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11-14/12/2005: European Nuclear Conference, Versailles, France


14-15 December 2005: Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Transport, Marrakech, Morocco


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Air safety in the web site of Energy and Transport DG 

Rail Passenger Transport in the Website of Energy & Transport DG

Provisional results of the Transport, Communications and Energy Council, 1st December 2005: Transport Items [ full text PDF ]

EU Transport Ministers met in Brussels on 5 December, under the Chairmanship of the UK Presidency. The Commission was represented by Vice-President Jacques Barrot, Commissioner responsible for Transport. One of the main results of the Council meeting was the adoption of a regulation on the establishment of a Community list of banned air carriers. Agreements were also reached on a directive on market access for international rail passenger services and a regulation on international rail passengers' rights and obligations.

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High Level Transport Group calls for better transport links with EU Neighbours   [ full text ]

The High Level Group set up by the European Commission in 2004 to look at transport connections between the newly enlarged European Union and its 26 neighbours submitted its final report on 7 December 2005. Recommendations include a mix of infrastructure projects and simpler measures aiming to stimulate trade and to facilitate traffic flows between countries along five major transnational transport axes. “Better integration of national networks will foster regional cooperation and integration not only between the EU and its neighbours but also between the neighbouring countries themselves. I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the work of this Group. It is particularly appropriate given the 10th Anniversary of the Barcelona process and the ministerial meeting taking place in Marrakech on 16 December” declared Vice-President Jacques Barrot, in charge of transport.

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Driving and rest times for professional drivers: Europe updates the social rules in road haulage [ full text ]

The European Parliament and the Council agreed on 6 December on the draft European legislation to improve driving times and rest periods for professional drivers and step up checks on lorries. Drivers will have at least two full days off every two weeks and a longer rest period each day. These new rules will bring the practices of the different EU Member States closer together and contribute to road safety. “Opening up new markets has to go hand in hand with rules that apply to everyone to ensure fair working conditions. These European social rules create new rights for workers and protect against social dumping”, said Jacques Barrot, Commission Vice-President responsible for transport.

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State Aid legislation

Commission begins detailed examination of aid granted by SNCB to Inter Ferry Boats [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 7 December to initiate formal investigation proceedings in respect of aid granted by SNCB to finance the restructuring of its subsidiary Inter Ferry Boats (IFB), in order to verify whether this aid meets the conditions laid down by Community law for State restructuring aid.

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The European Commission approves the financial part of the restructuring plan for ABX Logistics [ full text ]

The Commission decided on 7 December to approve the financial part of the restructuring plan for the ABX Logistics group, worth EUR 176 million. This decision is based on a restructuring plan which significantly reduces the capacity of the ABX Worldwide group, including its branches ABX Germany and ABX Netherlands, restores the viability of the whole of the group and transfers all of its capital to a private investor who must act within 12 months of this decision. As for the domestic activities of ABX France, these were privatised in 2005.

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Managenergy TV

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Energy Demand Management in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Interview with Mr Luc Werring on European legislation supporting the Green Paper on Energy Efficiency 

Interview with Commissioner Andris Piebalgs on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development

Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs gave an interview on the occasion of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Conference on 28-29 November. The topic of the interview is energy efficiency and sustainable development. Simply click on the link in the VideoCard below to view the interview in full.  If you cannot start the presentation from the VideoCard, please follow this link.

link to website for  Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
link to website

Interview on energy efficiency and sustainable development

Nov 2005   (7 min)    

Mr. Andris Piebalgs
European Commission.

You can find further information on energy efficiency and renewable energies on European Commission Internet Broadcast Portal : and on

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Renewable energy: European Commission proposes ambitious biomass and biofuels action plan and calls on Member States to do more for green electricity [ full text ]

On 7 December the Commission adopted a detailed action plan designed to increase the use of energy from forestry, agriculture and waste materials. Andris Piebalgs, Commissioner for Energy, said, “This plan will reduce Europe’s dependence on imported energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect jobs in rural areas and extend the EU’s technological leadership in these sectors. The Plan outlines measures in three sectors : heating, electricity and transport. The measures in favour of transport biofuels, in particular, are a practical response to the problem of high oil prices.” In parallel, the Commission adopted a report on the different support schemes of electricity from renewable energy sources which concludes that governments need to step up efforts to cooperate among themselves and optimise their support schemes as well as to remove administrative and grid barriers for green electricity.

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Commissioner Piebalgs' Opening Statement to EU-OPEC Energy Dialogue

Enlargement and international relations in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Joint press release: EU-OPEC Energy Dialogue — 2nd Meeting [ full text ]

The second meeting of the EU-OPEC Energy Dialogue took place on 2 December at the OPEC Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The participants from OPEC were: Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Minister of Energy of Kuwait and President of the OPEC Conference; Dr Edmund Maduabebe Daukoru, Minister of State for Petroleum of Nigeria and Alternate President of the OPEC Conference; and Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Acting for the OPEC Secretary General. The participants from the EU were: Mr Malcolm Wicks, Minister for Energy of the United Kingdom and President of the EU Council; Dr Martin Bartenstein, Minister of Economy and Labour of Austria; and Mr Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy.

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Job Vacancies: Galileo [ Vacancy Information ]

The European GNSS Supervisory Authority (responsible for the European Satellite Navigation programmes - Galileo and EGNOS) is organising a selection procedure for the positions of:


For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

Topic of Consultation



European Regulators for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) seek views on Gas Roadmap

On 22 November, ERGEG, which was set up by the Commission to provide advice on matters related to the internal electricity and gas market, published a Gas Roadmap paper for public consultation. The document “Roadmap for a Competitive Single Gas Market in Europe” identifies key issues where action is needed, sets priorities and aims to deliver practical improvements to European gas markets through regional initiatives. Submissions from interested parties on the ERGEG Gas Roadmap are invited until 23rd January 2006. The consultation document can be found on the ERGEG website



Open Public Consultation on Mid-term Review of the White Paper on European Transport Policy

Over the coming months the Commission will carry out  the mid-term review of the White Paper on "The European transport policy for 2010". To supplement its own analysis, the Commission would like to take note of your ideas on European transport policy. To this end, the Commission would appreciate your comments, concerns, wishes, observations and views. Please follow the link for further information.



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