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28-29/11/2005: First Annual Conference Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008  Please note: Registration closed! Online participation only!


30 November 2005: Plenary Meeting of the High Level Group on Extension of Major Transport Axes to Neighbouring Countries and Regions


1-2 December 2005: SESEM-CFT Conference "Clean Pathways for Fossil Fuels", Brussels [PDF]


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The Third Maritime Safety Package  [ full text ]

Over the last ten years the EU, in particular since the Erika accident in December 1999 and the Prestige accident in November 2002 has introduced legislation aimed at improving the level of maritime safety and the prevention of accidental pollution by ships. However, despite the reduction in the number of maritime accidents, the threats relating to failure to comply with safety standards remain. The pressure on flags of convenience and more generally any defect in the maritime transport chain must therefore be maintained and even accentuated. The seven proposals contained in the Third Maritime Safety Package announced on 23 November 2005 are therefore intended to supplement the European rules concerning maritime safety and improve the efficiency of the existing measures. They take account of the experience acquired in implementing the Community legislation on maritime safety (the Erika-I and II packages and the measures adopted following the Prestige accident), and the concerns expressed on several occasions by the European Parliament, the European Council and the ministers of transport.

NEW VIDEO: Europe Strengthens Maritime Safety [Video EN]  [Video FR]

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Questions and Answers on the 3rd Maritime Safety Package [FR]

The "Prestige" accident in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Stringent measures to guarantee the safety of maritime transport [ full text ]

The European Union acted immediately following the Erika and Prestige accidents to set up a “defensive” mechanism to protect Europe against the risks of accidents and pollution. With the third maritime safety package, announced on 23 November 2005, the Commission is proposing a more proactive policy aimed at restoring conditions for healthy and sustainable competition for those operators who comply with international rules.

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Irish shipping: European Commission approves extension of refund scheme for employers’ social security contributions [ full text ]

The Commission has approved on 23 November the extension by the Irish authorities of a refund scheme for social security contributions made by employers of seafarers on certain ships. One of the aims of this scheme is to promote the employment by ship operators of Irish tax and social security liable seafarers. The Commission first approved this scheme, which covers the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions, in September 1999 for a period running up to 2004. It has now given approval for its extension up to 31 December 2010.

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Marco Polo: € 30 million for freight transport services [ full text ]

The European Commission published on 24 November on its website the third call for proposals under the Marco Polo Programme. Launched in July 2003, the programme's objective is to reduce road congestion and to improve the environmental performance of the freight transport system. For this third call, the budget has been increased by 50% to € 30.1 million to address increasing congestion problems and demand from the markets. Commercial undertakings across the European Union and participating third countries are invited to submit proposals for creating new freight transport services and improving the environmental performance of freight transport.

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Security issues in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

The website of Justice, Freedom and Security DG

Prevention, preparedness and response in the fight against terrorism: the Commission launches a Green Paper on “Critical Infrastructure Protection” [ full text ]

The European Commission has adopted on 24 November a green paper on a Programme for critical infrastructure protection which outlines the options on what would enhance prevention, preparedness and response to the Union’s critical infrastructure protection. The Green Paper provides options on how the Commission may respond to the Council’s request to establish an “European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection” (EPCIP) and a “Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network” (CIWIN) and constitutes the second phase of a consultation process that began with a Commission Communication on critical Infrastructure Protection that was adopted in October 2004.

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Provisional results of 2695th Transport, Communications and Energy Council meeting, 1st December 2005: Energy Items  [ full text PDF ]

One of the main results of the Council meeting on 1st December 2005 was a conclusion reached on climate change and sustainable energy. The Council welcomes the Commission's Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, recalls the need for energy policy to provide a balance between the security of energy supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability and emphasises the importance of energy efficiency, especially in the transport and building sectors. Other energy items debated included better regulation and the energy liberalisation package and EU international energy relations. The Council looks forward to the Commission's forthcoming Green Paper on these issues.  Items were approved relating to security of energy supply and infrastructure investment and trans-European energy networks.

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 Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008 web site

Managenergy web site

First Annual Conference on Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008,
28-29 November 2005, Brussels and live online!
[ Information and Registration ]

Intelligent energy production and consumption are key strategies to successfully fulfil the EU's commitment to change the energy landscape. The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008 will contribute to the achievement of EU energy policy goals and targets in the field of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels. The conference offers the opportunity to learn about the most recent developments of the EU intelligent energy policy and to share your views on ways towards sustainable energy patterns for Europe.

Please note that the conference is now fully booked. It is still possible to join the conference via the Internet in English, French, German and Spanish through live web streaming and interactive chat discussions.

The launch speech of the Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, and live webstreaming of the conference will be available on

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Job Vacancies: Galileo [ Vacancy Information ]

The European GNSS Supervisory Authority (responsible for the European Satellite Navigation programmes - Galileo and EGNOS) is organising a selection procedure for the positions of:


For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Public Consultations

In this section you will find the newest calls for submissions to public consultations in fields of energy and transport.

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Open Public Consultation on Mid-term Review of the White Paper on European Transport Policy

Over the coming months the Commission will carry out  the mid-term review of the White Paper on "The European transport policy for 2010". To supplement its own analysis, the Commission would like to take note of your ideas on European transport policy. To this end, the Commission would appreciate your comments, concerns, wishes, observations and views. Please follow the link for further information.



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