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Commission proposes an integrated energy and climate change package to cut emissions for the 21st Century 

Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

Europe Direct

Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008




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European Council

28 January- 1 February 2008 :2nd European Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels


Air passenger rights  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Air passengers' complaints up in 2006 – Report from the European Consumer Centre Network 

Commenting on 6 December on the European Consumer Centre Network's Report on Air passenger complaints handled by their centres in 2006, EU Consumer Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva welcomed the report and congratulated them for this important and comprehensive view of problems encountered by consumers day to day. She said the report is completely in line with what we want to do in terms of investigation followed by enforcement, as was done in the recent 'sweep' investigation of websites selling airline tickets. The report, which analysed problems handled by the ECC centres across Europe found that the main problems concerned: luggage problems-33%, cancellations-26%, delays-16%. The complaints analysed in the report demonstrate that the legislation on air passenger rights is not fully respected and that with a doubling of complaints in this area in 2006, work remains to be done to ensure that consumers get the protection they are entitled to. EU Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot said "This Report confirms our own analysis of the situation. The vast majority of passengers have no problems, but some people do encounter difficulties and I want to ensure that they get the treatment to which they are entitled. We have pushed the national authorities and the airline industry very hard over the past six months to agree on how to improve things. We have made a lot of progress, but I will now keep a close eye on the situation over the next year." The report makes a series of 34 recommendations which the Commission will study attentively.

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Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

EU and Ukraine open aviation negotiations on Common Aviation Area

The European Union and Ukraine officially opened this week negotiations on a Common Aviation Area agreement in Kiev. The aim is to further deepen aviation relations with Ukraine following the signature of similar agreements with the Western Balkan countries and Morocco.

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Inland Waterway Transport in the website of Energy & Transport DG

Inland navigation on the right course: Commission presents the progress of 'NAIADES'

The European Commission presented on 5 December the first report on the progress that has been made in implementing the so-called 'NAIADES' programme which is aimed at promoting inland waterway transport in Europe. This first report registers progress in a broad range of areas, including initiatives that have been launched to improve market conditions, to modernise the fleet, to make the profession more attractive, and to improve waterway infrastructure.

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International aviation in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

 European Community strengthens aviation relations with the United Arab Emirates 

The EU and the United Arab Emirates signed an aviation agreement which allows European airlines to fly between the United Arab Emirates and any EU Member State. The agreement removes nationality restrictions in the bilateral air services agreements, and therefore allows any EU airline to operate flights between any EU Member State where it is established and the United Arab Emirates. It acknowledges the existence of the European single market for air transport in the relations between the EU and the United Arab Emirates.

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Internal market in the air transport portal of the website of Energy and Transport DG

Better safety and more price transparency: the EU strengthens the air transport sector for more competition and better quality.

The Commission welcomes the agreement, reached after less than one year between the Council and the European Parliament on the proposal to modernise the Single Market legislation for air transport. The new legislation foresees in particular to impose price transparency, to better control the airlines for more safety and quality for the passengers.

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Electricity in the website of Energy and Transport

European Commission gives a favourable opinion to the new nuclear power plant of Belene, Bulgaria

The Commission has decided today to give a favourable opinion to the initiative of Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania (NEK) of Bulgaria to build a new nuclear power plant at the site of Belene, according to the requirements of articles 41 to 44 of the Euratom Treaty. Those requirements state that any new investment related to nuclear activities has to be communicated to the Commission which should, in return, send a report with its views to the Member State concerned.

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Electricity in the website of Energy and Transport

Mario Monti reports his initial findings regarding the project on electricity interconnection between France and Spain to Commissioner Piebalgs

In the margin of the Council meeting on energy, Commissioner Andris Piebalgs on 3 December met the European coordinator, Mr Mario Monti, who gave him a report of his initial conclusions regarding the project on electricity interconnection between France and Spain. Mr Monti – who had just attended a working meeting, in preparation for the next summit meeting between France and Spain, with the ministers responsible: Mr Borloo and Mr Clos – told the Commissioner that although the project was highly complex, particularly at the political level, he sensed that things were moving in the right direction.

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Innovation and technological development in energy in the website of Energy and Transport DG

Commission welcomes Council's support to accelerate energy technologies for a low-carbon future 

Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs welcomed on 5 December Member States' strong support for the Strategic Energy Technology plan, adopted on 22 November last. In the debate that followed the presentation of the Vision Paper prepared by the Portuguese presidency, Member States underlined that energy technologies will be crucial to successfully fighting against climate change and securing world and European energy supply. "The challenges of climate change, security of supply and competitiveness will only be met if the right technologies are available in good time. The Commission will substantially increase its financial support for research in new energy technologies. I encourage Member States and industry to follow this path", said Commissioner Piebalgs.

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Electricity in the website of Energy and Transport

Commission welcomes substantial progress in the Council for the internal energy market package

Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs welcomed the progress made by the Council on the Internal Market Package, as seen in the Portuguese Presidency's Progress Report, adopted on 3 December in the Energy Council. The report indicates that "a significant number" of Member States agree that ownership unbundling is necessary, whereas only "some" remain to be convinced. The report also indicates that all Member States agree that unbundling rules should be similar to avoid distortions between Member States in the internal market and that they have to be based on independently run "networks that guarantee independence of decisions on investment in infrastructure.

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Public Consultations

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Launching by the European Commission of an Impact Assessment (IA) for the evaluation of a potential legislative measure in the area of Transport of Radioactive Materials (TRAM)
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ERTMS: the European Deployment Plan

European maritime transport space without barriers (online questionnaire)

Motorways of the Sea (online questionnaire)

Preparation of an Impact Assessment on the Internalisation of External Costs  (online questionnaire)















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Time-limit for receipt of tenders
A study on passenger transport by coach in Europe

OJ S 208-251920 



Framework contract on aviation security policy development OJ S 193-234231



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