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Economies of scale: analysis of data on research expenditure on labour and infrastructure
(more info on Directorate-General for Research website)
  • Contract notice: OJ S 1-000060
    Time-limit for receipt of tenders:  07/03/2008
Survey of the competitive aspects of oil and oil product markets in the EU
A study on passenger transport by coach in Europe
A framework contract on impact assessment studies for possible implementing measures under the Eco-design Directive of Energy-Using Products and the Framework Directive on Energy Labelling of Household Appliances
Framework contract on aviation security policy development
International symposium on medico-legal exposures
Benchmarking strategic options for European shipping and for the European maritime transport system in the horizon 2008–2018
European road safety charter campaign
Feasibility and impact assessment study on the future evolution of roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles to evaluate a review of Directive 96/96/EC
Study on assessment of contract conditions and general and special conditions of carriage of transport operators offering transport services in the European Union
Guidelines to establish a European register of road transport undertakings
Best research on 'traffic management systems for transalpine road freight transport'
Statistical coverage and economic analysis of the logistics sector in the European Union
Report on transport scenarios with a 20- and 40-year horizon
Assessment of potential solutions for the improvement of European civil-military cooperation in the framework of the Single European Sky
Purchase of industrial computers 
Radiation protection training courses for nuclear safeguards inspectors 
Study on natural gas storage in the European Union
Purchase of type A nuclear transport containers
Creation of an EU-known shipper's prototype database — third extension
Framework contract for impact assessments and evaluations (ex ante, intermediate and ex post)
Radioactive waste and spent fuel data collection and reporting, record keeping and knowledge transfer in the EU
Radiation protection of the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport's staff whilst visiting controlled areas of European nuclear installations
Survey of compliance with Directive 92/75/EEC (energy labelling)
Survey of the market penetration of energy-efficient office equipment under the Energy Star Program
Feasibility study on the use of renewable energy sources, in particular biofuels, for aviation
Study to identify and evaluate European measures to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from aircraft
Study on the effect of adapting the rules on the weights and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC regarding their ability to match the needs of advanced logistics and sustainable mobility
A framework contract to provide technical support to the industry consultation body of the single European sky (air traffic management)
Study into the appointment, operation and effectiveness of recognised security organisations appointed by EU Member States under Regulation (EC) 725/2004 and Directive 2005/65/EC
Study: qualification criteria for screening staff at airports
Management of liquid radioactive effluents arising from medical establishments in EU Member States and candidate countries — Mediwaste
Comparative study of EC and IAEA guidance on exemption and clearance levels
Priority Interconnection Plan: methodology for the selection and implementation of projects of European interest
Analytical support for monitoring the implementation of the major transnational transport axes connecting the EU and its neighbours
Study: analysis of the implementation of the new security rules for high consequence dangerous goods and determination whether they are effective

Study on European GNSS Supervisory Authority's performance monitoring and analysis facility

Benchmarking and guidelines for streamlined authorisation processes for bioenergy installations
Traffic flow: scenario, traffic forecast and analysis of traffic on the TEN-T, taking into consideration the external dimension of the Union
Annual analysis of the European air transport market
Work on preparatory studies for eco-design requirements of EuPs (II) and on stakeholder representation
Employment and growth impacts of sustainable energies in the European Union




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