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Experts reimbursement


Arrangements for reimbursement of travel expenses for experts attending DG Energy and Transport meetings

Experts receiving reimbursement will need to fill in three forms:

1.  the application for reimbursement of expenses
2.  the expert identification sheet
3.  the legal entities sheet


1. Application for reimbursement of expenses

This document will soon be available in the languages of the new Member States.

Experts will need to show the original ticket, and boarding passes if appropriate. If the fare is not shown on the ticket, experts should bring the invoices with them. Experts will also need their identity card or passport.

2. Expert Identification Sheet

How to complete this document:

  • All sections if bank details have changed or are not known to the Commission
  • Only sections 1 and 4 if the expert does not have, or has not received his/her identification sticker
  • Only section 1 if the expert’s address has changed

Experts who have their identification sticker and whose address has not changed need not fill in this form.

Member states:

New Member States + non EU countries:

This document will soon be available in the languages of the new Member States. In the interim use these non-geographical language versions.

3. Legal Entities Sheet

The Commission is currently restructuring its accounting system and requires that the legal entities (individual, private companies, public sector) with whom the Commission has contractual relations, be better identified in the accounting system.

The expert will need to complete this document:

  • If he/she has not submitted this form since July 2004, or
  • if the Legal Entity is not known to the Commission or has changed.

All supporting documents are available on Budget website: LEGAL ENTITIES


last update: 06-06-2006