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11-14/12/2005: European Nuclear Conference, Versailles, France


14-15 December 2005: Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Transport, Marrakech, Morocco


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Open skies in the web site of Energy and Transport DG 

Single European Sky  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

European Union signs aviation agreement with Ukraine  [ full text ]

The EU signed an aviation agreement with Ukraine on 1 December  which will allow European airlines to fly between any EU Member State and Ukraine. “After the first agreement signed with Chile in October, this new agreement gives all EU airlines access to the air transport market between any EU Member State and Ukraine. At the same time, it paves the way for a closer integration of Ukraine into European aviation structures”, said European Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot, in charge of transport. The agreement was signed today in Kiev by Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov for Ukraine, by Prime Minister Tony Blair for the EU Presidency and by President Josť Manuel Barroso for the European Commission.

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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Galileo: slides presentation (PDF)  

European Union and Ukraine sign an agreement on GALILEO [ full text ]

Government leaders meeting in the EU-Ukraine Summit  have decided to extend the Ukraine-EU partnership to cover Europe’s satellite radionavigation programme GALILEO. The agreement was signed on 1 December in Kiev by Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov for Ukraine, by Prime Minister Tony Blair for the EU Presidency and by President Josť Manuel Barroso for the European Commission. Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of transport, noted: “Ukraine is one of the few countries that has developed a wide expertise in global satellite positioning technologies and its participation is an important step for the development of GALILEO as an international programme”.

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EASA web site 

Air safety in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

Polish aircraft manufacturers and design organisations benefit from EASA certification and access to the European market [ full text ]

On 25 November representatives of the European Aviation Safety Agency granted no less than 13 certificates to Polish aircraft manufacturers and design organisations. "Today's ceremony proves how fast the Civil Aviation Office of Poland has fully integrated with the European aviation supervisory system created by EASA," commented Krzysztof Kapis, President of Poland's CAO during the ceremony. "We are glad that Poland is treated as an important and trustworthy partner. This fruitful co-operation should result in the signature of the agreement between EASA and the Polish CAO for the transfer to the Polish authority of the supervision of our aviation industry. It should also be emphasized that Poland has already fulfilled all requirements imposed by EASA, the agreement is prepared and we expect to sign it without any delay."

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Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council: Energy points, 1 December
 [ full text ]

EU energy ministers met in Brussels on 1 December, under the Chairmanship of the UK Presidency. The Commission was represented by Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs. Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes will also participate for the point regarding the Internal Energy Market.

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Green Paper on Energy Efficiency in the website of Energy & Transport DG

Trans-European energy networks in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Provisional results of the Transport, Communications and Energy Council, 1st December 2005: Energy Items [ full text PDF ]

One of the main results of the Council meeting on 1st December 2005 was a conclusion reached on climate change and sustainable energy. The Council welcomes the Commission's Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, recalls the need for energy policy to provide a balance between the security of energy supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability and emphasises the importance of energy efficiency, especially in the transport and building sectors. Other energy items debated included better regulation and the energy liberalisation package and EU international energy relations. The Council looks forward to the Commission's forthcoming Green Paper on these issues.  Items were approved relating to security of energy supply and infrastructure investment and trans-European energy networks.

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New and renewable energies  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Intelligent Energy for Europe in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Zero emissions technology platform: Commission fosters CO2-free energy in the future [ full text ]

As a further demonstration of the depth of its commitment to tackling climate change, the European Commission has been behind the launch of the Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants on 1 December. This body will bring together energy companies, equipment suppliers, users, consumers, financial institutions, regulators, public authorities, researchers and civil society to develop common research goals, with the aim of a future where the use of power plants that emit no climate-damaging greenhouse gases is widespread. Through its common vision and strategic research agenda, the Technology Platform will identify and remove obstacles to the creation of such power plants, technological, financial and regulatory. The aims of the Technology Platform fit perfectly with the approach taken in the Sixth Framework Programme of looking at short and medium term needs of the energy sector, as well as supporting basic research into possible future sources of energy.

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Energy Demand Management in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The web site of Competition DG

State aid: Commission closes formal investigation on CO2 taxation system in Slovenia following changes to legislation [ full text ]

On 1 December the European Commission approved under EC Treaty state aid rules a Slovenian scheme granting reductions in carbon dioxide taxation to operators of combined heat and power (CHP) installations; companies that participate in the EU emission trading scheme, in line with the Directive on emission trading, and companies that enter into voluntary environmental agreements. The Slovene Government introduced significant changes to bring the scheme into conformity with the EU state aid rules for environmental protection schemes following the opening of a Commission investigation in December 2004.

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Job Vacancies in the web site of Energy and Transport DG


Job Vacancies: Galileo [ Vacancy Information ]

The European GNSS Supervisory Authority (responsible for the European Satellite Navigation programmes - Galileo and EGNOS) is organising a selection procedure for the positions of:


For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

Topic of Consultation



European Regulators for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) seek views on Gas Roadmap

On 22 November, ERGEG, which was set up by the Commission to provide advice on matters related to the internal electricity and gas market, published a Gas Roadmap paper for public consultation. The document “Roadmap for a Competitive Single Gas Market in Europe” identifies key issues where action is needed, sets priorities and aims to deliver practical improvements to European gas markets through regional initiatives. Submissions from interested parties on the ERGEG Gas Roadmap are invited until 23rd January 2006. The consultation document can be found on the ERGEG website



Open Public Consultation on Mid-term Review of the White Paper on European Transport Policy

Over the coming months the Commission will carry out  the mid-term review of the White Paper on "The European transport policy for 2010". To supplement its own analysis, the Commission would like to take note of your ideas on European transport policy. To this end, the Commission would appreciate your comments, concerns, wishes, observations and views. Please follow the link for further information.



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