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The Commission's integrated energy and climate change proposal 2008

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Conference on the impact of crisis on energy agenda; Brussels, 26 May
Conference on climate change,; Bergen, Norway, May 28-29



State aid

Commission approves State aid to London & Continental Railways and Eurostar

The European Commission approved  £ 5.169 billion State aid for the high-speed rail link service between London and the Channel as well as the restructuring of Eurostar. The operation notified by the United Kingdom involves public support mainly in the form of debt cancellation and puts in place a sustainable financial structure for the high-speed rail link. Proper independent monitoring of the whole process will be guaranteed. Additionally the UK commits itself to the "one time last time" principle. The operation will also result in the unbundling of infrastructure and transport activities, and a significant reduction of access charges. It will benefit competition and users in view of the forthcoming liberalisation of international passenger transport by rail in 2010.

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State aid

Commission authorises aid for construction and maintenance of A1 motorway in northern Poland

The Commission approved State aid to Gdańsk Transport Company for the construction and maintenance of the section of the A1 motorway between Gdańsk and Toruń.

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State aid

Commission approves public financing of infrastructure investments in Falconara regional airport, Italy

The European Commission decided not to raise any objections to Italy's plan to support infrastructure investments in Falconara regional airport in Ancona, Marche. The total amount of public financing amounts to some €4 million.

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State aid

Commission authorises financing for new Berlin Brandenburg International airport

The European Commission decided today not to raise any objections to the financing of the construction of Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) airport through capital increases of €654.5 million, a 100 % guarantee for up to €2.4 billion from the public shareholders of Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld GmbH and a €74 million infrastructure grant. The investment project aims to construct one single airport for Berlin and Brandenburg.

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Memo     Speech (Fr)

European Commission promotes cycling as healthy way to travel

The European Commission is promoting cycling as a healthy and safe way to travel in cities at the 15th Velo-City conference, organised by the Brussels Region and which opened this week in the presence of Vice-President Antonio Tajani, responsible for transport. The world's largest conference related to cycling takes place in Brussels, at Tour & Taxis until Friday 15 May and brings together one thousand participants from across the world to discuss the future of cycling in cities. Vice-President Kallas, Commissioner for administrative affairs, will attend the closing ceremony on Friday for the signing of the Brussels Charter by various European cities committing themselves to promote the use of bicycles through concrete objectives.

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Aviation security

Commission proposes a new framework to regulate aviation security charges

The Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on aviation security charges in Europe. The proposal follows a recent report on the financing of aviation security. The aims are to ensure transparency, non-discrimination and consultation of airlines when fixing the level of charges, as well as the cost-relatedness of security charges. It also proposes to establish an independent supervisory authority in each Member State.

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Urban mobility

Admission to the occupation of urban and regional transport operator: Commission sends reasoned opinion to Belgium

The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Belgium regarding the application to urban and regional transport of the Directive on admission to the occupation of road transport operator.

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State aid

Internal market in electricity: Commission refers Slovakia to the Court

The Commission decided to bring Slovakia before the European Court of Justice as it considers that it does not ensure non-discriminatory access to the transmission network as is foreseen by the Directive concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity. The Commission considers that third party access is a key objective for the successful operation of the European internal electricity market.

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Carbon capture and storage


Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage is considered a promising technology for helping to reduce the impact of fossil fuels emissions on global warming. It achieves this by capturing carbon emissions before they are released into the atmosphere and storing them underground. This is why it will be discussed at a high-level conference on climate change held in Bergen, Norway, on 27-28 May. Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs will be joining experts, business leaders and decision makers from around the world at the conference as part of the European Union's continuing commitment to promoting this technology.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is seen as one of the key technologies for cutting CO2 emissions from coal power plants: Carbon emissions are captured before entering the atmosphere and stored underground. In close co-operation with industries and Member States the EU presently supports the development of CCS in coal-fired power plants. The aim is to make zero emission power generation using CCS commercially feasible by 2020.

Carbon capture and storage as well as other clean coal projects are among the focus of the 7th Research Framework Programme.

 Supporting CCS demonstration (CCS Project Network)

The European Council endorsed in March 2007 the Commission's intention to stimulate the construction and operation of a set of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration projects by 2015. The successful operation of these demonstration projects is seen as crucial for wide-scale commercial application of this technology. It is considered feasible that CCS will be able to stand on its own feet in an Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) -driven system by 2020 or soon after.

 In its communication "Supporting Early Demonstration of Sustainable Power Generation from Fossil Fuels" [COM(2008) 13 final] the Commission presented a strategy to support the development of these CCS demonstration projects, including the launch of a European Industrial Initiative on CO2 capture, transport and storage.

The Commission intends to generate early benefits from a coordinated European action by creating a network of CCS demonstration projects. CCS demo projects fulfilling minimum qualification criteria will be invited to join the network and benefit from its operations.

The network will allow early-movers to exchange information and experience from large-size industrial demonstration of the CCS technologies, to maximize their impact on further R&D and policy making, and optimize costs through shared collective actions. It is anticipated that, as the network evolves, its EU-wide, integrating, and binding role may be further reinforced and complemented by other measures in support of further development of CCS technologies, building towards the establishment of the European Industrial Initiative.

 The purpose and goals of the CCS project network

The CCS project network will provide first movers with means of coordination, exchange of information and experience as well as identify best practices in order to make optimal use of best technologies available in Europe. Additional benefits will be provided through commonly executed public awareness actions and interaction with partners in third countries, offering higher cost-efficiency and impact in comparison to efforts undertaken on individual basis. Participation in the Network will also provide a marketable identity for the projects as parts of a crucial EU initiative and a higher visibility of individual efforts. Participating projects will be recognized as contributors to an action of common European interest. Information will be gathered through the network to help focus on policies establishing a long-term value chain for CO2 and facilitate the Europe's decision making and reaction speed. Furthermore, the network should guide coherent and effective interaction of participating projects with related R&D undertaken across the EU.






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The aftermath of the expiry of Regulation (EC) No 1407/2002 on State aid to the coal industry

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