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The Commission's integrated energy and climate change proposal 2008

Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

Europe Direct

Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008




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CIVITAS II Final Conference: Toulouse, January 21-23, 2009

International Exhibition EnergyReS ’09: Athens, February 19-22, 2009

ASI and Marketforce's 14th Annual Conference, Vienna, March 17, 2009


Motorways of the Sea

Clearer rules on State aid to Motorways of the Sea

The European Commission clarified on 11 December the way Member States may provide State aid to projects aimed at launching new Motorways of the Sea links. These projects are selected under the Marco Polo II and the Trans-European transport networks programmes. If Community funding is available but not sufficient to fully support the projects, Member States may fill the funding gap.

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Rail Transport

On track for more competitive rail freight in Europe

The European Commission took on 11 December a decisive step in promoting the international transport of goods by rail. It adopted a proposal for a regulation that would involve working with Member States to designate international rail corridors providing operators with an efficient, high-quality freight transport infrastructure. This is central to Europe’s rail revival and to creating a transport system in the Community that is both efficient and sustainable.

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Programme Marco Polo

Le programme Marco Polo va être simplifié et adapté aux besoins du marché

La Commission européenne a proposé le 10 décembre de modifier le deuxième programme Marco Polo en vue d'en améliorer considérablement l'efficacité. Le programme vise à faire en sorte que le volume de marchandises faisant l'objet de transports internationaux, qui s'accroît chaque année, n'entraîne pas d'augmentation du trafic routier européen ou qu'il soit transféré, en grande partie, vers d'autres modes de transport. Cette modification permettra d'adapter le programme Marco Polo aux nouveaux besoins du marché européen des transports et de l'aider à réaliser la totalité de son potentiel.

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International Aviation


EU signs aviation agreement with Armenia

The European Union and the Republic of Armenia on 9 December signed an aviation agreement which will allow all European airlines to fly between Armenia and any EU Member State. After three years of negotiation, the agreement was signed by Commissioner Ms Benita Ferrero Waldner, responsible for external relations, Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Secretary of State for European Affairs for the French Presidency, and Mr Eduard Nalbandyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia in the framework of the EU-Armenia Cooperation Council.

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A Common Aviation Area with Israel 


EU and Israel sign civil aviation agreement

On 9 December, the European Community and the Government of Israel signed an aviation agreement which will remove nationality restrictions in the bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and Israel. This agreement will allow any EU airline to operate flights between any EU Member state and Israel where a bilateral agreement with Israel exists and traffic rights are available. In parallel, the EU and Israel started today negotiations on a comprehensive aviation agreement.

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Air Transport Portal


Breakthrough in EU-Canada negotiations on far-reaching aviation agreement

On 9 December, Vice-President Tajani announced a breakthrough in the EU-Canada negotiations on a large aviation agreement. Negotiators from the EU and Canada initialled a few days ago a comprehensive agreement on air services in line with the conclusions of the EU-Canada summit on 17 October. The agreement will be a major step in the opening of markets and investment opportunities. It both completes the transatlantic market started with the EU-US first stage aviation agreement, and goes well beyond it. The agreement will generate major benefits for both partners' consumers, airlines and broader economies.

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SESAR Joint Undertaking


15 companies ready to join the SESAR Joint Undertaking

The SESAR Joint Undertaking, a unique public-private partnership in air traffic management research, was inaugurated on 8 December in Brussels. Fifteen companies are ready to join this EUR 2.1 billion programme, which is the first of its kind in aviation history. The SESAR JU is now poised to tackle its vital mission: to develop a modernised air traffic management system for Europe, which will avert the crippling congestion of the European sky and reduce the environmental impact of air transport. The ceremony was hosted by Dominique Bussereau, French Minister for Transports and Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of transport. David McMillan, Director General of EUROCONTROL and representatives of the European air transport community were also present.

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Eco-design - Regulatory Committee

Member States approve the phasing-out of incandescent bulbs by 2012

At the meeting of the Ecodesign Regulatory Committee on 8 December, EU Member States experts endorsed the European Commission's proposals for a regulation progressively phasing out incandescent bulbs starting in 2009 and finishing at the end of 2012. By enforcing the regulation of switching to energy saving bulbs, EU citizens will save close to 40 TWh (roughly the electrictity consumption of Romania, or of 11 million European households, or the equivalent of the yearly output of 10 power stations of 500 megawatts) and will lead to a reduction of about 15 million tons of CO2 emission per year.

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Public Consultations

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Inter-TSO compensation mechanism and harmonisation of transmission tarification

Green Paper Towards a Secure, Sustainable and Competitive European Energy Network

The impact of the use of body scanners in the field of aviation security on human rights, privacy, personal dignity, health and data protection







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