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Transport Research Knowledge Centre
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Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC)

April 2008
Relaunch of the Transport Research Knowledge Centre: new website helps European transport community to find transport research solutions

The Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC) is designed to raise awareness of the outputs of transport research at European, national and international levels. TRKC provides analyses how the transport research results can be utilised to stimulate innovation in transport and to shape the European transport policy for sustainable mobility. To this end the TRKC collects, structures and analyses transport research results from across the European Research Area and disseminates the gained knowledge through the dedicated TRKC web portal .

TRKC provides you with updated information on transport research results together with analysis of their policy implications. You can find information on over 250 European, national and international transport research programmes and on almost 6000 research projects. The database allows tailor-made searches for a part of these projects, depending on your needs. In the coming months, new information on programmes and projects will continuously be provided, and you will soon be able to conduct searches for all 6000 projects. In addition you can find latest information on transport events, publications and contacts on the new TRKC site.


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