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In the wider context of European Governance the Commission launched its strategy for simplification of the regulatory environment COM(2005)535 final on the basis of the following principles:

  • the EU should only regulate if a proposed action can be better achieved at EU level and should look at all possible alternatives, including co-regulation and self-regulation;
  • any EU action should not go beyond what is necessary to achieve the policy objectives pursued ;
  • it needs to be cost efficient and take the lightest form of regulation called for ;
  • in this respect simplification intends to make legislation at both Community and national level less burdensome, easier to apply and therefore more effective.

In this context, the Commission is particularly interested in obtaining feedback from  citizens, businesses and non governmental organisations concerning any disproportionate administrative or bureaucratic burden which the application of EU law may create in the areas of energy and transport policy. If you have any comments, please contact us at

Where possible you should give exact details of the law you refer to and whether you consider the burden to arise from the way the original law was drafted or from its implementation by one or more Member States. It would also help us to identify the problem if you could provide concrete examples on how the legislation is burdensome for you.

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