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Plenary session of the EP - 19-22/04/2004

Plenary Session of the EP - 03-06/05/2004

Council of Transport, Energy et Telecom 10 - 11/06/2004

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Revision of the TEN-T guidelines in the web site of Energy & Transport DG


The web site of the European Parliament

Video on the revision of the TEN-T

Boosting the trans-European transport network: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the new Guidelines adopted today 

On 21 April, the new Guidelines for the trans-European transport network were adopted by the European Parliament, only one week after the adoption by the Council of Ministers and just some six months after the Commission made its proposal. The new Guidelines include a list of 30 priority projects which are declared to be of European interest. The cost of these projects is approximately €225 billion. The extension of major European axes to the future Member States should help to make enlargement a success and provide the Union with a new opportunity to reduce congestion, improve accessibility and encourage intermodality. "This rapid adoption of the Commission's proposal by the two co-legislators demonstrates a genuine wish to make enlargement a success and is a warm welcome to the new Member States who will join the Union in a couple of days," said Loyola de Palacio, the Commission Vice-President responsible for energy and transport.

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Transport infrastructure charging policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

MEP Renate Sommer report

Interoperability of electronic road toll systems

EP approved on 20 April in second reading a directive on the interoperability of electronic toll systems in the Community, following a recommendation from MEP Renate SOMMER (EPP-ED, D). No amendments were made to the Council's common position, which had already taken account of almost all of Parliament's first reading amendments.

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The 2nd railway package in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

The web site of the European Parliament

Towards the Rail Transport European integration

The European Parliament supported on 22 April during its plenary session the result of the conciliation of 16 march 2004 on the second railway package. European Commission Vice-President Loyola De Palacio declared: "This is the end of the physical and technical barriers in the European Freight Railway Transport: this new context will change radically the picture for the rail transport and will really boost it. It will also contribute to the fight against road congestion. This is a revolution which represents a genuine European rail Transport integration."

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Infrastructure charging in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

MEP Luigi Cocilovo report on Road Charging

EP makes a number of amendments to Commission's proposal for a fairer charging system for heavy goods vehicles  

By adopting in 1st reading on 20 April MEP Luigi COCILOVO's (EPP-ED, I) report on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of road infrastructure, the European Parliament has proposed a large number of amendments on this highly technical issue. The Commission was also called on to devise, two years after the entry into force of this Directive, a generally applicable, transparent and comprehensible model for the assessment of all external environmental-, congestion- and health related costs to serve as the basis for future calculations of infrastructure charges. Although the EP  welcomed the directive in principle, it is proposing a range of amendments relating to the proper implementation of these checks. The Commission was also called on to submit to the EP, within three years of the entry into force of this directive, a report analysing the penalties set out in the legislation of the Member States for defined offences. At present, the fines imposed differ quite significantly and harmonisation was therefore necessary.

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Driving hours in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

MEP Helmuth Markov report on drivers' working hours

Checking lorry drivers' working hours. The EP amends the Commission's proposal  

By adopting in 1st reading on 20 April MEP Helmuth MARKOV's (EUL/NGL, D) report on social legislation governing road transport, the EP made some amendments to Commission's proposal. The main aim of the draft directive is to tighten up checks and penalties for infringements of such legislation. Contentious issues are the percentage of days that have to be checked each year as well as the definition of infringements which would constitute a serious offence.

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Safety in tunnels  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

MEP Reinhard Rack report on tunnel safety

Safer road tunnels. The EP approves in second reading  

Following a recommendation from MEP Reinhard RACK (EPP-ED, A), the European Parliament approved in second reading on 20 April the proposals to improve the safety of tunnels on the trans-European Road network. MEPs made no amendments to the Council's common position. The Council has accepted most of Parliament's key first-reading amendments, in particular on the needs of disabled people.

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Internal market for gas in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Guidelines for TEN-energy  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

MEP Esko Seppänen report

Access to the gas transmission network. Amendments by the EP  

The EP adopted on 20 April a number of amendments to the Commission's draft regulation on access to gas transmission networks (rapporteur: MEP Esko SEPPÄNEN (EUL/NGL, FIN).  In 2003, Directive 2003/55/EC aimed progressively to open gas markets to competition and create internal market in gas. However, in order for the gas market to function properly, effective trading rules and notably a harmonised approach on cross-border access to gas networks are still needed. In February 2002 at the Madrid Forum the Commission, national regulatory authorities and gas market players agreed on technical guidelines for third party access to gas transmission networks. However, having observed significant lack of compliance with the rules, the Commission proposed a regulation on the basis of the consensus reached in Madrid.

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Security of gas supplies  in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

MEP Peter Mombaur report on security of gas supply

Security of gas supplies. EP proposes to change the legal basis  

The European Parliament voted on 20 April a new report on the security of gas supplies, drafted by MEP Peter MOMBAUR (EPP-ED, D).  MEPs accepted Article 100 as the best - and indeed the only possible - legal basis for the Commission proposal. Article 100 of the Treaty provides that, in the case of special measures to be taken if there are severe difficulties in the supply of certain products, the Council decides alone and merely informs Parliament of its decision.


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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

MEP Astrid Thors report on eco-design for energy using products

EP amends Commission's proposal on Eco-design requirements for Energy-Using Products

The European Parliament adopted on 20 April in 1st reading a number of amendments to a draft framework directive that aims at increasing the energy efficiency of all electric products except for cars. The guiding principles that the EP wanted to add to the eco-design rules for energy-using products were clarity, better consumer information and transparency. The EP backed its rapporteur MEP Astrid THORS (ELDR, FIN) and said that the directive was too vaguely worded and should contain more detailed requirements.

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