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Commission's integrated energy and climate change proposal 2008

Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

Europe Direct

Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008




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31 March - 3 April, EWEC 2008 - European Wind energy Conference and exhibition, Brussels

18 April, SAFETYNET 2nd conference, Rome, Italy


International Aviation

EU-US Open Skies: A new era in transatlantic aviation starts on 30 March

On Sunday, the new EU-US Air Transport Agreement will take effect. For the first time, European airlines can fly without restrictions from any point in the EU to any point in the US. "This marks the start of a new era in transatlantic aviation. This Agreement will bring more competition and cheaper flights to the US," said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Transports. This agreement is the most ambitious air services deal ever negotiated. The two biggest aviation markets, encompassing 60% of world traffic, will cooperate closer in all fields of aviation policy. In May 2008, the European Commission will engage in second-stage negotiations with the US. "A fully Open Aviation Area between the EU and the US must remain our objective," added Vice-President Barrot.

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See also press release on Competition: European Commission and US Department of Transportation Launch Joint Research Project on Airline Alliances.


Road Safety

More safety on our roads - equal treatment of resident and non-resident drivers

On 19 March the Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive aimed at facilitating the cross-border prosecution of traffic offences which imperil road safety. Technical measures and legal instruments are to be put in place which will enable EU drivers to be identified and thus prosecuted for offences committed in a Member State other than the one where his or her vehicle is registered. This will make an appreciable difference to road safety in Europe by bringing about a positive change of behaviour in both non-resident and resident drivers. It will also end the unequal treatment which often exists between these two groups of road users.

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See also Road safety – cross-border enforcement. Questions and answers.

For a complete list of current public consultations please go to Consultations

Public Consultations



Time-limit for receipt of tenders


Preparation of the Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Road Transport







For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tenders

The internet service of the DG for Energy and Transport has developed a web page announcing the Calls for tenders & Calls for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.







Time-limit for receipt of tenders



A framework contract to provide expertise and related technical and logistical support for assistance to third countries in the field of aviation

Data supply related to air transport

Implementation of the TEN-T guidelines for the period 2006–2007

OJ S 58-77537

OJ S 50-068023

OJ S 48-065616




Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.



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