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26-29/09/2005: Plenary Session of the European Parliament


19-21/10/2005: Public Private Partnerships in the Transport Summit


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The TEN-T  in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Revision of the TEN-T guidelines in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

European Commission allocates more than €350 million to major trans-European transport network projects [ full text ]

In 2005, the Commission has allocated €356 million for studies and construction work for the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) projects. The priority projects alone will receive almost 85% of this amount. More than 70% has been allocated to railway projects and 20% to intelligent and innovative transport systems such as railway interoperability systems. Projects and studies receiving significant support, often on top of subsidies granted in previous years, include the Galileo project and the future Lyon-Turin and Brenner trans-Alpine rail links.

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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Video on Galileo

The GALILEO family is further expanding: EU and India seal their agreement [ full text ]

After intensive exchanges held since January 2004, negotiations on India’s participation in Europe's satellite radio navigation programme finally reached approval. The agreement, initialled on 07 Septmeber in New Delhi at the occasion of the EU-India Summit in the presence of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as EU Presidency, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, will ensure the availability of highest quality Galileo services in India as well as cooperation to establish regional augmentation systems based on EGNOS and GALILEO. Welcoming the outcome of the negotiations, Vice-President of the European Commission Jacques Barrot said: “This is another important step for the development of GALILEO as an international programme, but also a major milestone in the EU/India partnership”.

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Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Community guidelines on financing of airports

European Commission encourages the development of regional airports and mobility in Europe [ full text ]

Following a wide-ranging public consultation[1], the Commission has adopted on 6 September new rules which will encourage the development of regional airports. These rules lay down the conditions under which start-up aid can be granted to airlines to operate new routes from regional airports. New regional air services will encourage mobility in Europe and regional development. The clear rules adopted today guarantee equal treatment for public and private airports and ensure that airlines receiving aid are not unduly favoured. These guidelines also give airports and Member States guidance on the public financing of airports.

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Air safety in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

EASA web site

European Commission recalls its actions in the field of aviation safety [ full text ]

Over the last few years, the European Commission has made considerable progress in its regulatory activities in the field of aviation safety, with tools put in place to prevent air accidents and incidents. This action is designed to replace an intergovernmental system of international standards implemented by each Member State with a system of binding Community rules applied in a uniform and rigorous way by all EU Member States. Although the implementation of this new framework is in the hands of the Member States, the European Commission, assisted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), ensures consistent application of the rules.

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Road Transport in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The digital tachograph in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Period of tolerance for digital tachograph [ full text ]

The Commission has decided on 12 August to grant a final period of tolerance for the introduction of the digital tachograph until 31 December 2005. The legal deadline for the introduction of the digital tachograph had been extended until 5 August 2005 but an extra period of tolerance is needed. The digital tachograph must be legally recognised and accepted by all Member States from 5 August onwards.

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Road safety charter  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Second Summer Campaign for safety on Europe’s roads [ full text ]

For the second consecutive year, the European Commission is organising a large summer campaign to promote the European Road Safety Charter. Between 29 July to 15 September 2005, European road users will be invited to become ambassadors of the European Road Safety Charter by participating in a Europe wide contest. “Tougher police controls have substantially improved road safety in many countries but more action is needed to reach our goal of halving the number of road fatalities by 2010”, said European Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot in charge of transport. “This campaign emphasises that road safety is also every driver’s responsibility”, he added.

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The web site of Information Society DG

Further information about IST Results

Spotlighting Information and Communication Technologies in the transport domain [ full text ]

On 19 August IST Results, an online news service established by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media, published the latest in a series of feature articles highlighting innovative information and communication technologies emerging from transport-related research projects. Starting with its editorial focus ‘Intelligent Transport Systems’ in June, the service has featured some 16 successful projects in this area over the past weeks. IST Results aims at promoting the achievements of research projects funded under the European Community’s Information Society Technologies programme. Through in-depth feature articles and news in brief, the service reports on success stories, interim and final products or services, and provides up to date information on ICT-related topics.

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Oil issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

FAQ on oil stock management

Oil crisis: background note

Commission discusses five-point plan to react to the surge in oil prices  [ full text ]

The Commission on 6 September discussed a five-point plan presented by Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs to bring an even greater focus on dealing with current very high oil prices. The present very high oil prices are without doubt of concern to the European Union, not only in terms of their impact on the welfare of EU citizens but also regarding their effect on economic growth and thus the attainment of its EU’s Lisbon objectives. Andris Piebalgs said: “The Commission’s energy policy has for some time now focused on a series of measures to react to the high oil prices. Europe leads the world in providing an intelligent, coherent and environmentally sound response to this challenge. However, given current prices and the negative effect that this is having on EU citizens, we need to redouble our efforts”.

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Internal market for electricity in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The Florence Forum in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Florence Forum discusses state of the internal electricity market [ full text ]

On 1–2 September, the European Electricity Regulatory Forum, known as the Florence Forum, held its 12th meeting. The Forum gave Commissioner Piebalgs, who participated for the first time, the opportunity to listen first hand to the views of all stakeholders regarding the functioning of the electricity markets and potential improvement to the regulatory framework. "Europe has set itself an ambitous challenge in the area of energy policy”, he said. “the Florence Forum plays an important role in ensuring that all stakeholders are fully involved in the process of developing detailed rules that enable the market to function in practice. Whilst much has been achieved, more remains to be done. Today made another small but significant step forward, notably on the allocation of capacity for transport of electricity between EU Member States and improving the security and reliability of networks help to avoid blackouts.”

  • (9/07/2003) Florence Forum : complete removal of all cross border electricity charges agreed

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Intelligent Energy for Europe in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Intelligent Energy – Europe: European Info Day on the 2005 Call for Proposals [ full text ]

The 2005 Call for Proposals of the ‘Intelligent Energy – Europe’ (IEE) Programme of the European Union will be published later this month, opening a 4-month period during which applications for IEE co-funding can be submitted. In total, approximately 50 million Euros of financial support will be made available for European projects, events and new local or regional agencies, which promote energy efficiency and the wider use of renewable energy sources. In order to provide you with all necessary information and advice on how to apply for IEE co-funding, the Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA) of the European Commission organises a European Info Day on Friday 7 October 2005 in Brussels. You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from across Europe, and to learn from the coordinators of successful proposals. Participation at this event is free of charge.

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RTD framework programme in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

Fourth Call for Proposals on research: the Directorate General for Energy and Transport holds an Information Day [ full text ]

In the framework of its ongoing Fourth Call for Proposals, the Directorate General for Energy and Transport is planning to hold an Information Day on 21 September 2005, in the Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi n° 170, in Brussels which will be transmitted also via the Internet. The aim of this event is to inform you about the content of this call for proposals and to clarify possible questions. This information day will deal specifically with the research areas open in this call for proposals (FP6-2005-TREN-4/FP6-2005-TREN-4-Aero), which was published on 08 July 2005 (OJ Reference: C 168 of 08/07/2005) with the closing dates of 4 November 2005 (for Aeronautics and Space) and 22 December 2005 (for Sustainable Energy Systems and Sustainable Surface Transport). Participation in the Information Day may also help you to get contact to other potential proposers and possible project partners. The Directorate General for Energy and Transport would be pleased to welcome you to this event. We would also appreciate if you further distributed this information to potential participants you might know in your organisation or country.

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EASA web site

EMSA web site

Job opportunity in the Directorate General for Energy and Transport. ATTENTION : deadline 8 August [ full text ]

The Directorate General for Energy and Transport has set a selection process for temporary agent posts within the Directorate General in order to establish a reserve list for temporary agents.  Attention  deadline for applications: 8 August 2005. The posts will be for the Directorate "Security – Protection of persons, goods and installations", Unit "Aviation and maritime security"; Directorate "Maritime and Inland waterway transport, intermodality", Unit "Maritime transport policy & maritime safety"; and for Directorate "Nuclear Energy", Unit "Nuclear Energy, Waste Management".

The European Maritime Safety Agency (deadline 25 July), the European Air Safety Agency (deadline 16 August) and the European Rail Agency (deadline 1st and 15th August) have also temporary agent vacancies. Please check EMSA web site at:, EASA's website at:, and ERA website



This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Calls for tender in web site of Energy & Transport DG

New Calls for Tender

The internet service of DG TREN has developed a new web page announcing the Call for tenders & Call for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Apparatus for measuring radiation

OJ S 171-169518


SERVRAIL - study on the assessment of present and likely future conditions of providing rail-related services

OJ S 153-152330


Study to prepare a revision of Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements and energy performance labels for new hot water boilers

OJ S 153-152322


Comparative study on the powers and competencies of regulators in the energy and transport fields

OJ S 146-145154


Creation of an EU known shippers' prototype database - extension

OJ S 146-145159


Framework contract for ex ante evaluations and impact assessments

OJ S 144-143226


Biofuels initiative

OJ S 143-142117 


Road transport working time directive — self-employed and night time provisions of the directive

OJ S 141-139733 


Analysis of the degree of achievement of 2010 national and Community targets under Directive 2001/77/EC

OJ S 140-138078 


Better buildings for Europe: assessing and communicating the Buildings Directive (the buildings platform)

JO S 132-130139


Preparatory studies on eco-design requirements for energy-using products (I)

JO S 129-127180


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