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International Road Federation presents its award for Woman of the Year to outgoing Commissioner de Palacio [ full text ]

International Road Federation (IRF) presented on 17 November its award for Woman of the Year 2004 to Loyola de Palacio, the outgoing Vice-President of the European Commission, for her contributions to road policy and road safety, one of the priorities of the Commission's 2001 White Paper on European Transport Policy: "Time to decide". In her speech De Palacio presented some of the major achievements of her term in office. "We are beginning to see the results of some of these measures already, but I leave the Commission confident that the measures I have helped developing will be all for the good of the European road transport sector, for its competitiveness and its sustainability, as it continues to support the European economy into the future", she said.

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Romania: EIB provides global loan of € 16 million for public infrastructure investments  [ full text ]

The European Investment Bank (EIB) approved on 24 November a € 16 million global loan to BRD – Groupe Société Générale S.A. (BRD) to finance small and medium-sized projects in the field of public infrastructure in Romania. The loan will serve for co-financing of small and medium sized projects in the areas of environmental protection, energy and energy savings as well as infrastructure.
This global loan in Romania represents already the fourth EIB loan operation with the BRD; EIB lending to this financial institution now totals € 100 million. BRD is one of the leading banks involved in financing municipal investment projects and intents to consolidate its position due to the benefits of this global loan by increasing the loan portfolio for municipalities and public services companies.

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Vice-President Barrot presents his priorities on road safety in his first public event [ full text FR ]

The new vice-president of the European Commission, responsible of transport policy, underlined the importance that he will attach to road safety in his first public intervention. Barrot delivered a speech titled "Road safety and concern for all" at the ACEA conference - « Sharing the Road Safety » that took place in Brussels on November 25.

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Mergers: Commission refers Shell and Cepsa aircraft refuelling joint venture to Spanish competition authorities [ full text ]

The European Commission has decided on 24 November to refer to the Spanish competition authorities the competence to assess the impact of the creation of SIS, a joint venture between Shell España and Cepsa for the provision of aircraft refuelling services at Spanish airports. The Spanish authorities have requested the referral of the case. As the creation of SIS has no impact outside Spain, the Commission has considered that the Spanish competition authorities are best placed to assess the competitive impact of the operation.

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Trans-European energy networks: TEN-E priority projects
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