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The web site of the EU-China Aviation Summit

International aviation in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Vice-President Barrot attends the EU-China Aviation Summit [ full text ]

The EU-China Aviation Summit, which is jointly organised by the European Commission and the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) will take place in Beijing on 30 June – 1 July 2005. It aims at enhancing political and industrial co-operation between China and the EU in the aviation sector. China is one of the world’s fastest growing aviation markets[1] and of strategic importance to the EU and its industry. China is also taking a lead in market opening in Asia. “The EU and its industry have much to offer China in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai”, said Vice-President Jacques Barrot before leaving for China. “The EU-China Aviation Summit is an excellent opportunity for bringing together top-level policy makers and industry executives to identify priority areas for future co-operation”.


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Coal issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Council Conclussions

 Maritime Policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Transport Council: significant progress on maritime transport [ full text ]

Significant progress made on the maritime dossiers in the Transport Council that took place in Luxemburg on 27 June. An agreement was also reached for the adoption of the directive on pollution caused by ships and the possibility of imposing criminal penalties on those responsible. The Council also took note of the state of progress of works on the Third Rail Package. Progress was also made on the dossier on passenger rights included in the Community initiative on "Strengthening passenger rights within the European Union". The new draft directive on the Community driving licence, which envisages the harmonisation of the terms of validity and subdivision into classes, will contribute to facilitating free movement in Europe. Because of the disagreement of several delegations on obligatory exchange of existing licenses in the years following the introduction of a single Community model for licenses, unfortunately the Presidency had to admit the impossibility of attaining a qualified majority for adopting the compromise negotiated on this subject with the European Parliament and the Commission. The majority of Ministers came out in favour of active involvement of the European Union in the Road Safety dossier. The new tachograph model for controlling the driving time for drivers could be placed in newly registered vehicles or vehicles already in use beginning on 5 August 2005. The equipment in question will be obligatory starting in January 2006.  The Council agreed on the conclusions to be drawn from the Commission communication on the development of the foreign policy agenda of Community aviation. Following an agreement reached with the European Parliament, the Council also adopted a directive on licensing air traffic controllers, harmonising the conditions of entering and exercising this profession at Community level while emphasising that this harmonisation should not, in any case be, to the detriment of the social rights acquired at national level .In addition, the Council and the Parliament gave the final go ahead on two other directives. The first is on the recognition of seafarer training certificates and the second is on port security.

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Air security  in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

The web site of the European Parliament

Passenger data agreement with Canada [ full text ]

Parliament is scheduled to debate a report from Sophia IN'T VELD (ALDE, NL) for the Civil Liberties Committee on the agreement between the Community and Canada on the treatment of passenger data. Like the United States, Canada has started requesting data held by airlines about their passengers in order to assess whether any of them represent a security risk. Parliament has serious concerns about the agreement on this matter between the EU and the USA, in particular with regard to data protection principles, and has raised the matter with the Court of Justice. The Civil Liberties Committee is due to vote on this report only on 4 July 2005 - more details on the Committee's position on the agreement with Canada will therefore be available after that date. The draft report and the amendments tabled to it in committee are available here.


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The functioning of the air transport market in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The web site of Competition DG

Competition: Commission to make proposal on IATA Tariff Conferences in autumn [ full text ]

The European Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes intends in the autumn of 2005 to propose a revised Block Exemption Regulation for International Air Transport Association (IATA) passenger tariff conferences. As the current Block Exemption Regulation (1617/93) expires on 30 June 2005, the date of entry into effect of the new Regulation will be backdated to 1st July 2005. The Commission has consulted extensively on the revision of current Regulation, and this consultation process is continuing.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Council Conclussions

The Luxemburg presidency of the EU

Energy council: strong advances in transeuropean energy networks [ full text ]

The "Energy" Council, that took place in Luxemburg on 28 June has reached a policy agreement on its common position on the proposed decision on trans-European networks. A second reading will o be necessary on the proposed energy end-use efficiency and energy services directive. The ministers agree on this directive, the purpose of which is to promote measures and technologies that bolster energy efficiency. The Presidency’s compromise gives an incentive to Member States to realise energy savings of 6% over a six-year period, with emphasis on public services. The Council warmly welcomed the Green Paper on energy efficiency introduced by Commissioner Andris Piebalgs. The Presidency informed the ministers of the first meeting between the European Union’s representatives and the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC), held on 9 June in Brussels. Following this positive experience with OPEC, the Council encouraged the Member States and the Commission to pursue the dialogue with Russia and to implement the energy-related actions listed on the roadmap for the Common Economic Area. Finally, the outgoing President underscored the importance of coordinating regional initiatives with the Council’s discussions on Regional Energy Cooperation of the Baltic Sea Region (BASREC), and with a view to the future signing of the treaty establishing an Energy Community between the European Community and south-eastern Europe.

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Internal market for electricity in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The web site of the European Parliament

Security of electricity supply: the Parliament likely to approve Commission proposal with some amendments [ full text ]

Giles CHICHESTER (EPP-ED, UK), Chairman of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee will be tabling a draft legislative resolution on the security of electricity supply and infrastructure investment. The committee is proposing several amendments to the Commission proposal, which are acceptable to the Council. If the plenary approves the proposed amendments, the procedure can be concluded at the first reading stage, next 4 of July. The purpose of the Commission proposal is to set up an internal framework within which Member States will define general, transparent and non-discriminatory policies on the security of electricity supply compatible with the requirements of a competitive single market for electricity. The Commission believes that, in order to support the necessary investment, Member States must adopt a stable regulatory framework. Particular priority should be given to interconnections between Member States so as to enable increased competition between existing businesses.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Managenergy web site

Conference on municipalities and new videos available at managenergy [ full text ]

Across Europe today, cities and municipalities are struggling to incorporate energy issues in a sustainable way into the heart of the decision-making process. Energy and environment concerns need to be considered alongside financial and social issues. This conference, which took place in Malmö, Sweden from 14-15 June 2005, was aimed at those working with sustainable urban development in public bodies and the private sector in Europe. The conference was preceded by a separate kick-off event for the UK/Sweden partnership for environmental technologies and sustainable construction.
The programme included workshops and study tours and covered energy, transport, construction and partnership. ManageEnergy also announces that Video on demand are available on several energy activities on, including Commissioner Piebalgs Press Conference video on Green Paper on Energy Efficiency on 22 June, · Patrick Lambert, Director for EIE Executive Agency, interview on EIE programme in June 2005, and the European Conference on Sustainable City Development.

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EASA web site

EMSA web site

Job opportunity: New Posts in EMSA and EASA [ full text ]

The European Maritime Safety Agency has published 8 new temporary agent vacancies. The deadline for the submission of application is the 27 June for more info visit EMSA web site at: At the same time, the European Aviation Safety Agency has four vacancy notices that can be found on the EASA's website at:



This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

Calls for tender in web site of Energy & Transport DG

New Calls for Tender

The internet service of DG TREN has developed a new web page announcing the Call for tenders & Call for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Definition of critical infrastructures at EU level in the energy sector

JO S 121-118823  


Harmonised register of train drivers

JO S 119-117016


Analysis of the economic impact of the energy products prices on the competitiveness of the energy and manufacturing sectors in the EU — comparison EU and USA

JO S 118-116052  


Proposal to update and supplement the EU–US open aviation area study

JO S 114-112502 


Framework contract for electrical services

JO S 114-112498


Framework contract for mechanical services

JO S 114-112497


Contract for the supply of high-level neutron coincidence counters

JO S 114-112494


Market analysis and feasibility study for a European road transport market observatory

JO S 113-111586


Energy efficiency and safety in road transport

OJ S 106-105348


Transparency of airlines tickets

OJ S 104-103426


Promotion, dissemination and analysis for the Concerto initiative (Concerto +)

OJ S 103-102368


Development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in a large-scale lighthouse project

O.J. S 100-099221


Supply and installation of a measuring instrument for testing for alpha and beta contamination of swabs as a part of radiation protection checks

O.J. S 93-091390


Supply and installation of 2 unattended spectrometric monitors for real time measurement of alpha and beta activity concentrations in gas emissions

O.J. S 93-091389


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