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No. 32 -

20 December 2002 
 The Court has annulled in part the declaration of accession of the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom) to the Nuclear Safety Convention, with regard to the scope of the EAEC's competencies in the field  Ombudsman deals with many e-mails from citizens about the oil-tanker Prestige  Seafarers' working hours: the Commission continues infringement procedures against France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Portugal  Commission takes Ireland to the Court of Justice and sends reasoned opinions to 7 Member States for failing to bring into force European road safety rules  The European Parliament asks for more Statistics on Air Passengers, Freight and Mail

No. 31 -

13 December 2002 
 Commission concludes its examination of the Olympic Airways case  Air transport: Commission investigates the nature of advantages granted to Ryanair when it set up operations at Charleroi airport  Airlines: Commission refuses extension of the French scheme to compensate for costs suffered following the terrorist attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001  Commission investigates the benefits granted to Intermed for scheduled air services between Gerona and Madrid  Airline insurance: Commission authorises Italian aid scheme  Commission authorises Danish environmental subsidies for the transport of goods by rail  Maritime transport : Commission clears the introduction of a tonnage tax in Ireland  Commission hails final agreement by Council and European Parliament on introducing sulphur-free petrol and diesel fuels throughout the EU  Commission settles investigation into territorial sales restrictions with Nigerian gas company NLNG  Renewable Sources of Energy: Winners of the 2002 EU Campaign for Take-Off received their awards on 9 December  Prestige oil spill: Commission takes swift action to support affected fishermen and fish farmers  EP: Loyola de Palacio asks for urgent measures after the Prestige disaster  Parliament and Council agree on early introduction of sulphur-free fuels for all vehicles  The European Parliment asks for more Statistics on Air Passengers, Freight and Mailrs

No. 30 -

06 December 2002 
 Commission speeds up the launching of the European Maritime Safety Agency  Commission takes steps to ban substandard oil tankers from European waters  The single European sky takes off: "A major change in air transport" declares Loyola de Palacio  Commission welcomes a big step ahead in Air passengers rights: huge increase of compensations for denied boarding, cancellation and long delays  A new dimension for EU - China maritime relations  Road safety campaign: EUR1.1 million to combat drink driving in 7 EU countries  1200 participants and virtual delegates joined the second annual ManagEnergy event on local energy action (Brussels, 28-29 November 2002)  Civil Aviation Security – Compromise on Funding

No. 29 -

29 November 2002 
 Energy Council 25 November. Loyola de Palacio: European energy market revolutionised  Commission approves, subject to tough conditions, rescue aid for British Energy  Transport sector: Commission approves UK scheme to facilitate environmental protection  People with reduced mobility : Commission approves aid for the acquisition of adapted road transport vehicles in the Madrid area  Prestige Oil Tanker Disaster: The European Parliament calls for Commission inquiry and legislation  Sale of parts of Erste Donau-Dampfschiffahrt-Gesellschaft m.b.H (DDSG) to the City of Vienna: Commission states that no state aid is involved  Road transport: the Commission refers to the initiatives taken by the EU and triggers the rapid intervention mechanism

No. 28 -

22 November 2002 
 "We could have avoided the PRESTIGE oil spill" says Loyola de Palacio at the European Parliament  First lessons from the Second Annual European Energy and Transport Conference of Barcelona  European Commission requests the denunciation of the bilateral Open sky agreements  European Commission strongly supports the efforts towards the energy markets integration in the Balkans  Maritime transport between Rhodes and Turkey cannot be subject to more onerous conditions than those to which such transport between Rhodes and ports in Greece or other Member States is subject  Background note of the Danish Presidency on the "Transport, Telecommunications and Energy" council to be held in Brussels on 25 November 2002  Commission launches strategy to reduce air pollution from ships  EIB loan for Energy Sector in Bulgaria  Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: EUR 70 M for the power sector  France: EIB lends Brittany Region EUR 110 million for rail upgrading

The "PRESTIGE" Accident
No. 27 -

15 November 2002 
 800 participants in the 2nd Annual European Energy and Transport Conference in Barcelona  Maritime Transport: Commission clears fiscal measures applicable to seafarers on board Danish Vessels  European Commission welcomes a new step ahead towards an increased passenger protection on ships  Aeronautics: European advisory group presents strategic research agenda to help the sector take off  Vice-Prime Minister Victor Khristenko and European Commission Director-General Francois Lamoureux present the third Progress Report on EU-Russia Energy Dialogue  Commission invites you to take part in the debate on the future of Europe

No. 26 -

08 November 2002 
 Towards a Community approach to nuclear safety  Commission proposes to ensure the continuing availability of Euratom loans for nuclear safety and decommissioning projects in candidate and other non-member countries  Vice Prime-Minister Khristenko and Director-General Lamoureux open the EU-Russia Technology Centre as a platform for the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue  Open sky agreements : Commission welcomes European Court of Justice ruling  Commission approves German 'on-board' training aid of EUR 4 million in favour of maritime seafarers  Commission closes probe into KLM/NorthWest and Lufthansa/SAS/United Airlines transatlantic air alliances  EP: moves to standardise labour law governing road transport  EP to debate on Commission proposals for new standards for passenger ferries 

No. 25 -

01 November 2002 
Radioactive waste management: Commission supports co-ordination of European research  France: EIB lends EUR 200 million to SNCF for high-speed rolling stock  Commission clears GF-X air freight trading platform between several European airlines  Loyola de Palacio's speech on the new challenges for urban transport  Rail Transport Statistics: Green light of EP without amendments  Trans-European Energy Networks: the Parliament says yes in first reading

No. 24 -

25 October 2002 
 Meeting of the EU-Iran working group on energy cooperation  Commission launches a wide consultation to improve rail passenger rights  Spain: Ministry for Development and EIB sign Framework Cooperation Agreements for financing large-scale infrastructure projects  US Container Security Initiative (CSI) - meeting of Commission and US Customs officials, 22 October 2002  Morocco: EIB lends EUR 120 million for energy schemes  France: EIB underpins the Departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin's contribution towards financing TGV Est Europe  On official visit to Portugal, Loyola de Palacio calls for end to barriers on the European energy market  EP: Yes with important changes to directive on occurence reporting in civil aviation  Intelligent Energy for Europe: EP gives a boost for the programme in first reading

No. 23 -

18 October 2002 
 Second Annual DG Conference on Energy and Transport
in Barcelona on 11-13 November Loyola de Palacio welcomes agreement on the energy performance of buildings Commission taking infringement proceedings against Greece for non-compliance with EU legislation on oil stocks Commission seeks full implementation from Germany of the European Union's Gas liberalisation Directive Access to the airport services market: Commission decides to take Germany to Court Free movement of capital: Commission opens infringement proceedings against Spain and Italy concerning public holdings in energy companies Commission raises no objections to the financing of the harbourmasters' offices within the Belgian port authorities State aids: Commission seeks end to some advantages enjoyed by EdF EP: Amendments for the directive on occurence reporting in civil aviation EP:Flight delays and cancellations: bid for better compensation EIB loans Other State aids approvals

No. 22 -

11 October 2002  
 Energy performance of buildings: a success in the European Parliament  Ambitious urban transport policies: launch of the CIVITAS Forum  Commission launches High Level Group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Speech of Commissioner Loyola de Palacio on Hydrogen     Accession of the European Community to Eurocontrol: towards a Single pan-European Sky  Energy Efficiency in Buildings: theme of the 4th managEnergy workshop  EIB loan for the construction of a new runway at Amsterdam Schipol Airport  European Parliament: new stability standards for ro-ro passenger ships

No. 21 -

07 October 2002
 Conclusions of the Council Meeting on Transport and Energy  Commission report reveals patchy progress in opening of electricity and gas markets  
Coal: the Commission authorises France to pay almost one billion Euros to its coal industry for 2002  Coal: the Commission authorises aid to the German coal industry for 2002  London Underground: Commission clears the Public-Private Partnership for the renovation and enhancement of the London Underground  UK ad hoc aid to CLYDEboyd: Commission initiates an investigation procedure  Germany/Transport : Commission authorises North Rhine-Westphalia to help finance the improvement of its transport infrastructure  Commission clears German support scheme for the construction of combined transport terminals  Commission approves some aid measures and opens investigation into others in connection with renewable energy production and energy conservation in Tuscany  Greece: EIB Eur 106.6 million for finalising the Athens peripheral motorway

No. 20 -

27 September 2002
GALILEO: Commission proposes definition of services and guidelines for negotiations with third countries  Air transport insurance after 11 September : European Commission proposes minimum insurance requirements for all carriers operating in Europe  The way forward for the International Energy Forum in addressing international energy issues : speech by Vice-President de Palacio  Competition indicators in the electricity market  MEPs approve speed limit Directive in Second Reading  MEPs approve maritime safety and prevention of pollution Directives in Second Reading  Parliament proposes considerable amendments to Marco Polo programme in First Reading

No. 19 -

20 September 2002
 In Osaka, Loyola de Palacio will advocate for a greater stability of the energy markets  Civitas launches its Forum on 9 October 2002  Commission authorises aid to Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port (United Kingdom)  Commission approves investments for Rail infrastructure in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)  Castilla-Leon: Commission approves aid for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles  EP and Council met to discuss the establishment of tightened EU-rules in the field of civil aviation security  Marco Polo and road freight: the EP supports the Commission but questions the objectives  COSS: The EP's Committee on Transport suggests green light with no amendments  Road safety: The EP's Committee on Transport in favour of speed limitation devices for buses and lorries  EP: MEPs want to strengthen the directive to reduce the sulfur in exhaust fumes

No. 18 -

13 September 2002
 Internal energy market: Commission proposes strengthening security of oil and gas supplies  Commission to launch High Level Group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies  Commission clears gas supply contracts between German gas wholesaler WINGAS and EDF-Trading  Transport : launch of the Italy-Turkey pan-European Corridor through Albania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece  Road safety: Loyola de Palacio took part in Red Cross European campaign on 12 September 2002  EP: Flight delays and cancellations: better compensation for passengers  EP:Disagreement on continuation of ecopoints system in Austria in 2004

No. 17 -

06 September 2002
 EP: Single European Sky ready for take-off  EP: Green light to aircraft noise directive  EP supports the Commission for safer radioactive waste managemen  European Union launches coalition of like-minded states to deliver World Summit renewable energy goals  European Union launches major energy partnership initiative at World Summit  European Maritime Safety Agency : Commission advertises for Executive Director  The Commission initiates a procedure against restructuring aid to SNCM  Cologne-Frankfurt: opening of new, 175 km long stretch of trans-European high-speed railway network

No. 16 -

26 July 2002
Directive proposal on cogeneration Italy/trento: aid to take the transport of goods off the roads Aid to French coal industry for 1998 -2001 Ecopoints:108% clause not applied Taxation harmonisation proposal on commercial diesel fuel Aeronautics: new strategic research agenda 

No. 15 -

19 July 2002
Energy cooperation with the developing countries GFU case with Norwegian gas producers Aid to develop Northern Irish gas infrastructure British rail network Scrapping of single hull oil tankers VAT on road tolls Ships' hulls Dutch aid to Alkmaar container terminal Aid to UK coal industry Maritime transport

No. 14 -

12 July 2002
Conference on public service in the Energy sector Symposium Expiry of ECSC treaty "The history and future of the European Union" on Tuesday, 23 July Single European Sky Safety rules for aircraft from non-EU countries Flight duty and rest times Safer radioactive waste management Road accidents database now on Internet

No. 13 -

05 July 2002
Air transport sector left without insurance after the terrorist attacks in the US Costs suffered by airlines following the attacks of 11 September 2001 - The European Commission authorises the aid proposed by Germany Aid to the Spanish coal industry Truck cabotage Co-operation agreement between Air France and Alitalia TNT Logistics Safe driving in road tunnels Adoption of the new European legislation on maritime safety Loyola de Palacio expresses regret at untimely death of Mr Claude MEISTERMANN, President of the European Barge Union (EBU) Green fuel sources Euratom Safeguards Office Weekend driving ban for heavy lorries Members of the European Energy and Transport Forum

No. 12 - 28 June 2002
Results of the debate on the Green Paper on security of energy supply Maritime cabotage Maritime safety Euratom Safeguards Office Changeover from ECSC to EC Treaty IATA passenger tariff conferences How to improve aviation security ? News of the latest European Commission meeting (26 June 2002) Difficult debate for weekend driving ban for heavy lorries Call for Nuclear Safety Office Green MEP calls for a total tax exemption on biofuels
No. 11 - 21 June 2002
Results of the Transport Council held on 17 June 2002 in Luxembourg Quality of services in ports Aviation Safety Agency Symposium on Air Travel Security Netherlands aid to port and inland waterway towage Alitalia European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) treaty expires German aircraft Aid for two Basque energy projects Damage in connection with the carriage of hazardous and noxious substances by sea European Maritime Safety Agency  New rules on allocation of air slots approved  Pedestrian Safety Commission proposal on biofuels
No. 10 - 14 June 2002
Coal State aid Results of the Energy Council of 7 June 2002 Ireland electricity networks Security of gas supplies New digital tachograph Rules on motor insurance Industry for pedestrian safety Research and training on nuclear energy European Maritime Safety Agency Sixth Framework Programme and Euratom
No. 09 - 06 June 2002
 Maritime shipping  Coal industry  Compensation following the attacks of 11 September  Aid to Renault for investment in Spain  Aid in favour of mixed shipyard KSG in the Netherlands  Greek aid to Hellenic Shipyards  Cruise ship being built at Meyer Shipyard (Germany)  Pressure equipment  Energy Council of 7 June  Court of Justice  New rules on allocation of airport slots  European Maritime Safety Agency  Research and Training on nuclear energy  Amendments to the sixth Framework Programme and Euratom
No. 08 - 30 May 2002
 Short Sea Shipping  EU-Russia Summit  Air transport insurance after 11 September  Aid to the Spanish coal New motorcycles Trans-European transport network State aid to the coal industry Shipbuilding Energy Council next 7 June
No. 07 - 23 May 2002
 German electricity  Spanish coal aid  Policy Effective competition in the railway sector  UK power company Innogy
No. 06 - 17 May 2002
 Energy efficiency  Free movement of goods  Air Transport ECSC statistical system
No. 05 - 09 May 2002
 Energy G-8 in Detroit  Italian power generation company  Security of the energy supply Transatlantic common aviation area  Portuguese aid Italian regional aid German on-board training aid to seafarers State aid German
No. 04 - 02 May 2002
 Galileo  Italian power generation company Elettra  Maritime cabotage South Korean yards  Enron's Wind Turbine Business
No. 03 - 26 April 2002
 Channel Tunnel Rail Link project  United Kingdom coal industry  Nuclear safety  Pedestrian safety  Informal Ministerial Seminar on Energy
No. 02 19 April 2002
 Coal & Steel Community  European Aviation Safety Agency  Erika II  Safety in air and sea transport  Commission's green energy proposals  Road tunnel safety
No. 01 12 April 2002
 ICAO and the IMO  "Intelligent Energy for Europe"  Air transport  Coal  Passenger protection on ships   GALILEO  European Council of Barcelona (15-16 March)
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