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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Results of the Transport Council: A great step forward for Galileo and Maritime Transport [ full text ]

The agreement on the deployment and operational phases of Galileo was the principle outcome of the Transport Council in Brussels on 10-11 December. The transport ministers also came to a political agreement on the proposal for a Regulation on the ISM Code, on a general orientation for the proposal for a Directive on the recognition of seafarers certificates, and on procedures for commercial transport aircraft (EU-OPS). Other points such as the 3rd rail package encountered some difficulties as did the proposal for a Directive concerning the licensing of the crew and the proposal on the penal sanctions in maritime transport.

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Maritime safety in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Maritime Safety traffic: Commission takes eight Member States to the European Court of Justice [ Full text ] 

The Commission has decided on 14 December to take Belgium, Greece, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and the United Kingdom to the Court of Justice. They failed to implement key EU legislation on vessel traffic monitoring and information systems which was adopted by the EU in the wake of the Erika accident. The aim of the infringed legislation is to enhance the safety of maritime traffic by improving the response of authorities to incidents, accidents and potentially dangerous situations at sea, therefore contributing to better prevention and detection of pollution by ships.

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Intermodal transport  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Combined transport: Commission sends reasoned opinion to Greece [ full text ]

The European Commission, on 14 December sent a reasoned opinion – the last step before a formal complaint to the Court of Justice– to Greece for failure to respect EU legislation on combined transport[1]. The aim of the infringed legislation is to develop combined transport as an alternative to road transport. EU legislation bans any quotas or authorisations for combined transport operations between Member States.

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Rail Transport in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The 1st railway package in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

Commission asks the Netherlands to fully implement legislation opening international rail freight [ full text ]

The Commission has launched on 14 December legal proceedings against the Netherlands which failed to communicate national measures for implementing the three directives of the 2001 rail infrastructure package. The aim of this legislation is to enable the opening of the market for international rail freight and to have more efficient and on-time cross-border operations. The Commission will continue to strive for a European level playing field in this area, and wants railways to compete more effectively with road transport.

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Open skies in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

The Commission defends the “Open Skies” rulings [ full text ]

The European Commission on 14 December decided to send reasoned opinions to four Member States following the measures it took in July to enforce the Court of Justice’s “Open Skies” rulings . Despite the Court’s judgments of 5 November 2002, Finland, Germany, Italy and Portugal still have discriminatory bilateral international air transport agreements. By reserving transport rights for national carriers (“nationality clauses”), these agreements hinder freedom of competition for the provision of international air transport services between the European Union and third countries to the detriment of the airline industry and users

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Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Aviation noise pollution: Commission takes five Member States to the Court [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 14 December to take Austria, Finland, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg to the Court of Justice for non-communication of the transposition measures of a 2002 legislation which aims at a harmonised approach by Member States for the phasing out of the noisiest aircraft at EU airports.

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Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Commission authorises partial re-privatisation of TAP ground-handling [ full text ]

The Commission has decided on 14 December to authorise the first phase of the re-privatisation of the ground-handling division of Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP). Portugália, a private Portuguese airline, will merge its ground-handling business into that of TAP. In return it will acquire 6% of the shareholding of the new ground-handling company.

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EASA web site

The speech of VP Barrot on the opening ceremony of EASA facilities

Kiss Landing In Cologne For The European Aviation Safety Agency [ full text ]

The official opening ceremony of the European Aviation Safety Agency offices in Cologne took place on 13 December and  was attended by over 400 representatives of industry and Agency employees. The European Commission was represented by Jacques Barrot, Vice President and Commissioner for Transport and Günter Verheugen, Vice President and Commissioner for Enterprise.

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Internal market for electricity in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Internal Electricity Market: European Commission decides to take Greece to the Court of Justice [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 14 December to initiate a Court case against Greece for incorrect application of key requirements of the Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity[1]. The Greek Public Power Cooperation (PPC) does not publish separate (“unbundled”) accounts for lignite mining and generation of electricity. The publication of separate accounts for each activity of an electricity undertaking is a key element of effective unbundling.

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Nuclear safety in the web site of energy & Transport DG

UK faces legal action for failure to implement Euratom health and safety provisions against ionising radiation [ full text ]

The European Commission has decided on 14 December to send a reasoned opinion to the United Kingdom for failing to apply a requirement under specific provisions of the Euratom treaty concerning intervention and remedial action for the after-effects of past radioactive contamination.


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Euro-mediterranean energy partnership  in the web site of energy & Transport DG

EU and South East Europe countries create a new Energy Community [ full text ]

Meeting in Athens 14 December, Ministers and representatives from the 25 EU member states and 11 countries of South East Europe, including Turkey, agreed on the basic principles contained in a text of a Treaty to formally establish an Energy Community between them. The Energy Community will create a single regulatory space for energy in the European peninsula. It will serve the interests of both parties in terms of reinforced security of supply. It will also help South East European countries to address energy poverty issues with the aim of providing power supply to all citizens at an affordable price.

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The EU-Russia Energy Partnership in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Four years of energy dialogue with Russia have yielded positive results [ full text ]

Since its launch in 2000, the energy dialogue between the European Union and the Russian Federation has yielded positive results. It has provided a framework for the resolution of a number of potential energy problems between the two sides and has made a significant contribution to strengthening the security of energy supply to the EU. These are the findings of a report by the European Commission into the functioning of this dialogue up to now, made public by the Commission on 14 December.

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Rational use of energy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Energy savings: the European Commission takes Luxembourg to the Court of Justice [ full text ]

The Commission has decided on 14 December to take infringement proceedings against the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg for failure to comply with European legislation on the energy labelling of household air-conditioners. [1] This legislation is part of a range of measures to curb energy demand in the European Union.



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