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Compilation of legislation in force

The texts of current Community legislation on energy and transport are available, respectively, in section 12 and section 07 of the EUR-Lex database.

The EUR-Lex portal was developed to provide a single entry point for online consultation of Community legislation, including the electronic archive of legislation in force, legislation in preparation, the Official Journal, the Treaties, case law, parliamentary questions and documents of public interest. The integrated access facility can be used to search the main European legislation information tools, CELEX and EUR-Lex. It also provides links to other online information sources such as PreLex, OEIL (legislative observatory of the European Parliament) and CURIA (website of the Court of Justice).

When browsing through the different sections of the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport website, visitors with an interest in a particular area will be able to find references to Community legislation in force on that subject, often linked to the relevant documents in EUR-Lex.

Legislation in preparation

The texts of legislative proposals in preparation in the fields of energy and transport, again referenced in sections 12 and 07, are also provided by EUR-Lex.

In addition, PreLex, the database on interinstitutional procedures follows the major stages of the decision-making process between the Commission and the other institutions. Searching by keywords and/or year and reference number displays a brief description of a proposal in preparation, monitoring the stages of the decision-making process and providing references. Other searches in PreLex can produce a list of the various legislative proposals in preparation for which the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport is responsible, if any event in the decision-making process occurred following the start date selected by the visitor. PreLex also contains a chronological list of pending legislative proposals in the fields of energy and transport.


last update: 02-06-2006