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TEN-T Calls for proposals 2009 Info Day, Brussels, April 22 

Research Connection 2009: Prague, May 7-8,



Safety assessment of third-country aircraft using Community airports: Commission sends reasoned opinion to Italy and Luxembourg

The European Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion to Italy and Luxembourg for failure to notify the measures implementing the Directive on the safety of third-country aircraft using Community airports. The Commission thus started the second stage of an infringement procedure under Article 226 of the Treaty.

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Maritime safety: the Commission requires proper implementation of port state control rules by Poland and Spain

The European Commission decided  to send reasoned opinions – the last step before lodging a case to the Court of Justice – to Poland and Spain for failure to respect EU legislation on port state control of shipping.

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Commission approves public financing of infrastructure investments in five regional airports in Tuscany

Italy's plan to support infrastructure investments aims to comply with aviation safety standards at Tuscany airports and to develop safe and viable air transport infrastructure, thereby supporting the creation of an integrated regional airport system. The measure will thus enhance the connectivity of the Tuscany region with the trans-European transport networks.

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Commission updates the list of airlines banned from European airspace

The European Commission adopted the update of the so-called blacklist of airlines that are banned from flying into the European Union due to safety concerns. The Commission has imposed a ban on six airlines from Kazakhstan, one airline certified in Thailand, one additional Ukrainian air carrier and on operations of all carriers certified in Benin.

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International Aviation

EU and Africa join forces to develop aviation cooperation

Cooperation between Africa and Europe in air transport is on the eve of a new start. Following the two days EU-Africa aviation conference, which took place in Windhoek on 2-3 April 2009, the EU Commission and the African Union Commission have agreed on the principle for an ambitious common strategic framework to develop safer and more sustainable air transport. This framework should contribute to boosting air transport in Africa and creating new opportunities between both continents. Several initiatives have been discussed in safety, economic regulation, air traffic management, navigation aids, environment and security.

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Security of supply

Security of electricity supply directive: Commission refers Czech Republic and Poland to the Court

The Commission decided to bring the Czech Republic and Poland before the European Court of Justice as it considers that these Member States have only partially implemented this directive. The Commission considers that the guarantee of high level of security of electricity supply is a key objective for the successful operation of the European internal energy market.

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Ecodesign: Commission adopts rules to reduce electricity consumption of external power supplies

The Commission has adopted  a new regulation to improve the energy performance of external power supplies, which is expected to cut their electricity losses by nearly a third by 2020. The resulting savings of 9 TWh is enough to power Lithuania for a year and will reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than three million tonnes.

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Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs will be attending the Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Paris on 29 April as part of the EU's continuing commitment to lead the fight against climate change. The Commission stimulates innovation in energy efficiency through measures such as labelling schemes and energy efficiency requirements. Over the last few weeks plans to phase out wasteful household appliances such as washing machines and televisions have been welcomed by the Member States.

 Apart from the user's behaviour, there are two complementary ways of reducing the energy consumed by products: labelling to raise awareness of consumers on the real energy use in order to influence their buying decisions (such as labelling schemes for domestic appliances), and energy efficiency requirements imposed to products from the early stage on the design phase.

The production, distribution, use and end-of-life management of energy-using products (EuPs) is associated with a considerable number of important impacts on the environment, namely the consequences of energy consumption, consumption of other materials/resources, waste generation and release of hazardous substances to the environment.  It is estimated that over 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase of a product. Against this background, Eco-design aims to improve the environmental performance of products throughout the life-cycle by systematic integration of environmental aspects at a very early stage in the product design.

The Council and the European Parliament therefore adopted a Commission proposal for a Directive on establishing a framework for setting Eco-design requirements (such as energy efficiency requirements) for all energy using products in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. Coherent EU-wide rules for eco-design will ensure that disparities among national regulations do not become obstacles to intra-EU trade. The directive does not introduce directly binding requirements for specific products, but does define conditions and criteria for setting requirements regarding environmentally relevant product characteristics (such as energy consumption) and allows them to be improved quickly and efficiently. It will be followed by implementing measures which will establish the eco-design requirements. In principle, the Directive applies to all energy using products (except vehicles for transport) and covers all energy sources.


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For a complete list of current public consultations please go to Consultations on Energy issues and Consultations on Transport issues

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the latest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

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Proposal for new requirements on natural radiation sources in Basic Safety Standards Directive

Green Paper "TEN-T : A policy review – Towards a better integrated trans-European transport network at the service of the common transport policy"














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TEN-T Calls for Proposals 2009 Info Day

New Calls for Tenders



Time-limit for receipt of tenders


Support programme for the EU authorities to identify emergency response capabilities for registration at the IAEA response assistance network (EU RANET support)

Framework contract to provide support for the further development of EU air transport policy in relations with third countries and within the internal air transport market

European training courses on nuclear emergency management 2010–2012


JO S 72-103631


JO S 72-103625


JO S 67-095755














Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.

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