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No. 76 -

19 December 2003
 The Commission proposes to extend the International Safety Management Code to all ships Council meeting on Energy: the provisional conclusions  Intelligent Energy - Europe,  Information Day and Managenergy conferences now on Internet  Commission approves aid to encourage the movement of intermodal containers by rail in the United Kingdom  Air Transport / outermost regions: Commission authorises French State aid to Air Caraïbes to promote development of the West Indies  Air Transport / outermost regions: Commission authorises French State aid to Air Austral to open a Réunion-Paris line  Economies d'énergie : la Commission renvoie le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg devant la Cour de Justice  Commission clears the proposed acquisition of Midlands Electricity by E.ON  Commission secures withdrawal of the unlimited guarantee granted to EDF, thereby encouraging competition in the energy sector  Free movement of capital: Commission takes Italy to the Court of Justice for restrictions on investment in energy companies  Electronic toll systems: MEPs introduce important amendments  Compensation to air passengers - approved  Agreement on transit system for lorries travelling through Austria (Voting)  
Parliament votes for compromise on combined heat and power

No. 75 -

12 December 2003
 Commission proposes new rules to ensure that all Member States save each year at least 1% more energy  Energy: Commission proposes decisive action on Infrastructure and Security of Supply  Council meeting on Transport: The provisional conclusions  One Single sky for the whole EU  EU research drive to reduce air pollution from traffic  State aid: Commission approves Italian scheme to encourage combined transport  Commission authorises French and Italian aid to experimental rolling motorway service between Lyon and Turin  European Commission strongly supports the Energy Markets Integration in the Balkans and promotes its connection with the EU  Electronic toll systems: MEPs considers Commission's proposals too ambitious  Compensation to air passengers: agreement to be voted in the Parliament  Safety of motor vehicles: Parliament should approve the Commission's proposals without amendment, says report  EP: Agreement on transit system for lorries travelling through Austria
 Combined heat and power: Parliament stands firm

No. 74 -

05 December 2003
 Maritime safety: IMO introduces new double-hull requirements at world-wide level to close the gap with new EU safety rules  Zürich airport/noise: Commission rejects Swiss request to overturn Germany's overflight rules  Solar energy: Europe aims to lead the world in Photovoltaic technologies  Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Brussels, 5 December)  EU supports historic energy agreement between Israel and Palestinian Authority  Loyola de Palacio welcomes the new dynamics of the Euro-Mediterranean energy partnership  Combined heat and power: Parliament stands firm  Job vacancies: EMSA and EASA keep on recruiting personnel

No. 73 -

28 November 2003
 Loyola de Palacio analizes the Transatlantic energy issues  in a conference at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington  Commission adopts more favourable rules on support for innovation in shipbuilding  European Commission, Poland and Ukraine boost “Odessa-Brody-Plock Oil Transportation Project"  Parliament's temporary Committee on Safety at Sea starts work  Ecopoints: positive result of conciliation meeting  
Job vacancies: EMSA and EASA keep on recruiting personnel

No. 72 -

21 November 2003
 Railways: Commission proposes conclusion of accession to the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail publishes the first list of ships definitively banned from EU ports  Loyola de Palacio presents the European policies on hydrogen in a Ministerial Meeting Washington  26-27 November: annual ManagEnergy Conference on Local Energy Action  European Parliament: no agreement on port services    44 MEPs in Temporary Committee on Improving Safety at Sea  Job vacancies: DG Energy and Transport seeks inspectors in the fields of nuclear safety, aviation security and maritime security
 Job vacancies: EMSA and EASA keep on recruiting personnel

No. 71 -

14 November 2003
 European Growth Initiative: Commission tables final proposal to EU leaders  Maritime safety: Commission sends reasoned opinions to eight Member States  Discriminatory charges on vessels: Commission presses ahead with proceedings against Finland  Italy: Commission approves regional aid to restructure road haulage and to develop combined transport  Commission creates European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas  European Energy Conference live on Internet  EP No agreement yet on ecopoints system for Austria  Difficult agreement reached on port services to be put to the vote  
MEPs welcome Commission's proposals on criminal sanctions for ships that pollute the oceans

No. 70 -

07 November 2003
 Commission decides aid to Spanish coal mining company has to be recovered  Vice-President Loyola de Palacio presents the European policies on alternative fuels  The EP welcomes Commission proposals designed to lead to criminal sanctions for ships that cause pollution at sea  Job vacancies: DG Energy and Transport seeks inspectors in the fields of nuclear safety, aviation security and maritime security  The European Economic and Social Committee meets "on the ground" the main partners involved with corridor X  
The EIB to support the energy sector in Serbia and Montenegro

No. 69 -

31 October 2003
 GALILEO: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the green light for an EU-China agreement  Commission and European shipbuilders present work plan for future LeaderSHIP in shipbuilding competitiveness  Just released Video "Trans-European Transport Network"  Commission gives strong support to European maritime transport sector
 Maritime public service: the Commission simplifies the rules applicable to small islands

No. 68 -

24 October 2003
 Commission calls for better enforcement of road safety rules  Driving licences: ensuring security, safety and free movement  EU-Russia Energy Dialogue: two Round Tables enhance mutual understanding of energy strategies and the challenges of electricity interconnection  Single-hull oil tankers banned from European ports from 21 October 2003  GALILEO: launching of the call for a concessionaire  Road safety: First «European accident-free night» sponsored by the Commission  Commission welcomes agreement on new emissions standards for off-road diesel engines  Parliament sets up a Temporary Committee on Improving Safety at Sea
 Just published: European energy and transport - Trends 2030

No. 67 -

17 October 2003
 New rights for air passengers: deal is done  Rail infrastructure package: Commission refers 9 Member States to the Court of Justice  Commission refers the UK to the Court of Justice for failing to apply Euratom Treaty requirements on radioactive waste  Marine equipment : Commission sends reasoned opinions to six Member States  Maritime safety: the Commission takes five Member States to the Court of Justice (FR)  Road Transport - enforcing drivers' hours : Commission sends reasoned opinion to Portugal  Commission sets out its policies for Europe's aerospace industry  Probe on modified aid package in favour of Alstom  The Commission authorises Dutch aids to its airlines following 11 September
 Rail interoperability: the Commission sends Reasoned Opinions to eight Member States

No. 66 -

10 October 2003
 Results of the Council meeting of Transport ministers held in Luxembourg on 9 October 2003  European Commission welcomes Council agreement against unfair competition from subsidised third country airlines  Security of energy supply tops the agenda for the next European Union Energy Council  Austria must suspend until 30 April 2004 the sectoral ban imposed by the regulation of the First Minister of the Tyrol  limiting use of the A 12 motorway in the Inn valley  MEPs Call for EU to catch up with US spending in space policy  MEPs approve Commission's directive on safety for Europe's road tunnels  Safety of third countries aircraft: the parliament says yes  The EP approves without amendments the speed limitation devices directive  MEPs still worried about exchange of airline passenger data  MEP'S call for more compensation for road accident victims

No. 65 -

03 October 2003
 Enlargement of the trans-European transport network: Commission proposes new projects and new funds to dynamise Europe  The European Aviation Safety Agency takes off  Commission approves German 'on-board' training aid in favour of maritime seafarers  Combined transport by rail: Commission authorises Italian aid  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 64 -

26 September 2003
 Czech Republic: EIB lends EUR 75 Million for construction of Prague Metro  EU networks contribute to European nuclear plant safety  MEPs vote yes  on taxation of energy products and electricity  Prestige disaster: EP demands the setting up of a temporary committee  MEPs challenge Commission over security of oil and gas supplies  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 63 -

19 September 2003
 EU and China are set to collaborate on GALILEO the European global system of satellite navigation  Road safety: EU professional drivers finally required to undergo professional training  Commission moves smartly as European Mobility Week starts  Loyola de Palacio speaks on global growth and sustainable mobility at the 3rd International Conference on Transport Europe - Asia   MEPs to debate on taxation of energy products and electricity  MEPs demand clear deadline for EU-US negotiations on air passenger data  EP proposes measures for preventing further accidents at sea  Taxation of passenger cars in the European Union to be debated in the EP  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 62 -

12 September 2003
 Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the EC, gives a speech at the 3rd Transport Europe-Asia Conference in St. Petersburg  EU  roadmap towards a European Partnership for a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy  Commission promotes environmentally-friendly design of energy-consuming products  Commission invites Member States to adhere to the new oil pollution compensation fund  MEPs challenge Commission over security of energy supply  Stricter safety rules for aircraft from third countries  MEPs demand clear deadline for EU-US negotiations on air passenger data  Stricter rules for Europe's road tunnels  Train engines and barges to give off less pollution  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 61 -

5 September 2003
 Response to Marine pollution and security: new tasks proposed for the European Maritime Safety Agency Maritime Safety: Commission proposes measures to further facilitate the transfer of ships between registers within the Community  Commission proposes the future management structures for GALILEO, the European satellite radionavigation programme  Parliament approves EC - China maritime transport agreement  EP to slow down negotiating air service agreements  EP welcomes EC's directive on the minimum level of training of seafarers  Spokesperson's Statement on inspections in cross-Channel transport services  Spokesperson's Statement on inspections in Nordic ferry services  Commission acts to break the stranglehold of state railways on international passenger services  Commission authorises EDF to acquire full control of EDF Trading  Commission approves the acquisition of the Italian air and space company Avio by Carlyle and Finmeccanica  Commission gives go-ahead to setting-up of Autoroute Ferroviaire Alpine, a joint venture between SNCF and TRENITALIA  Hungary: EIB lends EUR 360 million for transport projects  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 60 -

25 July 2003
  European Commission welcomes the big steps ahead in energy dialogue between Israel and Palestine authority under cover of the EU  ERIKA I maritime safety legislation enters into force: Commission takes action against 10 Member States  Charging for transport infrastructure use: the Commission proposes a revision of the current Community framework  The Commission refers the ban on the carriage of certain goods on the A12 Inntal motorway in Austria to the Court of Justice  German toll system: Commission to investigate compensation measure for road hauliers  The Commission decides to examine aid granted to ABX Logistics  Commission proposes to add transparency to the control of investments in nuclear installations  Video "Nuclear safety in an enlarged EU"  Memo on the Kyoto protocol CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 59 -

18 July 2003
 The Commission welcomes the appointment of the Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency  The Commission tightens up security in airports in Member States  Nuclear energy: the Commission approves the strengthening of international cover for nuclear risk  EU Solidarity Fund: Commission proposes EUR 8.6 million for Spanish regions hit by “Prestige” disaster  CALLS FOR TENDER

No. 58 -

11 July 2003
 Initiative for Growth: boosting investment in Trans European Networks and major R&D projects  National airline insurance schemes: Commission authorises extension of the aid schemes put in place by nine countries  Lake Maggiore / regional aid for road transport: Commission authorises Italian aid scheme  Commission approves SNCM recapitalisation subject to strict conditions  Florence Forum : complete removal of all cross border electricity charges agreed  Ban on certain goods on the A12 Inntal motorway in Austria: Commission pursues infringement proceedings  Rail infrastructure package : Commission sends Reasoned Opinions to 10 Member States  Towage services and taxes on ships, vehicles and passengers in Greek ports: Commission to ask the Court for a ruling  Seafarers' hours of work: the Commission denounces Ireland and Luxembourg  6th Research Framework Programme Information Day presentations on the second Call for Proposals are available online on Internet  EP: No committee of inquiry into Prestige disaster  CALLS FOR TENDER

No. 57 -

04 July 2003
 Trans-European transport network: the enlarged EU must find adequate resources. The Van Miert Group proposes to mobilise and coordinate investors to carry out a series of priority projects by 2020  Ecopoints: Commission again decides not to apply the 108% clause due to insufficient evidence  Ecopoints: Parliament rejects Council's common position  Commission proposes simplified control procedures for shipments of waste  Energy efficiency: The new energy classes A+ and A++ will appear by 2004 for refrigerators and freezers  EP wants a more "European" Single Sky - Conciliation procedure most likely  The EP approves with minor amendments the compensation and assistance to air passengers regulation  EP: Green light to Marco Polo  EP: Yes to the better protection for pedestrians involved in car accidents  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 56 -

27 June 2003
 European Union and The United States of America agree on opening negotiations on open aviation area  Shipbuilding :European Commission extends the temporary defensive mechanism to Liquefied Natural Gas carrier  The EU joins forces with international partners on research to 'clean up' fossil fuel  Road transport: Commission opens infringement procedure against Austria  Euro-Mediterranean partnership: Commission calls for development of a competitive, reliable Euro-Mediterranean transport network  Commission proposes to accept IMO's passenger liability rules  Dutch aid to HVC container terminal: Commission closes investigation  United Kingdom authorised to grant investment aid to the coal industry  EU-Russia dialogue : a key element of our energy policy, says Loyola de Palacio  EP: Single European sky - Not ready for take off  EP: Transport Committee rejects Council's ecopoints proposals for Austria  The EP proposes amendments to the compensation and assistance to air passengers regulation  EP for the environmental performance of the freight transport system  Training for drivers directive receives final aproval by the Council  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 55 -

20 June 2003
 EU unveils vision for the energy source of the 21st century: hydrogen and fuel cell technology  Fuel cells agreement: EU and US forge links to provide sustainable energy sources for the future  European Commission sets up an Independent Group of Experts on accidents in the transport sector  The Court of Justice declares a very high Danish charge on the registration of new motor vehicles compatible with the EC Treaty  CALL FOR TENDERS

No. 54 -

13 June 2003
 GALILEO : Loyola de Palacio welcomes the nomination of the Joint Undertaking's Executive Director  Hydrogen: the European Commission debates now the energy of the future  Commission approves Austrian electricity merger subject to conditions and obligations  Commission approves EUR 15 million regional aid for Volkswagen in Navarra  EU requests establishment of WTO Panel over Korean unfair shipbuilding practices  Spain: EUR 500 million loan to RENFE for railway infrastructure  Commission clears acquisition of part of BP's oil business in southern Germany by Austria's OMV

No. 53 -

06 June 2003
 Loyola de Palacio welcomes EP's vote for  the creation of a single market of energy  Vice-president de Palacio welcomes the spectacular steps in maritime safety  Road safety: The Commission wants to save 20,000 lives a year on European roads  New Era for Air Transport: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the mandate given to the European Commission for negotiating an Open Aviation Area with the US  Belgium challenged over inadequate implementation of aircraft noise directive  The Red Cross and the European Commission launch a plan to save children on school roads  CONCERTO & CIVITAS II Information Days on 6th Framework Programme (FP6) calls for proposals  International conference outlines steps to increase renewable energy globally  Parliament adopts a legislative resolution on the guidelines for trans-European energy networks

No. 52 -

30 May 2003
 Commission authorises the United Kingdom to grant aid in respect of the closure of coal mines  Commission expresses doubts about aid granted to Greek airlines following 11 September  The Commission takes stock of the "designated driver" road safety campaigns  Industrial conference on the Odessa-Brody-Plock Oil Transportation Project  EP: Compromise on internal energy market  EP: Amendments to the Guidelines for Trans-European energy Networks

No. 51 -

23 May 2003
 Loyola de Palacio announces the priorities for the Euro-mediterranean Energy Partnership  Maritime safety: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the agreement for new levels of oil pollution compensation  Commission clears ENI's stake in Unión Fenosa Gas  EU space policy takes off: EU decision-makers discuss the future of space technology

No. 50 -

16 May 2003
 Conclusions of the Energy Council (14/05/03): The agreement on co-generation  reinforces Commission's support for durable energy  Developing energy co-operation with neighbouring Countries  Commission gives the go-ahead for French tax measures for shipping companies  Commission raises no objections to Irish State aid compensation payments to airlines  New data on People aged 6-11 killed or seriously injured in road accidents has been added to CARE database  Europe moves into position to host ITER  Motor insurance: Commission refers the Netherlands to the European Court of Justice  European Parliament worried for the crisis in the European Space Industry

No. 49 -

09 May 2003
 Commission authorises Germany to grant EUR 3.3 billion aid to its coal industry  The new European Aviation Safety Agency is recruiting an Executive Director  Loyola de Palacio chairs the delivery ceremony of first hydrogen bus of the CUTE project  The Commission organises a conference on road safety campaigns on 27 May 2003  Fight against terrorism: Security of European maritime transport to be strengthened  European Parliament to debate a €200 million budget for intelligent energy programme  European Parliament to debate co-generation directive on second reading  EP: Conciliation agreement on occurrence reporting in civil aviation  EP's Transport Committee: lower insurance cover requirements for smaller aircraft

No. 48 -

02 May 2003
 Formal investigation into Italian shipbuilding guarantee scheme  Commission authorises French aid scheme promoting combined transport  Commission accepts most of the compensation for Austrian airlines for the consequences of 11 September  Commission investigates French aid to Sernam, SNCF's road haulage subsidiary  The Commission authorises further State aid for the high speed rail link between London and the Channel tunnel  Public procurement: Commission gives green light to Thessaloniki metro contract  Commission welcomes improved access to private means of transport for people with disabilities  Inquiry into aid planned for Peugeot's Ryton (West Midlands) plant  EP: Stricter environmental liability rules needed  EP: End in sight for single-hull tankers in EU waters  EP: Reports on completion of single market in electricity and gas  EP's Industry Committee backs in first reading co-generation directive

No. 47 -

25 April 2003
 Commission refers to Court of Justice Greece's non-compliance with decision concerning Olympic Airways  New management, new finance mechanisms for Trans-European Transport Networks  Commission and Danish competition authorities jointly open up Danish gas market  Road Safety: industry and Commission work hand in hand for European leadership  EP: €200 million for intelligent energy programme  EP: lower insurance cover requirements for smaller aircraft

No. 46 -

11 April 2003
 European Commission promotes Short Sea Shipping and new intermodal equipment to fight congestion  European Parliament: EU to sign up to UN standards on fuel for cars  European Parliament approves the discharge of the European Coal and Steel Community Budget  European Parliament favourable to the directive of qualification and training of lorry drivers in the EU  Energy and Transport DG videos now available on Europa web site

No. 45 -

04 April 2003
 The Commission launches an enquiry into the eventuaState Aids in favour of Electricité de France  EP: Budget Committee favourable to the discharge of the European Coal and Steel Community Budget  Commission authorises aid to Caraïbes Air Transport in the context of the development of the French Overseas Territories  The United Kingdom faces legal action for failing to comply with Euratom Treaty requirements on radioactive waste  Vice-president Loyola de Palacio analises the challenges of future energy policies in the Seminar World Energy Council  Aiming at increased safety for European transport : the results of the Transport Council 27/28 March 2003  Commission approves aid for the construction of an aviation fuel pipeline supplying Athens airport

No. 44 -

28 March 2003
 Commission adopts a Communication on the consequences of the war in Iraq for energy and transport  Background note: Concerted action within the EU on oil supplies  Preparation of the Transport Council of 27-28 March 2003 (FR)  Commission starts consultation on application of competition rules to maritime transport  The EU training programme on clean urban transport opens for applications to join the 2003/2004 set of courses

No. 43 -

21 March 2003
 Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the European Commission : on the doorstep of an opening rail market  Tracks clear for freight rail transport in Europe  GALILEO: 18 March 2003, Industry Day  Commission proposes integrating the EGNOS and GALILEO programmes  The driver attestation will in future make it possible to combat irregular employment of road haulage drivers  Commission and Member States examined the oil supply situation  Belgian shipping companies to enjoy more favourable tax arrangements  Commission authorises aid for the restructuring of German airline LTU  Commission accepts French scheme for compensation for airlines following 11 September  Commission clears joint venture providing IT solutions for the operation of container terminals

No. 42 -

14 March 2003
 Action to deal with the effects of the Prestige disaster  Visit of Vice-President Loyola de Palacio to Morocco  Maritime Safety: Loyola de Palacio meets William A. O'Neil, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organisation  EP: Market access to ports services  EP: Support for biofuels  EP: adult safety belts for children over 1.50 m tall  EP: resolution on external relations in the field of transport  Commission approves partnership between British Airways and SN Brussels Airlines  Energy: issues, options and technologies - a survey of public opinion in Europe  Airline passenger data transfers from the EU to the United States (Passenger Name Record):  Frequently asked questions

No. 41 -

07 March 2003 
 The Commission proposes criminal sanctions for polluting ships  Inland waterways: European Commission signs cooperation agreement with Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine  Commission authorises the United Kingdom to grant aid to the coal industry  Commission authorises French aid scheme to promote more environmentally friendly means of transport  EP: Port pilotage services to be excluded from liberalisation directive  EP: Adult safety belts for children over 1.5 metres tall

No. 40 -

28 February 2003 
 Open Skies: Commission sets out its international air transport policy  Air transport : Commission proposes clear rules to handle alliances between EU and non-EU carriers  Statement on inspections at transporters of bulk liquids by barge on inland waterway  GALILEO strengthens Euro-Mediterranean partnership  Commission clears Dutch joint venture between Pon and Nimbus  EP: Tough measures to promote use of green fuel  Loyola de Palacio welcomes the agreement on the interconnection of Greek and Turkish gas networks

No. 39 -

21 February 2003 
 Commission reopens procedure against Spanish coal mining company González y Díez S.A.  Commission authorizes aid granted by Spain to the HUNOSA coalmining company  Commission will investigate aid to the coal industry granted by the region of Castilla-Leon  Commission clears UK grant for long distance bus services to old and reduced mobility persons  Commission approves Belgian combined transport aid scheme  Commission acts to improve pedestrian safety  Inspections in deep-sea maritime transport services  Parliament ask port pilotage services to be excluded from Ports liberalisation directive  EP: Adult safety belts for children over 1.5 metres tall

No. 38 -

14 February 2003 
 Loyola de Palacio and Dr Chakib Khelil strengthen energy cooperation between Algeria and the European Union  Loyola de Palacio and Abdelmalek Sellal put the priority on maritime safety  Parliament on collision course with Council over ecopoints  Parliament welcomes Commission's White Paper on Transport and makes some new proposals

No. 37 -

07 February 2003 
 Europe on course to dispose of nuclear waste underground, say de Palacio and Busquin  Nuclear Fusion: Commissioner Busquin welcomes US return to ITER project  Commission and Member States examine the situation of Energy Supply  Council adopts its Common position on the electricity and gas market-opening package, on 'Intelligent Energy' and on the follow-up of the ECSC Treaty  MEPs urge changes to guidelines for future European transport policy  Parliament on collision course with Council over ecopoints  Commission investigates second rescue aid package to German aircraft manufacturer Fairchild Dornier  UK ad hoc aid to CLYDEboyd: Commission closes the investigation procedure  Maritime transport: Commission clears the introduction of a regional tonnage tax regime in Spain  Commission probes Austrian electricity merger

No. 36 -

31 January 2003 
 Nuclear energy: the Commission proposes a Community approach to the safety of facilities and waste  Towards a strengthened energy dialogue between Norway and the European Union  Loyola de Palacio promotes big international offensive in maritime safety  Maritime Safety: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the appointement of the Executive Director of the new European Maritime Safety Agency  Commissioners de Palacio and Busquin visit underground research facility for radioactive waste disposal  Commission survey shows users are satisfied with most essential services but want better transport  High-Level European Advisory Group on shipbuilding to be set up to drive "LeaderSHIP 2015"  Space research: Joint workshop to promote EU-Russia co-operation   Parliament and Council agree on early introduction of sulphur-free fuels for all vehicles

No. 35 -

24 January 2003 
 MEPs deplored the lack of progress in Council on more than 20 legislative proposals on transport  Transport Committee sets Parliament on collision course with Council over ecopoints  The Commission approves rescue aid for ABX Logistics  Rescue and restructuring aid for Air Lib: the Commission starts to investigate the measures taken by France  Commission authorises the Principality of Asturias to grant aid to the coal industry  Commission authorises the United Kingdom to grant aid to the coal industry  Commission launches debate on a space policy for the EU

No. 34 -

17 January 2003 
 Commission proposes harmonised rules to make European Road Tunnels safer  Galileo goes ahead: the Commission proceeds despite financing difficulties within the ESA  Transport infrastructure: High-Level Group chaired by Karel Van Miert to identify the priority projects for the trans-European network in the enlarged Union  Loyola de Palacio meets the Greek Minister for Development Akis Tsohatzopoulos to discuss on the eventuality of a crisis in Iraq  Parliament welcomes further liberalisation of the European railways

No. 33 -

10 January 2003 
 Commission announces decisive steps to toughen maritime safety  New measures to protect our coasts : the end in sight for single hull tankers  EP: The 2nd Rail Package, likely to be approved on 14 January  Commission clears joint control by Red Eléctrica and CVC over the transmission electricity assets of Iberdrola  Hungary: EIB lends EUR 395 Million for Transport and Environmental Projects  Croatia: EUR 50 million EIB support of motorway rehabilitation

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