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Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper
Mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper

Green Paper
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  29/1/07 - 02/02/07 Sustainable Energy Week

08/03/07- 09/03/07

Spring European Council


Galileo website

MEMO on Galileo

Commission is looking for new ways to benefit from Galileo navigation system

With the advent of the European satellite navigation system Galileo, new impetus will be given to the worldwide market for satellite navigation, positioning and timing services. These are expected to bring new prospects to various commercial sectors and improve the daily life of citizens around the world. While boosting the development of new applications by European industry, Galileo will also create many jobs across the EU. In order to make maximum use of this opportunity and stimulate such economic development, the European Commission adopted on 8 December a Green Paper on Satellite Navigation Applications. This document will give all interested stakeholders an opportunity to provide their opinion on the development of satellite navigation applications, and in particular on the role the public sector could play in creating an appropriate framework and defining concrete targets for such applications.

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(28/12/2005) GALILEO on track: successful launch of the GIOVE-A satellite


Clean Urban Trasport

Commission authorises aid for anti-pollution filters on Italian buses

The European Commission has approved on 7 December 2006  aid to alleviate the cost of retrofitting Italian passenger buses with particulate filters. Such filters will reduce the pollution level of elderly as well as of new buses and thus contribute to the protection of human health and the environment, in particular in bigger cities.


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(26/09/2006) Clean urban transport: a new role for cities in European transport policy

(11/05/2006) Commission presents the outstanding results of the CUTE project and announces new action for Clean Public Transport


Air Transport Portal of the European Commission

Single European Sky: Commission harmonises air navigation service charges 

The European Commission has adopted on 6 December 2006 a Regulation on a common charging scheme for air navigation services. The new charging system regulates which costs are eligible and how users will be charged for air navigation services. The regulation will apply as of 1 January 2007 . Building on the current international system, the harmonised system will contribute to achieving greater transparency and encourage the safe and effective provision of air navigation services.

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(06/07/2006) Interoperability of European air traffic management systems: towards a Single European Sky

(12/05/2006) Reform of European air traffic control takes shape


Rail Transport Portal of the European Commission

Vice-President Barrot meets railway sector stakeholders at the Colloquium on the Future of Rail Transport

The opportunities and challenges of rail transport in a changing economic and social environment: this was the main topic of discussion at the "Mobility in the European Union: what place for rail?" conference organised by the European Commission in Brussels on 4 December 2006.

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(14/11/2006) Commission reports on positive growth of rail interoperability12 October 2006

(12/10/2006) Second Railway Package: Commission sends Reasoned Opinions to 13 Member States


The Permanent Partnership Council

Russia and the EU agree to join efforts to promote energy efficiency

At the second meeting of the Permanent Partnership Council (PPC) on Energy in Moscow on 8 December 2006, the EU and Russia agreed to work together to enhance energy efficiency, recognising the huge mutual challenge and potential for energy savings that they quantify annually at around 400 million tonnes of oil equivalent each by the year 2020.

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(27/10/2006) Commissioner Piebalgs and Russian Energy Minister Khristenko meet in the first bilateral Conference on energy strategies

(07/07/2006) Commissioner Piebalgs meets EU and Russia energy industry leaders ahead of the G8 Summit


Estlink - the official website

Commissioner Piebalgs turns the switch on the cable that will end energy isolation of the Baltic States

Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs participated on 4 December 2006 in the opening ceremony of the start up of Estlink, an underwater electricity cable that will connect the electricity systems of Finland and Baltic States. The cable connects Estonia to Finland, and thereby the Nordic transmission grid to the Baltic States. “Up until now, the Baltic States were an electricity island. The Estlink will enable electricity trade between the Baltic States and Finland, effectively putting an end to the isolation of the region", said Commissioner Piebalgs.

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(16/06/2006) Energy Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea region

(8/05/2006) The EU gas market developments: the case of the Baltic Sea Region countries - Speech by Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs



The EU's relations with Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan and the EU set the framework for their energy relations with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding

On the occasion of the visit to the European Commission of Kazakh President Noursoultan Nazarbaev, the EU and the Republic of Kazakhstan signed on 4 Decenber 2006 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that establishes the basis for enhanced energy cooperation. Both parties have also initialled an Agreement for Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy that will be signed officially at a later stage. “With these two documents, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union have laid the foundations of constructive cooperation in the energy sector which will be extremely fruitful for both parts”, said the President of the European Commission José Manuel Durão Barroso.

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(24/10/2006) Commission takes a new step towards a EU-Kazakhstan agreement on peaceful use of nuclear energy

(20/06/2006) Enhancing Energy Cooperation with Kazakhstan - Speech by Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs



European Union - Russia Energy Dialogue

EU and Russia agree on abolition of € 300 million Siberian overflight payments

Six months after having obtained the mandate from EU Member States, the European Commission has succeeded in negotiating an agreement with the Russian Federation on the longstanding issue of Siberian overflight payments. It finally solves a 20 years thorny conflict between the EU Member States and the Russian Federation, costing around € 300 million to EU airlines in 2006. On 24 November 2006 Vice-President Jacques Barrot initialled the agreement with the Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin in the margins of the EU-Russia summit in Helsinki  in the presence of the Finnish transport Minister Ms Susanna Huovinen.

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  New publications by the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas

The European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) has sent to the European Commission its "Assessment of the development of the European Energy Markets 2006".  It is published on the ERGREG website along with the 25 national reports of the regulators in the Member States.

Also new on the ERGEG website is a report on "Compatability of the national legal conditions concerning regulatory Competences" and  ERGEG's "2006 Monitoring Report on Implementation of the Gas Storage Guidelines".  ERGEG launched on 7 December a new public consultation on open season procedures. The deadline for comments is 19 January 2007.  All reports can be downloaded from the ERGEG website:

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Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

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Road Safety : Respecting the Rules Better Road Safety Enforcement in the European Union



Publications, Videos & Memos
A Selection of Recent Titles

New videos from DG TREN

The Energy and Transport DG has recently produced thee videos in the field of transport:

Better and cleaner urban transport for Europe

Rail transport: speeding up trans-European priority axes and ERTMS

Protecting passengers and goods transport in Europe

Please note that the announcement of technical reports and documents recently produced in specific energy and transport sectors can be found on the "What's New" pages of the corresponding chapters of Energy and Transport on the EUROPA website.

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