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The Commission's integrated energy and climate change proposal 2008

Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

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Sustainable Energy Europe




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9.ICG-Branchentreffen Gas, Berlin, March 24-25, 2009

'Research Connection 2009': Prague, May 7-8, 2009


State Aid

Commission authorises Flemish Region aid to build intermodal terminal in Antwerp

On 11 February, the European Commission approved State aid aimed at part-financing the construction of an intermodal terminal for continental containers at the port of Antwerp.

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State Aid

Austrian Airlines: The Commission opens the formal investigation procedure regarding its sale to Lufthansa and plans of Austrian Government for its restructuring

On 11 February, the European Commission decided to open the formal investigation procedure into the privatisation and restructuring of Austrian Airlines whereby it will be taken over by Lufthansa. The Commission expressed doubts that the price to be paid by Lufthansa reflects the market price for what is being sold, that the Austrian State has acted as private investor and whether the restructuring plan as notified is in accordance with the Community framework for rescue and restructuring of firms in difficulty.

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State Aid

Eight Polish airports to receive state aid

On 11 February, the European Commission authorised an aid scheme for eight Polish airports. With Cohesion Fund part-financing of €251.5 million, the aid programme includes new terminal construction and runway modernisation.

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo: third call for proposals to fight road congestion and improve performance of freight transport

On 10 February, the European Commission published the third call for proposals for the creation and update of freight transport services under the second Marco Polo programme. Successful projects should fight congestion on European roads and improve the environmental performance of the freight transport system, two main objectives of the EU transport policy. Companies across the European Union and beyond are invited to submit proposals.

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GALILEO: the European Commission and the European Space Agency look forward to first-rate cooperation to bring the European satellite radio navigation project to a successful conclusion

On 10 February, the Commission Vice-President responsible for transport, Antonio Tajani, met Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of the European Space Agency, in order to give official endorsement to their continued cooperation in the Galileo programme. This meeting comes after the signing of a delegation agreement covering Galileo's deployment phase by the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) on 19 December 2008 .

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Covenant of Mayors

400 cities commit to go beyond the 20% EU's energy objectives through the Commission's led Covenant of Mayors

In a solemn ceremony that took place on 10 February in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament, more that 350 cities across Europe have committed, by signing the Covenant of Mayors, to go beyond the EU's energy objective of reducing 20% CO2 emissions by 2020. With this initiative of the European Commission in partnership with the Committee of Regions, the representatives of over 60 million citizens will work together to achieve the common goal of changing our environment and using energy more wisely.

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Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

Commission rewards Europe’s most pioneering Sustainable Energy Projects

The winners of the third edition of the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2009 were announced at a ceremony in the Albert Hall in Brussels on 10 February. The awards are an integral part of the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week, and its overall Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. They aim to showcase examples of the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative initiatives in sustainable energy, and reward those projects most worthy of recognition. They also seek to inspire the development of Europe’s newest energy initiatives. These awards can recognise EU projects but also include international both participants and beneficiaries.

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For a complete list of current public consultations please go to Consultations on Energy issues and Consultations on Transport issues

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

Topic of Consultation   Deadline

Green Paper "TEN-T : A policy review – Towards a better integrated trans-European transport network at the service of the common transport policy"

The impact of the use of body scanners in the field of aviation security on human rights, privacy, personal dignity, health and data protection

Inter-TSO compensation mechanism and harmonisation of transmission tarification

Green Paper Towards a Secure, Sustainable and Competitive European Energy Network







postponed to









For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tenders



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Framework contract for long-range energy modelling

Support activities for the development of practical measures to facilitate the implementation of the biofuels sustainability scheme

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 JO S 11-013808






Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.

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