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Maritime Policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG  

The internal market in sea transport services: Commission takes Finland to court  [ Full text ] 

The European Commission has decided on 16 December to bring an action against Finland before the European Court of Justice for non-compliance with European legislation protecting the principle of freedom to provide services for sea transport between the Member States and between Member States and third countries. Finnish legislation in fact allows cabotage services between two Finnish ports to be taxed at different rates to international transport services.

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European Investment Bank web site

Enlargement and international relations in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

FEMIP provides EUR 340 million for transport in the Mediterranean [ full text ]

Loans totalling EUR 340 million have just been signed on 22 December under the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) for transport in the Mediterranean region. Speaking at the signing ceremonies in Paris, Mr de Fontaine Vive, EIB Vice-President in charge of FEMIP, set the scene. “A few months after a new phase of enlargement that has redrawn Europe’s frontiers, and almost two months after the FEMIP Experts Committee came together for the second time, meeting in Amsterdam in October 2004 to discuss the issues of water and transport in the Mediterranean region, including extension of the Trans-European Networks (TENs) to the Mediterranean partner countries, FEMIP is providing financing for priority transport projects in Egypt and Tunisia.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Commission strengthens "Energy Star" label for more energy efficient computer monitors [ full text ]

The European Commission adopted on 23 December stricter criteria for computer monitors to be granted the "Energy Star" label. Office equipment takes a steadily increasing share of energy consumption, not only in the office but also at home. Thanks to the Energy Star labelling programme, consumers can make savings on their electricity bill while purchasing often better quality equipment. The overall impact for EU countries is more efficient use of energy and therefore reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases and greater security of energy supply. Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, responsible for energy, highlighted that, by adopting those new criteria, the Commission takes a win-win measure that will contribute to controlling energy demand, to combating climate change while helping consumers that will buy Energy Star monitors to make savings.

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Nuclear safeguards  in the web site of energy & Transport DG

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Just released: new video on nuclear inspections [ view the video ]

For fifty years, European Commission inspectors have been verifying in nuclear installations that fissile material is not diverted from its intended peaceful use. How do these European inspectors work? What are they checking? The Directorate-General for Energy and Transport has just released a short video on nuclear safeguards that answers these questions. Examples include a nuclear power plant and the French reprocessing plant at La Hague where several hundred kilos of nuclear material are recycled each year. What happens when the inspections reveal irregularities, as for instance is the case for a storage pond at the Sellafield reprocessing plant in the United Kingdom? How are nuclear inspections likely to evolve in future and what are the European Commission’s priorities for them? Find out clicking here.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Managenergy web site

Commission launches the new call for proposals for the "Intelligent Energy – Europe" programme [ full text ]

The European Commission launches the new call for proposals for the "Intelligent Energy – Europe" programme.  The call is closing on 23 March 2005 for type 1 and type 2 actions, and on 31 January 2005 and 31 May 2005 for type 3 actions. Information on the modalities of the call and guidance to proposers on how to submit projects, is available at the web site of Managenergy. A European Info Day is planned on 31 January 2005 in Brussels. It will be broadcasted live on the internet. A number of other Info Days are scheduled in the Member States. More information is available on the web site.


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Study on maritime security financing

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