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16/09/2005: European Mobility Week conference:
”In Motion! Visions of Urban Mobility and Clean Air”


21/09/2005 Information day for the 4th Call for Proposals on research


26-29/09/2005: Plenary Session of the European Parliament


07/10/2005 Intelligent Energy – Europe: European Info Day on the 2005 Call for Proposals


12-13/10/2005: Mini-Plenary Session of the European Parliament in Brussels


19-21/10/2005: Public Private Partnerships in the Transport Summit


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The consultation on airport capacity in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

European Commission addresses airport capacity shortages [ full text ]

Forecasts indicate that increasingly congested airports in Europe will not be able to meet part of the air traffic demand in the coming years. Therefore the European Commission is exploring possible measures to address the current and future airport capacity shortages. In this context, it has launched on 15 September a Consultation Paper on “Airport capacity, efficiency and safety” addressed to airlines, airports, air navigation providers and all other stakeholders of the air transport industry. “We are working on Air Traffic Management and the Single European Sky to increase capacity, under safe conditions, in the sky. But if we do not address airport problems, this effort would be meaningless”, said Vice-President Jacques Barrot, responsible for Transport. He added that “we should both plan the construction of new airports, and make every effort to better utilise the existing infrastructure”.

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State Aid in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Commission finds that Greece has granted illegal State aid to Olympic Airways and Olympic Airlines [ full text ]

The European Commission on 14 September declared illegal a number of measures taken by the Greek State which gave an unfair advantage to Olympic Airways and Olympic Airlines, the new company which has taken over its flight operations. This decision closes the investigation, started on 16 March 2004, into the State aid granted since December 2002, when the airline was ordered to repay €160 million in illegal aid. Between 1994 and 2000 the Commission took a number of decisions authorising public aid for the restructuring of Olympic Airways. In December 2002, however, the Commission found that further aid had been granted to the airline which was incompatible with the common market, and demanded that €160 million be repaid.

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Open skies in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

International aviation in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Commission proposes to open aviation negotiations with New Zealand [ full text ]

The European Commission proposed on 14 September to open aviation negotiations with New Zealand. These negotiations will seek further opening of the respective air markets and enhanced regulatory cooperation. Vice-President Jacques Barrot, in charge of transport, said: “The single aviation market in the EU with open market access and high regulatory standards has created huge benefits for the EU aviation industry and consumers. I believe that this success can be repeated in our aviation relations with New Zealand”.

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Air safety in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

EASA web site

Transport Committee of the European Parliament demands EU-wide blacklist for air carriers [ full text ]

Following a number of serious air crashes earlier this month, Parliament's Transport Committee is demanding an EU-wide blacklist of air carriers which do not meet international aircraft safety standards. These carriers should be named and shamed throughout the Community, said chairman Paolo COSTA (ALDE, IT) at a meeting of the committee on 30 August. He called for zero tolerance towards the carriers concerned.

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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The web site of the European Parliament

Galileo - the single market goes into orbit [ full text ]

The EU is just a few years away from having its own orbiting satellites. This September, the European Parliament is set to authorise a further €1 billion in funding to ensure the continued development of the Galileo space programme - arguably the EU's most ambitious project so far. Galileo is an attempt by the EU to create its own civilian satellite navigation system that will be entirely independent of existing American technology. At present the world has two such satellite navigation systems, the American (GPS) and the Russian (GLONASS) system. Both were developed by the military although only the American system has successfully been applied to civilian usage.

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The official web site of the Mobility Week

The web site of Environment DG

‘Clever commuting’ in the spotlight for European Mobility Week 2005 [ full text ]

Millions of citizens in over 930 towns and cities across Europe and in other parts of the world will be taking part in sustainable transport initiatives as part of the annual European Mobility Week, which runs this year from 16 to 22 September on the theme of ‘Clever Commuting.’ European Mobility Week, now in its fourth year, seeks to promote a lasting shift towards use of environmentally friendly modes of transport and to encourage citizens to consider alternatives to private cars wherever possible. European Mobility Week 2005 will be launched on 16 September at a high-level conference at London’s City Hall, organised with the UK Presidency of the EU, which will bring together representatives of all levels of government to share their visions for urban mobility and clean air. Both Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport Jacques Barrot and Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas will participate. Cities in the Czech Republic, France and Spain are contenders for the European Mobility Week Award which will be announced during the conference. As in previous years, a highlight of the week in many participating towns and cities will be a Car-Free Day.

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Oil issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The web site of the European Parliament

Oil crisis: background note

ECB President Warns of Oil Price Impact in Future [ full text ]

At a time when oil prices are soaring and there are concerns about the effect of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina on economic growth, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet told the European Parliament on 15 September, that  the impact so far has been slight but risks remain for the future. He warned that further oil price hikes could lead to higher wage and price demands, which could push inflation up. Mr Trichet told the European Parliament's economic and monetary committee that oil prices will drive euro-zone inflation up more than previously expected. The ECB sees annual inflation of between 2.1% to 2.3% in 2005 and 1.4% to 2.4% in 2006.


This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Calls for tender in web site of Energy & Transport DG

New Calls for Tender

The internet service of DG TREN has developed a new web page announcing the Call for tenders & Call for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Apparatus for measuring radiation

OJ S 171-169518


SERVRAIL - study on the assessment of present and likely future conditions of providing rail-related services

OJ S 153-152330


Study to prepare a revision of Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements and energy performance labels for new hot water boilers

OJ S 153-152322


Comparative study on the powers and competencies of regulators in the energy and transport fields

OJ S 146-145154


Creation of an EU known shippers' prototype database - extension

OJ S 146-145159


Framework contract for ex ante evaluations and impact assessments

OJ S 144-143226


Biofuels initiative

OJ S 143-142117 


Road transport working time directive — self-employed and night time provisions of the directive

OJ S 141-139733 


Analysis of the degree of achievement of 2010 national and Community targets under Directive 2001/77/EC

OJ S 140-138078 


Better buildings for Europe: assessing and communicating the Buildings Directive (the buildings platform)

JO S 132-130139


Preparatory studies on eco-design requirements for energy-using products (I)

JO S 129-127180


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