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Transport research in the European Research Area:
A guide to national programmes

Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2004 – 72 p.
Catalogue no KO-60-04-709-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-7672-9
Language(s) : EN
Price: gratis
Available on-line
Nine brochures on transport research results
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2001 – 16 p. each
Language(s) :
Price: gratis
Available on-line 
1. Sustainable mobility
Catalogue no KO-39-01-514-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1547-9
2. Clean urban transport
Catalogue no KO-39-01-522-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1548-7
3. European transport networks
Catalogue no KO-39-01-570-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1554-1
4. Single European sky
Catalogue no KO-39-01-538-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1550-9
5. Maritime safety
Catalogue no KO-39-01-546-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1551-7
6. Freight intermodality
Catalogue no KO-39-01-562-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1553-3
7. Getting prices right
Catalogue no KO-39-01-530-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1549-5
8. Road safety
Catalogue no KO-39-01-554-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1552-5
9. Intelligent transport systems
Catalogue no KO-39-01-578-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-1555-X


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