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Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Air passenger rights  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Air passenger rights video 

Transport with a human face: new rights for passengers [ Full text ] 

The European Commission has adopted on 16 February a plan aimed at strengthening the rights of passengers in all modes of public transport. It has also adopted two legislative proposals on air transport: the first guarantees people with reduced mobility the same access to this form of transport as any other passenger; the second aims to ensure that all passengers have the right to be informed in advance of the identity of their carrier. This overall plan complements the rights already established for air passengers which enter into force tomorrow 17 February and the proposals already on the table at the Council and Parliament on the rights of international rail passengers. "Europe is strengthening citizens' rights. The Commission is proposing an important social measure which will enable the elderly and people with reduced mobility to travel in Europe under the best possible conditions", said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for transport.

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Air passenger rights  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The new posters to be displayed in airports

Air transport: Europe reinforces passengers’ rights [ Full text ] 

As of 17 Febuary, citizens will enjoy new rights when flying. Thanks to a new Regulation applicable in all the Member States, greater protection is being afforded to air passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellation or long delays. As Jacques Barrot, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Transport, has noted: “The boom in air travel needs to be accompanied by proper protection of passengers’ rights. This is a concrete example of how the Union benefits people’s daily lives. Competitiveness and competition in the air sector go hand in hand with guaranteed passengers’ rights.”

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The  Road safety charter in the web site of energy & Transport DG

European Commission to contribute €1.4 million to encourage more widespread use of seat belts [ full text ]

Belgium is preparing to launch the first all-European campaign to encourage the more widespread use of seat belts in motor vehicles. In 10 Member States, the “Euchires 2005” campaign is targeted specifically at children. In this area where information and education play as important a role as policing, the Commission is helping to systematise exchanges of experience and good practice between Member States, the Commission announced on 14 February. “The situation continues to be too worrying for us not to take action,” stressed Jacques Barrot, European Commission Vice-President and holder of the transport portfolio, “Our objective is to halve the number of fatalities on European roads by 2010.”

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Road Driving licenses  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The web site of the European Parliament

EP transport committee supports Commission proposal on Driving Licenses [ full text ]

The Transport Committee wants to bid farewell to the paper driving licence format still in use in some Member States. Within ten years, it says, these licences should be replaced by a "credit card" model. And within 20 years a single EU driving licence format should be introduced. The committee also wants to see the introduction of a European driving licence information network to combat fraud and "driving licence tourism". The highly sensitive issue of driving licences in the EU will be debated by the plenary on 22 February, based on a report from the Transport Committee, drafted by Mathieu GROSCH (EPP-ED, BE), on a European Commission proposal to replace the existing 110 models of driving licence in the 25 Member States by a single EU format. The main benefits would be less fraud, easier movement for drivers and greater safety on the roads. In their amendments to the Commission text, the committee sought to strike a balance between bringing in the new licence quickly, and indeed improving it, and taking account of the different national traditions on issuing driving licences, such as age restrictions.

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Maritime safety in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The web site of the European Parliament

MEPs call for crackdown on pollution by ships in EU waters [ full text ]

Parliament will debate on 22 February a second reading legislative report from Corien WORTMANN-KOOL (PPE, NL) for the Transport Committee demanding strict EU sanctions against illegal oil pollution in EU waters. MEPs in the committee are calling for ship-source discharges of polluting substances to be regarded as criminal offences if committed with intent, recklessly or by gross negligence. In the most serious cases prison sentences should not be ruled out, they say.

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Inland Waterway Transport

The web site of the European Parliament

EP to debate the directive of on harmonised River Traffic Information Services on inland waterways in the Community [ full text ]

MEPs will vote on 22 February a legislative resolution on river traffic information services drafted by Renate SOMMER (EPP-ED, DE) for the Transport Committee. The aim is to increase the safety, reliability and efficiency of inland waterway transport, and thus improve the competitiveness of this cheap, economical and environmentally friendly transport mode. MEPs in the committee are tabling a number of amendments to the proposal under the 1st reading of the codecision procedure.

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 Maritime Policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Video on seafarers

EP to propose measures to improve the recognition of seafarers' certificates [ full text ]

Robert EVANS (PES, UK) for the Transport Committee will be tabling a legislative resolution on the recognition of seafarer's certificates to be debated on 22 February. The aim is to facilitate the recognition of certificates of seafarers issued by the Member States and ensure thorough compliance with the existing training, certification and watch keeping requirements within the European Union. The committee is tabling a number of amendments designed to tighten up and clarify parts of the directive

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