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23 January 2006: COGEN Europe Conference on European Biomass, Brussels


24 January 2006: Ministerial Conference on Motorways of the Sea, Slovenia


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Marrakech Conference: new boost for transport cooperation between both sides of the Mediterranean [ full text ]

Meeting in Marrakech on 14-15 December 2005, the Transport Ministers of the European Union and the Mediterranean countries have decided to encourage further reform of the transport sector in the Mediterranean region and to step up regional and sub-regional cooperation in this area. In addition, a comprehensive air transport agreement between the EU and Morocco, the first of its kind, has been initialled in the margins of the Conference. Marking the occasion, the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Transport, Jacques Barrot, declared: “Ten years after the launch of the Barcelona Process, the Marrakech Conference marks an important step in the development of Euro-Mediterranean transport cooperation. It is vital that we work together to set up a fully integrated, secure Euro-Mediterranean transport network.” He went on to say that “it is by working together on a practical level that we can make the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership a reality and meet the needs of those on both sides of the Mediterranean.”

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Memo on the directive on clean vehicles

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The European Commission wants to promote clean vehicles [ full text ]

The European Commission proposed on 21 December new legislation aimed at contributing towards the creation of a market for “clean” vehicles in order to reduce pollutant emissions in the transport sector. By requiring public bodies to earmark a quarter of their annual procurement requirements to such vehicles, the new European rules will make it possible to give manufacturers the assurances they need in order to develop these vehicles for a wider market.

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Luxembourg referred to Court of Justice over registration certificates [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 14 December to refer Luxembourg to the Court of Justice for failure to transpose European legislation on the introduction of a harmonised registration certificate into national law. This legislation helps improve road safety by making it possible to check that drivers are only driving categories of vehicle they are authorised to drive. The harmonisation of registration certificates will also improve the working of the internal market in road transport. The purpose of the Directive is to harmonise the presentation and content of vehicle registration certificates.

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EU rules on aviation noise pollution: the European Commission takes Latvia to Court [ full text ]

The Commission decided on 15 December to take Latvia to the Court of Justice for failing to transpose European legislation on the introduction of noise-related operating restrictions at EU airports. For a coherent approach to aviation noise reduction it is essential that Member States follow the European rules and procedures.  “Noise around airports is a particularly important issue for European citizens. Latvia must apply as soon as possible this legislation that provides for coherent solutions to noise problems around EU airports”, said Vice-President in charge of transport Jacques Barrot.

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Slovakia taken to court over training given to lorry drivers [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 14 December to refer Slovakia to the Court of Justice for failing to comply with European legislation on the minimum level of training given to drivers of HGVs over 7.5 tonnes and to coach drivers. This legislation helps to improve road safety by providing drivers with advanced training, building on that required for their basic diving licence. It also enhances the operation of the internal market in road transport by ensuring drivers have a uniform level of training. The main aim of the Directive in question is to improve the level of lorry drivers’ driving skills.

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EU external competence on transport policy: European Commission to send a reasoned opinion to Greece [ full text ]

The Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion to Greece, the last step before possible referral to the Court of Justice, for disregarding the Commission’s exclusive external competence with regard to implementation of the Community's common transport policy. Article 71 of the Treaty establishing the European Community confers internal and external competence on the Community in respect of deciding and implementing common transport policy. Moreover, Article 10 of the Treaty requires Member States to cooperate with the institutions of the Community and to refrain from taking any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the objectives of the Treaty.

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Third Maritime Safety Package in the website of Energy & Transport DG

Port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues: three Member States summoned to implement the rules [ full text ]

The Commission sent reasoned opinions on 19 December to Greece and Slovenia and decided to lodge a case to the Court of Justice against Poland for failure to respect EU legislation on the improvement of the availability and use of port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues. “It is important that all Member States implement properly this legislation that enhances the protection of the maritime environment. Obligations both on masters of ships to deliver their waste and on Member States to make facilities available to treat this waste must be respected”, said Vice-President Jacques Barrot in charge of transport.

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Is there a brain drain? What Europe does for its researchers [ full text ]

It is regularly said that Europe has to become “the most competitive knowledge-based society” in the world. A key element of this is the European Research Area, which regroups all EU support for the better coordination of research activities and the convergence of research and innovation policies, at national and EU levels. In this way, the EU can bring together its work in this area and build a “single market” for research and innovation Skilled researchers, ready to move from one country to another whether inside or outside Europe, have an essential role to play in achieving this ambitious objective. However, acquiring skills, in particular through this mobility, is not always simple and easy: administrative procedures can be long and complicated; salaries can be low; recruitment sometimes appears quite mysterious; a new environment can be difficult to understand and to move in; there can be uncertainty about a career path. Europe, through several recent and less recent initiatives, tries to tackle these obstacles and ease the researchers’ life and career.

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European Commission authorises restructuring measures to support the Spanish coal industry [ full text ]

The European Commission has today on 21 December not to raise any objections to the restructuring plan for the Spanish coal industry for the period 2003 to 2005. The Commission finds that, with its proposed restructuring measures, Spain continues to reduce significantly its state subsidies for the coal industry and, at the same time, takes account of the social and regional importance of this industry. Spain will also continue to reduce its mining capacity. The plan is therefore compatible with the proper functioning of the common market. Spain has granted approximately € 1 billion annually to its coal industry in that period.

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Commission proposes reinforced legislation on transfer of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel  [ full text ]

The Commission has adopted on 21 December today a proposal for a Directive on the supervision and control of shipments of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. The new Commission proposal extends existing rules for authorising the trans-border movement of radioactive waste and extends them to spent nuclear fuel. It will make the rules easier to apply and more consistent with other EU and international provisions. Andris Piebalgs Energy Commissioner, said: “This user-friendly Directive takes into account the concerns that have been expressed by those involved in authorising movements of radioactive waste. By expressly covering shipments of spent nuclear fuel, it now makes clear that the same strict controls are required when moving such nuclear materials from one country to another”.


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Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

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European Regulators for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) seek views on Gas Roadmap

On 22 November, ERGEG, which was set up by the Commission to provide advice on matters related to the internal electricity and gas market, published a Gas Roadmap paper for public consultation. The document “Roadmap for a Competitive Single Gas Market in Europe” identifies key issues where action is needed, sets priorities and aims to deliver practical improvements to European gas markets through regional initiatives. Submissions from interested parties on the ERGEG Gas Roadmap are invited until 23rd January 2006. The consultation document can be found on the ERGEG website



Open Public Consultation on Mid-term Review of the White Paper on European Transport Policy

Over the coming months the Commission will carry out  the mid-term review of the White Paper on "The European transport policy for 2010". To supplement its own analysis, the Commission would like to take note of your ideas on European transport policy. To this end, the Commission would appreciate your comments, concerns, wishes, observations and views. Please follow the link for further information.



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