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27/03/2006 The European Driving Licence: ensuring security, safety and free movement
3rd Driving Licence Directive 


07/12/2005 An assessment of the different support schemes
How to support renewable electricity in Europe ? 
06/12/2005 The Single European Sky implementation programme
The SESAR programme: Making air travel safer, cheaper and more efficient
23/11/2005 The 3rd set of measures in favour of maritime safety
A new step forward for maritime safety in Europe
16/11/2005 Wider missions for the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA
European aviation: even safer by 2010  
15/11/2005 Functioning of the electricity and gas markets
Towards an efficient internal energy market 
25/10/2005 The Energy Community : a regional approach to energy supply
South East Europe connects the internal market for electricity and gas
22/06/2005 GREEN PAPER on Energy Efficiency or Doing More With Less
"20% energy savings by 2020"
29/03/2005 Transport with a human face
Passengers' rights in the European Union
28/01/2005 European Energy Priorities
An outline of the European Commission’s plans for 2005


20/12/2004 Maritime Safety
Mers plus sûres: un combat bien engagé - Le chemin parcouru depuis l’accident du Prestige  (mise à jour juin 2005)
coming soon...
27/05/2004 New and Renewable Energies
"Renewable energy to take off in Europe ? - 2004 - overview and scenario for the future" (402 KB)
16/03/2004 Rail Transport and Interoperability
Towards an integrated European railway area  (1.045 KB)
03/03/2004 Rail Transport and Interoperability
The third railway package containing measures to revitalise the European railways adopted on 3 March 2004
"Une nouvelle étape de l’intégration du système ferroviaire européen"  


10/12/2003 Energy Demand Management
Proposal for a Directive on the promotion of End-use efficiency and Energy Services
"Saving at least 1% more energy each year"
10/12/2003 Energy Infrastructure
Package of Commission (adopted on 10 December 2003
"Energy infrastructure: increasing security of supply in the Union (new legislative rules proposed)"
21/10/2003 Driving licence
Legislative initiatives
"Driving licences: ensuring security, safety and free movement"
21/10/2003  Maritime Safety
The Prestige accident
"Safer seas: the fight goes on - Update on the Prestige accident"
17/10/2003 Electricity & Gas - South-East Europe
First Ministerial Meeting on the Regional Electricity Market in South East Europe
"Energy Policy in South East Europe - Regional Approach to Energy Supply"
01/10/2003 The Trans-European Transport Networks "TEN-T"
Revision of the Community Guidelines - Commission proposal
"The trans-European transport network: new guidelines and financial rules" (249 KB)  
25/07/2003 Maritime Safety
Entry into force of ERIKA I maritime safety measures on 22 July 2003
"Safer ships - safer seas - The «Erika I» package transposed into national law" 
30/06/2003 The Trans-European Transport Networks "TEN-T"
The High Level Group (Group Van Miert)
Priority projects for the trans-European transport network up to 2020 - High-Level group report
02/06/2003 European Road Safety Action Programme
Halving the number of road accident victims in the European Union by 2010 : A shared responsibility
Halving the number of road accident victims in the EU by 2010: A shared responsibility (size : 210 Kb)
13/05/2003 External Dimension of TEN-Energy
Regional interest projects for third countries
"Developing Energy Cooperation with the Neighbouring Countries - Spreading the benefits of the Internal Market to neighbouring countries and partners" (239 KB)
2003 Road infrastructure
Commission proposes harmonised rules to make European Road Tunnels safer
"Safety in European Road Tunnels - Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive"  (300 KB)


06/11/2002 Nuclear safety
On 6 November 2002 the European Commission proposed a Community approach to nuclear safety
Towards a Community approach to nuclear safety - The nuclear package
11/09/2002 Security of gas supply
Reinforcement of the security of the oil and gas supplies in the framework of the energy internal market
"The internal energy market:Improving the security of energy supplies"
04/04/2002 Maritime Safety
Safety of passengers aboard ships
Improving passenger ship safety"


Rail Transport and Interoperability
The second package adopted on 23 January 2002
Towards an integrated European railway area
2002 The internal energy market
Reinforcement of the security of the oil and gas supplies in the framework of the energy internal market
Improving the security of energy supplies - Gas and oil stocks


27/11/2001 Maritime Safety
The ERIKA-I and II packages of measures
"ERIKA: two years on"



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