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The tender specifications published on this web page might exceptionally be complemented by an addendum/corrigendum. In such a case, this information will be published at the latest six days before the deadline for tender submission. You are therefore invited to consult the site regularly. The Commission will not be liable should the tenderers not take notice of the addendum/corrigendum before submitting their bids.

Employment and growth impacts of sustainable energies in the European Union

GNSS Knowledge Management Facility

European guidance on clinical audit for medical exposures — clinical AUD
Establishment of European technical recommendations for monitoring individuals exposed to external radiation
Lot 1 — criteria of acceptability for medical installations and Lot 2 — referral criteria for medical exposure
Support to EGNOS certification
  • Contract notice: OJ S 169-180337
    Time-limit for receipt of tenders:
    Tenders specifications
    Please note that question and/or request for any information relating to the GSA Call For Tenders is to be sent to the following fax number 00 32 (2) 292 17 56.
    The previous fax number communicated both in the Contract Notice and the Invitation to tender (00 32 (2) 299 29 12 should not be used as from 08/09/2006.

Study for the analysis and the conceptual development of a European port access identification card
Monitoring of freight traffic in the Alps
Study on oil refining and oil markets
Support to Galileo certification
Sustainability criteria and certification systems for biomass production
Evaluation of the implementation of radiation protection measures for air crew
Set-up of a European Energy Users' Network
Set-up of a European Transport Passengers' Network
Study of aircraft noise exposure at and around Community airports: evaluation of the effect of measures to reduce noise
Dissemination and promotion of the achievements of the intelligent energy — Europe programme and other Community programmes
Public consultation with citizens on passengers' needs for maritime transport and international coach transport
Study on the labour market and employment conditions in intra-Community regular maritime transport services carried out by ships under Member States' or third countries' flags
Study on the impact of the 2004 enlargement of the European Union in the area of transport
Creation of an EU-known shipper's prototype database — second extension
Study on the impact of the 2004 enlargement of the European Union in the area of energy
Collection of data for an energy market observation system
Funding Handbook in the field of inland navigation
Study on administrative and regulatory barriers in the field of inland waterway transport
Assessment, using PC-CREAM, of the radiological impact on the population of the EU of radioactive discharges from EU sites between 1997 and 2004
Nuclear safety in a situation of fading nuclear experience
Cross-cutting study as regards regulation and operation of industries requiring specific safety regulations to prevent potentially harmful effects on human beings and the environment
Incident reporting and follow-up in the nuclear sector
Nuclear safety performance indicators
Study on the codification of the European Union regulatory framework on transport of radioactive material
Study on the energy savings potentials in EU Member States, candidate countries and EEA countries
Study on the use of explosive-detection dogs in the field of aviation security
Study on the compensation thresholds for damaged or lost equipment and devices belonging to air passengers with reduced mobility
Facilitation of aviation security — feasibility study of 'registered passenger' concept

Study on the feasibility of extending the activities of existing mode-specific promotion centres in Europe to encompass the wider concept of intermodal transport

Study on the potential imports by Member States of agricultural products containing radiocaesium concentrations in excess of EC limits

Respec (Radiological Emergency Support Project for the European Commission)

Coordination tools for the implementation of sustainable EU energy policies at local level (Managenergy)

Transposition of the directives on rail interoperability and safety, and the development of the Community's railways

Calculation of charges for the use of rail infrastructure

Study on training needs and offers in the European railway area for the next 15 years

An impact assessment of the internalisation of the external costs of transport

Industrial workbenches with electronic equipment

A services contract (framework contract) to provide legal, economic and technical support for bi-lateral relations between the EU and third countries in the field of air transport 

Electronics sets for measurements using fork detectors 

Feasibility study on the tracking and tracing of transport by road of passengers, living animals and dangerous goods 

Research and development consultancy services.  Analytical support framework to monitor the implementation of the infrastructure and 'soft' measures proposed by the High Level Group

Assistance in organising information, communication and broadcasting activities covering energy and transport

Report on the implementation of the TEN-T guidelines for the period 2004–2005

Study on the implementation of a European Network of Certification Centers (ENCC) for the purpose of the Single European Service of Electronic Fee Collection

Study on the operation and the results of regulation establishing common rules on compensation



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