the buildings platform)

Preparatory studies on eco-design requirements for energy-using products (I)

Study on the development of a European aviation code

Definition of critical infrastructures at EU level in the energy sector

Harmonised register of train drivers

Analysis of the economic impact of the energy products prices on the competitiveness of the energy and manufacturing sectors in the EU — comparison EU and USA

Proposal to update and supplement the EU–US open aviation area study

Framework contract for electrical services

Framework contract for mechanical services 

Contract for the supply of high-level neutron coincidence counters 

Market analysis and feasibility study for a European road transport market observatory

Energy efficiency and safety in road transport

Transparency of airlines tickets

Promotion, dissemination and analysis for the Concerto initiative (Concerto +)

Summary and publication of best practices in road safety in the Member States

Development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in a large-scale lighthouse project

Estimation and forecast of short-term trends in passenger and goods transport and of the modal split in the European Union

Evaluation and monitoring of trends with regard to passenger needs on the level of service and treatment of passengers

Service contract (framework contract) to provide support for the programme to extend the Single European Sky to include countries in South Eastern Europe

Technical support to the Commission for the development of new energy efficiency eligibility criteria for office equipment qualifying for the Energy Star programme

Analysis of the contribution of transport policies to the competitiveness of the EU economy and comparison with the United States

EU Energy Star web site: development and maintenance

Supply and installation of a measuring instrument for testing for alpha and beta contamination of swabs as a part of radiation protection checks

Supply and installation of 2 unattended spectrometric monitors for real time measurement of alpha and beta activity concentrations in gas emissions

Protection of transport critical infrastructures at European level

  • Prior information notice: OJ OJEU/S 30 of 11.2.2005

  • Contract notice: OJ S 92-090293
    Time-limit for receipt of tenders:  15/06/2005

Annual analysis of the European air transport industry (TREN/F1/16-78/2005)

European network for the promotion of energy and transport users' rights

Competition and complementarity between air and high speed rail

General policy towards services of general economic interest and consumer protection in the energy sector

Analysis and appraisal of the extent to which passengers' rights are protected in the maritime transport sector in the EU

Framework contract with regard to the Energy and Transport DG's team-building activities



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