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The Commission's integrated energy and climate change proposal 2008

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Conference on the impact of crisis on energy agenda; Brussels, 26 May
Conference on climate change,; Bergen, Norway, May 28-29




Consumers: Airlines move to clean up ticket selling websites

New EU results show a "step change" in airline ticket selling websites across Europe in terms of compliance with consumer protection rules. The findings feature in a final report on an 18 month EU-wide process to crackdown on misleading advertising and unfair practices. As a result of an EU enforcement investigation started in September 2007 – with 15 EU national authorities and Norway - 115 airline websites out of the 137 websites investigated have been corrected. Following an additional "health check" process involving independent mystery shopping in March 2009 on 67 major airlines, 52 airlines have either been given a "clean bill of health" and undertaken to maintain the same standards or immediately responded to the Commission's consultation with undertakings to remedy outstanding issues (see lists below). The health check process checked websites against a comprehensive 14 point checklist, which was previously agreed with the airline industry. The Commission is now working to put in place an industry wide agreement to provide a level playing field for airlines across the EU and to maintain sites to a high standard.

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Port reception facilities to prevent maritime pollution: Commission sends reasoned opinion to Italy

The European Commission decided to address a reasoned opinion to the Italian authorities for their failure to comply with a judgement of the European Court of Justice. The sentence relates to EU legislation on the approval and implementation of reception and handling plans for ship-generated waste and cargo residues.

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The Commission calls for proposals for €4 billion worth of energy investments

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals covering key energy infrastructure projects such as energy interconnections, offshore wind energy and carbon capture and storage as part of the implementation of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR), on which the Council and the Parliament recently reached agreement. Project promoters are invited to submit their proposals by 15 July 2009. The Commission expects to sign the first grant agreements and decisions before the end of the year. In total nearly €4 billion worth of financial aid will be available to support new energy-related investments.

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Carbon capture and storage


SESAR: the single European sky air traffic research programme

The single European sky

Air transport contributes significantly to European economic growth and employment. As demand in air transport is constantly growing, developing an efficient air transport infrastructure in Europe is a priority for the European Union (EU). This is why the EU launched in 2004 the single European sky initiative, which aims to:
• restructure national airspaces with a consolidated air traffic service provision
• modernise air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure in order to provide the required capacity that continuing traffic growth entails.

 SESAR: the single European sky ATM research programme

Significant progress has been made in achieving the single European sky. However, with air traffic volumes rising constantly and given the insufficient capacity of the current ATM systems and increasing environmental consciousness, better technology and more harmonised procedures are needed to face the expected increased complexity and density of air traffic.

 A ‘capacity crunch’ can only be avoided through revolutionary technological innovation and the elimination of fragmentation. To achieve these objectives, the European Commission has launched an ambitious pan-European programme called SESAR: the technological dimension of the single European sky.

SESAR: one programme for Europe

SESAR is a performance-driven programme built around the ATM stakeholders’ expectations for the new ATM system to be developed by 2020. SESAR brings a truly new approach to ATM modernisation through a coherent programme which will provide guidance and leadership to all ATM-related initiatives in Europe with a view to achieve global interoperability.

The SESAR programme comprises three phases:
• The definition phase (2005-08) has produced the ATM master plan, which identifies the technological steps and the modernisation priorities necessary for implementing a new ATM concept.
• The development phase (2008-13), managed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, will develop the new equipment and standards to ensure, through the regulatory mechanisms of the single European sky, the replacement of the existing ground and airborne systems and interoperability with those outside Europe.
• The deployment phase (2014-20) will consist of large-scale production, procurement and implementation of the new ATM infrastructure and of the corresponding aircraft equipment.

Ambitious but realistic objectives

The ultimate goal of SESAR is to ensure sustainable air transport development in Europe in a safe and efficient manner through a performance-driven approach.

The key performance targets are:
• enabling a three-fold increase in capacity
• improving safety by a factor of 10
• reducing by 10 % the environmental impact per flight
• cutting ATM costs by 50 %






For a complete list of current public consultations please go to Consultations on Energy issues and Consultations on Transport issues

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the latest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

Topic of Consultation  


The aftermath of the expiry of Regulation (EC) No 1407/2002 on State aid to the coal industry

Driver training and traffic safety education
















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Guidelines on medical physics expert


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Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.

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