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Air safety in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

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The EP to vote on safety rules for non-EU aircrafts using Community airports [ full text ]

Parliament and Council representatives to the Conciliation Committee have reached agreement on safety rules for aircraft from non-EU countries using Community airports. This will on 30 March be put to vote by the whole House. Under the new legislation, standardised EU-wide inspection procedures will prevent non-EU aircraft from diverting to different airports within the Community as a way of evading safety checks. Passengers will be able to find out whether their flight is being run by an operator with a dubious safety record. In addition, non-EU aircraft can expect to be grounded and their crews may face inspections if there is good reason to suspect that safety rules are being flouted.

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Progress on air service agreement regulations [ full text ]

Parliament will consider on 30 March a second reading report from Ingo SCHMITT (EPP-ED, D) for the Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism Committee on the proposed regulation on air service agreements. This aims to set up a clear legal framework for agreements with third counties on air transport services, in the light of the judgements of the Court of Justice concerning certain so-called 'open skies' agreements. After discussions with the Council, the rapporteur believes that enough of the Parliament's first reading positions have been taken into account and, with the aim of ensuring the legislation enters force as soon as possible, the committee is proposing only minor amendments to the current text.

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Revision of the TEN-T guidelines in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

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The EP to approve the revisions to the rules on Community financing of trans-European Network projects [ full text ]

Parliament will vote on 30 March a second reading report from Francesco TURCHI (UEN, I) for the Budgets Committee, which recommends approving without any changes the Council's text on revisions to the rules on Community financing of trans-European Network projects. With a view to making more rapid progress, this would increase the level of Community support from 10 per cent to 20 per cent for cross-border or cross-natural barrier sections of priority transport projects, for priority projects on the energy networks and for satellite positioning and navigation systems (Galileo). This reflects the amendments introduced by Parliament at first reading. The whole set of rules is due for review before the start of the next financial perspective in 2007.

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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Video on Galileo

Management system for Galileo - avoid delay and guarantee security, says the EP [ full text ]

Because of the strategic nature of the Galileo European satellite navigation system and the shortage of time before the operational phase starts in 2008, there is an urgent need to set up an efficient and reliable management structure as soon as possible, to safeguard public interests. Alexander RADWAN (EPP-ED, D) for the Industry Committee will be tabling on 31 March a non-binding draft resolution which broadly welcomes the Commission proposal on the establishment of Galileo's management structures. On the key question of a potential security threat to the Union arising from the use of Galileo, MEPs in the committee acknowledge that it is the Council and the High Representative who are competent to act in this area. They also recognise that the Council is preparing a joint action setting out these powers.

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Transitional period for new member states on energy taxes [ full text ]

Parliament will vote on 30 March a non-binding report from Pervenche BERÈS (PES, F) for the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on the Commission's proposals to introduce transitional periods for the application in the new Member States of existing EU requirements on the taxation of energy products and electricity. This is to avoid a sudden and harmful jump in energy prices in those countries when the join the EU in May. The committee is recommending that Parliament approve the proposals unchanged.


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Framework contract for long-range energy modelling for the period up to 2030

O.J. S 16-026916


Public awareness campaign for an energy sustainable Europe

O.J. S 16-012944 20/04/2004

Campagne de sensibilisation du public au développement des énergies renouvelables en Europe

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