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6-9/06/2005: Plenary Session of the European Parliament


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Commission proposes new resources for combating pollution at sea [ full text ]

The European Commission has proposed on 25 May a financial package of €154 million over a period of seven years for the European Maritime Safety Agency to allow it to combat pollution caused by ships. The funds will enable the Agency to make specialised anti-pollution vessels available to Member States to recover pollutants and develop satellite images to detect pollution in good time. Jacques Barrot, Vice-President responsible for Transport said: “We must have a European system to combat pollution at sea in order to protect our coasts.” He added: “The Maritime Safety Agency needs adequate funding to help it combat pollution at sea”.

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 Mandatory seat belts for commercial vehicles: Commission welcomes Parliament decision [ full text ]

The European Commission welcomed on 26 May the major step taken by the European Parliament towards substantially improving road safety in the European Union. By adopting three directives on the mandatory fitting of seat belts, the Parliament has made a major contribution to the goal of halving the number of road accident victims by 2010. The requirement to fit seat belts in commercial vehicles should now apply six months after the Directive enters into force, i.e. in the last quarter of this year. Initially applied to all new vehicle types, it will then be extended to new vehicles of types already in production. This measure, applying to all commercial vehicles and in particular tourist coaches and minibuses will have, in conjunction with the obligation to wear seat belts, a major effect on the dramatic figures seen in Europe in recent years.

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

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Pedestrian safety: Commission welcomes Parliament agreement on control of ‘bull-bars’ [ full text ]

The European Commissioner responsible for enterprise and industry, GŁnter Verheugen, welcomed on 26 May the European Parliament’s vote (first reading) on a Directive which will provide better control on the use of frontal protection systems, or ‘bull-bars’ as more commonly known. These controls will ensure an improved level of safety for those vulnerable road users. At the same time the Directive will also allow use of these systems where they can be proven to provide an improvement in safety levels when used on certain vehicles presently on Europe’s roads. The Directive has still to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

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GALILEO : negotiations with South Korea [ full text ]

The European Commission sought on 26 May Council approval for its recommendation to start negotiations on a cooperation agreement with South Korea on the development of a Civil Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS). "Galileo attracts the interest from countries all over the world. Negotiations with South Korea, the fourth economic power in Asia, represents a new step forward in the international cooperation for Galileo", stated Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the Commission in charge of Transport. The Commission intends to start the negotiations immediately after approval of the Council. South Korea is a country mastering space technology and its applications. It produces and consumes electronic goods and systems for which satellite navigation brings competitive advantages. South Korea uses actively satellite navigation services in areas such as transport, fleet management, science and geodesy. International cooperation on GALILEO is developing rapidly. Agreements have already been signed with China and Israel and discussions are under way with India, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia and Australia. Moreover, the signature of the EU/US agreement on 26 June 2004 confirmed the full interoperability and compatibility between GALILEO and GPS.

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Commissioner Piebalgs underlines the importance of the Baku-Tbilissi-Ceyhan pipeline [ full text ]

The The Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs participated on 26 May in the opening ceremony of the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline and highlighted the importance of the project for improving security of supply in the European Union and international markets. On this occasion he stated that “50 million tons of oil per year added to the world markets represents an important supply volume particularly in a context of a historical level of oil prices up to 50 dollars per barrel”. During his speech the Commissioner stressed the importance of this major international infrastructure project involving Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey and a wide range of private companies. The pipeline would allow a critical amount of Caspian oil resources to reach European and international markets. In addition the Commissioner highlighted the crucial role of the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline for reducing environmental risks related to the maritime transport of oil in the Black Sea and Bosporus Straits. The Commissioner referred to the recently established cooperation framework between the European Union and the countries of the Caspian and Black Sea Regions aiming at progressively integrating their energy markets as well as enhancing security and safety of energy infrastructures. In the discussion with the President Aliev the Commissioner recalled the importance of the decision taken by the European Union in June 2004 to include Azerbaijan in the European Neighbourhood Policy. The Commissioner and the President of Azerbaijan touched also upon the important potential of Azerbaijan for the supply of gas to European markets


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Job opportunity: Become our Safety Analysis Manager [ full text ]

The European Aviation Safety Agency is building its center of expertise for safety analysis, that will analyse aviation safety data, conduct studies and investigations, identify safety issues, monitor safety performance and produce expert advice and reports. The Agency is seeking a manager for this team, with proven experience both in conducting the above mentioned tasks as well as managing a small team of experts while being able to report and make recommendations at senior level to the aviation community. Additional information on this position (vacancy notice, application form, recruitment procedure, etc.) can be found together with other vacancy notices on the EASA's website at:



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Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Summary and publication of best practices in road safety in the Member States

O.J. S 100-099223


Development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in a large-scale lighthouse project

O.J. S 100-099221


Estimation and forecast of short-term trends in passenger and goods transport and of the modal split in the European Union

O.J. S 99-097973


Service contract (framework contract) to provide support for the programme to extend the Single European Sky to include countries in South Eastern Europe

O.J. S 94-092593


Technical support to the Commission for the development of new energy efficiency eligibility criteria for office equipment qualifying for the Energy Star programme

O.J. S 93-091398


Analysis of the contribution of transport policies to the competitiveness of the EU economy and comparison with the United States

O.J. S 93-091395


EU Energy Star web site: development and maintenance

O.J. S 93-091394


Supply and installation of a measuring instrument for testing for alpha and beta contamination of swabs as a part of radiation protection checks

O.J. S 93-091390


Supply and installation of 2 unattended spectrometric monitors for real time measurement of alpha and beta activity concentrations in gas emissions

O.J. S 93-091389


Protection of transport critical infrastructures at European level

O.J. S 92-090293


Annual analysis of the European air transport industry

O.J. S 84-080929


European network for the promotion of energy and transport users' rights

O.J. S 76-072834


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