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Transport, Energy and Telecom-munications Council
8 Mar 2004 - 9 Mar 2004

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Date: 25 Mar 2004 - 26 Mar 2004

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State Aid legislation

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The Commission's decision on Charleroi airport promotes the activities of low-cost airlines and regional development [ full text ]

The European Commission took on 3 February a major decision of significance for the future of air transport by ensuring full competition between carriers operating out of regional airports. It authorises certain forms of aid which permit genuine development of new routes under clearly defined conditions. However, other direct aid granted by the Walloon Region and partly by BSCA is incompatible with the proper functioning of the internal market and will have to be repaid. The Commission is thus committing itself firmly to promoting increased competition which will enable low-cost carriers to establish themselves throughout the European Union, subject to compliance with uniform rules on competition between carriers, and for the maximum benefit of consumers. "This legal decision is well balanced: it brings greater transparency into contractual relations between airlines and airports, especially regional airports", stressed Loyola De Palacio, Vice-President of the Commission with responsibility for energy and transport. "It will also help the development of 'low-cost' operations, which are very clearly what consumers want, whilst also ensuring equitable conditions of competition for all airlines. All players in the same arena must be able to play by the same ground rules. All airlines must be aware of the possibilities offered and only genuine competition is truly capable of safeguarding consumers' rights", she explained.

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State Aid legislatio

Maritime transport/Italy: Commission accepts extension of social security reductions for cabotage  [ full text ]

Today the Commission decided to raise no objections to the request from Italy to extend to 2004 and 2005 its scheme to reduce employers' social security contributions in the maritime cabotage sector.  The Community guidelines on State aid to maritime transport allow reduced rates for all or part of contributions for the social protection of seafarers employed on board ships registered in a Member State.  This scheme for the benefit of shipowners on the maritime cabotage market in Italy had already been approved by the Commission, first for the period 1999-2001, again for 2002, then a third time for 2003. The only change is that the rate of the reduction will be limited to 30% in 2004 and 50% in 2005.

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Freedom to provide maritime services: Commission decides to send a letter of formal notice to Greece [ full text ]

The Commission decided today to send a letter of formal notice to Greece for incorrect application of European legislation on freedom to provide services to maritime transport within Member States (maritime Cabotage). Greece benefited until 1 January 2004 from a 12 years partial exemption from EU rules on market access to maritime cabotage. This exemption concerned scheduled passenger and ferry transport to, from and between islands. In 2001, Greece adopted legislation which, according to the Commission, proved not to be in line with the European legislation in force (Council regulation (EEC) 3577/92).

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EP to debate on powers over terrorism for European Maritime Safety Agency [ full text ]

MEPs will debate on 11 February a first reading report by Emmanouil MASTORAKIS (PES, GR) for the Committee on Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism on new tasks for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), which was originally set up to deal with marine pollution and safety following the Erika disaster of December 1999. MEPs in the committee back the Commission's proposal that EMSA should have the resources to enable it to operate specialised pollution response ships, as well as equipment for collecting oil and other harmful substances from the sea. Under the proposed legislation, EMSA would also play a decisive role with regard to seafarer's qualifications.However, while broadly welcoming the Commission's proposals to modify and update the agency's tasks, which are being made in the aftermath of the Prestige disaster of November 2002, MEPs in the committee are doubtful about the idea of widening the agency's remit to include security issues. They say EMSA could not be given responsibilities such as combating terrorism, which must continue to be an area for governments. The report therefore proposes several amendments to clarify and define more precisely the tasks and powers of EMSA.


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Standards for Intermodal Loading Units [ full text ]

The current diversity of Intermodal Loading Units (ILUs), particularly the diversity of their handling and securing devices, hampers the efficiency of transhipment operations. Each ILU has to be examined to determine the handling technique and to adjust or modify the handling equipment. The same goes for the devices for securing them on to the vehicles or ships which transport them. Transhipments therefore become complicated and slow, and incur unnecessary costs. To solve this problem the handling and securing of devices of ILUs need to be made more uniform. The Commission is therefore proposing a directive to develop a single set of standards for ILUs and provide for inspections to enforce these standards, which will be debated on 11 February.

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MEMO on The "Prestige" (PDF)

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International Fund for Compensation of Oil Pollution Damage: 2003 Protocol approved [ full text ]

MEPs will debate a report from José María GIL-ROBLES GIL-DELGADO (EPP-ED, E) for the Legal Affairs and Internal Market Committee, proposing that Parliament should grant its assent to a Council decision authorising the Member States to sign, ratify or accede to the 2003 Protocol relating to the International Fund for Compensation of Oil Damage. This protocol increases the maximum compensation available to victims to almost €1 billion. It was adopted by the International Maritime Organisation after the accident involving the Prestige.


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Public awareness campaign for an energy sustainable Europe

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Study on outputs, performance and future perspectives of SAVE agencies

O.J. S 16-012942 08/03/2004

Interoperability of electronic fee collection in alpine region

O.J. S 11-008544 13/02/2004

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