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Commission proposes an integrated energy and climate change package to cut emissions for the 21st Century 

Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

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28 January- 1 February 2008 :2nd European Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels

29 November: Transports, Telecommunications and Energy Council, Brussels


International aviation in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

European Commission proposes to open aviation negotiations with Israel

On 20 November, the European Commission proposed to open negotiations with Israel on a comprehensive aviation agreement. As part of the process of creating a Common Aviation Area with its Eastern and Southern neighbours by 2010, the Commission's aim is to establish an open aviation area between the EU and Israel, to lift market restrictions and to achieve a high level of regulatory convergence.

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The TEN-T  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T): Commission's funding proposals focus on cross-border projects and sustainable modes of transport

The European Commission has tabled its proposals for funding TEN-T projects for the period 2007-2013. In selecting the projects, the Commission has given priority to cross-border projects and environmentally friendly modes such as inland waterways and rail. Following the publication of four calls for proposals, the Commission received 221 project proposals. The support requested (more than € 11.5 billion) largely exceeded the available Community budget of € 5.1 billion.

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International relations in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Strong boost to EU-Turkmenistan energy cooperation

On 14 and 15 November, Energy Commissioner Piebalgs paid an official visit to Turkmenistan to pursue exchanges with the Turkmen authorities about possibilities to deepen energy cooperation.

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Innovation and technological development in energy in the website of Energy and Transport DG

European Commission proposes a plan to accelerate energy technologies for a low-carbon future

Energy technologies will be crucial to successfully fighting against climate change and securing world and European energy supply. Achieving Europe's 2020 and 2050 targets on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency will require action on energy efficiency, standards, support mechanisms and putting a price on carbon emissions. It will also require the deployment of more efficient and new technologies. So a significant research effort is necessary. Europe's potential to develop a new generation of decarbonised energy technologies, such as off-shore wind, solar technology, or 2nd generation biomass, is enormous. However EU energy research is often under-funded, dispersed and badly coordinated. If the opportunity facing the EU is to be seized, actions to develop new energy technologies, lower their costs and bring them to the market must be better organised and carried out more efficiently. This is why the European Commission is proposing the Strategic Energy Technology Plan, a comprehensive plan to establish a new energy research agenda for Europe. The Commission believes that Europe should lower the costs of clean energy and put EU industry at the forefront of the rapidly growing low carbon technology sector. This Plan is to be accompanied by better use of and increases in resources, both financial and human, to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies of the future.

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Internal market for gas in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Commissioner Piebalgs underlines the urgency of the new proposals on the Internal Energy Market

In recent weeks there has been increasing public debate on the Commission's proposals aimed at guaranteeing real and effective competition for all EU citizens and companies for their gas and electricity needs. In particular, a number of the companies opposing them have raised questions regarding the Commission's Impact Assessment, the document that lays down the facts and evidence why these measures are necessary.

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The Commission has published in the Official Journal C 231 of the European Union a call for applications concerning the renewal of the Members of the European Energy and Transport Forum. The deadline for sending applications is 3 December 2007.

Reference documents are available on:


For a complete list of current public consultations please go to Consultations

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

Topic of Consultation   Deadline

European maritime transport space without barriers (online questionnaire)

Motorways of the Sea (online questionnaire)

Preparation of an Impact Assessment on the Internalisation of External Costs  (online questionnaire)








For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tenders

The internet service of the DG for Energy and Transport has developed a web page announcing the Calls for tenders & Calls for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders
A study on passenger transport by coach in Europe

OJ S 208-251920 



Framework contract on aviation security policy development OJ S 193-234231



Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.

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