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EU and Ukraine seal GALILEO and aviation agreement [ full text ]

Negotiations on Ukraine’s participation in Europe’s satellite radionavigation programme finally reached approval on 3 June. The agreement was initialled today in Kiev by François Lamoureux, Director-General for Energy and Transport at the European Commission, and by Oleh Shamshul, deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. A first agreement between the EU and Ukraine in the field of civil aviation was also initialled today. The agreement will give any European airline access to the Ukrainian market from any Member State of the EU and is a first step towards the creation of a Common Aviation Area with Ukraine.

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Closure of the tunnel of Frejus: Europe must have the means of ensuring a safer and less polluting crossing of the Alps [ full text ]

The closure of the tunnel of Frejus, after the mortal fire of a lorry on 4 June, put the attention on the transalpine traffic. In addition to road safety, the dense traffic growth, the damage to the environment causes the anger of the residents. The European Union acts on several fronts to reduce congestion in the Alps: promotion of the rail-bound transport, stabilishing fair charging of the road transport infrastructure, carrying out of new rail infrastructures within the framework of the trans-european networks, and promoting dialogue with the alpine countries including Switzerland. "Beyond the human drama, the repercussions of this accident remind us urgency to rebalance the rail and the road", said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of transport. "The Heads of State and Government have now to make provision for the necessary financial resources so that Europe could really be able to unblock the crossing of the Alps and to achieve the new alpine rail breakthroughs."

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Dutch aid to European Train Control System [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 7 June to authorise the Netherlands to grant aid for the deployment of the European Train Control System (ETCS) on the Betuwe railway line for freight trains, which is to be opened between Rotterdam and Germany in 2006. “In order to create a truly European railway network which is competitive for the transport of goods, we need to deploy the European Train Control System. This has a cost, in particular for the first railway undertakings that switch to ETCS. For this reason I consider this a matter of compensation rather than aid,” said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for transport.

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Memo on Alitalia state aid case (FR)

The functioning of the air transport market in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Conditional go-ahead for the recapitalisation of Alitalia [ full text ]

The European Commission on 7 June found that the recapitalisations of Alitalia and its services subsidiary do not involve any State aid provided that the conditions laid down to ensure that the State behaves like a prudent investor are strictly complied with. On the one hand, the State’s minority participation in the future EUR 1.2 billion increase in the capital of AZ Fly must take place at the same price and under the same conditions as private investors. On the other, the proposed investment of EUR 216 million by the public holding company Fintecna in the ground activities of AZ Services must comply with market conditions. In addition, the Commission found that the conditions which it laid down concerning the rescue aid authorised in 2004 have been complied with. Jacques Barrot, Vice-President with responsibility for transport, said that “on the basis of a thorough and detailed analysis the Commission has concluded that these recapitalisations do not involve any State aid. This would have been prohibited by the “one time, last time” principle which we scrupulously uphold”.

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Jacques Barrot encourages the use of the bicycle in velo-city conference [ full text ]

Jacques Barrot, Commissioner for Transport, has encouraged the use of bicycle in the closing speech of the conference "velo-city" that took place in Dublin on 3 June. " I am responsible for all modes of transport", said Barrot, "Despite the application of the subsidiarity principle I feel that the European Commission has a role to play in promoting bicycle use across Europe". According to Vice-President Barrot "cycling can play a bigger role in the Transport White Paper’s objective to re-balance the modes. This objective will obviously require rationalising the use of the private car – especially in cities.  The Vice-President praised Dublin as an example for its investments in the transport facilities, including those for cycling.

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Europe and United States to discuss future of aviation safety [ full text ]

More than 350 high-level aviation experts from all over the world have come together in Cologne, Germany, to discuss future trends in aviation safety. The 2005 Europe-US International Aviation Safety Conference from 7-9 June is jointly organised by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US. Under the title 'Aviation Safety Regulation - Setting the Sights for the Future', this year's conference which is hosted by EASA will focus on bilateral agreements and future regulation in aviation safety. Representatives from industry have been invited to give presentations on innovative aircraft design and future technologies.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

MEP Rothe report on Energy Efficency

The European Parliament calls for a more flexible approach and more rigorous objectives to encourage Member States to save energy [ full text ]

The European Parliament is calling for a more flexible approach and more rigorous objectives to encourage Member States to save energy. This is the thrust of a report by Mechtild ROTHE (PES, DE) on a draft directive aimed at increasing energy productivity at the final stage of consumption, that was adopted on 7 June.  In contrast to the European Commission, whose draft directive proposes that Member States be forced to save an annual amount of energy equal to 1% of energy distributed or sold to final consumers, MEPs want to set more ambitious binding targets every three years. "Between 2006 and 2015 the overall amount of energy saved will thus be at least 11.5%", says the report. Energy savings should reach 3% over the period 2006-2009, which will "give the Member States the time to establish successful energy efficiency measures", adds the report. For the period 2009-2012, the figure would rise to 4% (an average of 1.3% per annum) and to 4.5% for the period 2012-2015 (average of 1.5% per annum). The report also backs the idea of a more ambitious target for the public sector - believing it should set an example - and it adds a requirement to make energy efficiency one of the criteria for awarding public service contracts. Commissioner Andris PEIBALGS emphasised during the debate, that took place on 6 June, the importance of binding objectives and hoped that the Commission and Parliament could persuade the Council on this point. According to Commission estimates, energy savings of 1% per year could halve CO2 emissions and enable the EU to meet the Kyoto objective of reducing emissions in the EU by 8% over the period 2008-2012.

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MEP Laperrouze report on TEN-E

The web site of the European Parliament

Parliament adopts a legislative resolution on guidelines for trans-European energy networks [ full text ]

Parliament adopted on 6 June a legislative resolution on guidelines for trans-European energy networks. Members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy are proposed several amendments mainly to update and rearrange the lists of priority projects within the Trans- European Energy Networks and to clarify the role of the European Coordinator. The report by Anne LAPERROUZE (ALDE, FR), deals with the Commission proposal to adapt the trans-European network guidelines to the enlarged Union as well as to allow funding for projects of common interest to the enlarged Union. The proposal seeks to replace two older Decisions and to include the projects necessary to link the new Member States to be a part of the internal market of electricity and gas. .

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European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) published annual report for 2004 and seeks views on key aspects of their 2005 work programme [ full text ]

European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG), the advisory group to the European Commission in consolidating the Internal Market for electricity and gas, has published its first Annual Report, for 2004. Furthermore, three key elements of the ERGEG’s workprogramme for 2005 are currently the subject of public consultation. On 9th June, ERGEG launched a public consultation on a discussion paper which sets out its views on the next steps for the development of regional electricity markets in Europe. Second, ongoing since early May is an ERGEG public consultation on two sets of draft Guidelines on Congestion Management and on Transmission Tarification respectively. It is intended that, following this public consultation (which ends on 24th June) and ERGEG’s formal advice to the Commission, the Commission will adopt Guidelines as implementing measures, provided for in the Regulation on cross-border transmission of electricity (Regulation 1228/2003). Third, ERGEG has been requested by the Commission to monitor the implementation of the recently adopted Gas Storage Guidelines for Good Practice (GGPSSO). ERGEG are particularly interested in the views of customers so as to advise the Commission on whether and how the GGPSSO have been implemented. To download the annual report 2004 and for further information on these public consultations and the work of the ERGEG, visit the ERGEG website;

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Managenergy web site

Video recordings available on Energy Education Symposium [ full text ]

The symposium discussed European experiences on energy education; roles, actors and tools. The aim of the event was to get a general view of Energy Education today and to exchange knowledge on different energy-education projects. The morning sessions gave a broad view of what energy education implies. In the afternoon, workshop were held in three parallel sessions, each one of them covering one level of education: primary schools, secondary schools and adult education. A project fair presented the work of several organizations working on energy education. Video recordings are now available on

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Job opportunity: New Posts in EMSA and EASA [ full text ]

The European Maritime Safety Agency has published 8 new temporary agent vacancies. The deadline for the submission of application is the 27 June for more info visit EMSA web site at: At the same time, the European Aviation Safety Agency has four vacancy notices that can be found on the EASA's website at:



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New Calls for Tender

The internet service of DG TREN has developed a new web page announcing the Call for tenders & Call for expression of interest concerning the Directorate General for Transport and Energy. In this new section you will find not only contract notices published in the Official Journal but also, prior information notices, calls for expressions of interest, and the list of contracting parties.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Energy efficiency and safety in road transport

OJ S 106-105348


Transparency of airlines tickets

OJ S 104-103426


Promotion, dissemination and analysis for the Concerto initiative (Concerto +)

OJ S 103-102368


Summary and publication of best practices in road safety in the Member States

O.J. S 100-099223


Development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in a large-scale lighthouse project

O.J. S 100-099221


Estimation and forecast of short-term trends in passenger and goods transport and of the modal split in the European Union

O.J. S 99-097973


Service contract (framework contract) to provide support for the programme to extend the Single European Sky to include countries in South Eastern Europe

O.J. S 94-092593


Technical support to the Commission for the development of new energy efficiency eligibility criteria for office equipment qualifying for the Energy Star programme

O.J. S 93-091398


Analysis of the contribution of transport policies to the competitiveness of the EU economy and comparison with the United States

O.J. S 93-091395


EU Energy Star web site: development and maintenance

O.J. S 93-091394


Supply and installation of a measuring instrument for testing for alpha and beta contamination of swabs as a part of radiation protection checks

O.J. S 93-091390


Supply and installation of 2 unattended spectrometric monitors for real time measurement of alpha and beta activity concentrations in gas emissions

O.J. S 93-091389


Protection of transport critical infrastructures at European level

O.J. S 92-090293


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