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25-28/10/2004 Plenary session of the European Parliament

15-18/11/2004 Plenary session of the European Parliament

19-20 /11/2004
Informal Meeting of Ministers of Transport, Telecom and Energy

Council on Transport, Telecommunications and Energy

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Sea Ports  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Maritime Policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Commission proposes new measures to improve market access to port services [ full text ]

The European Commission has adopted on 13 October a new proposal for a Directive on Market Access to Port Services, which aims at boosting the competitiveness of EU ports and contributing to reduce congestion and environmental pollution by promoting inter alia maritime transport. This new EU legislative introduces specific and clear rules on access to the provision of port services market, which is almost the only transport sector not to have a Community legal framework, as well as to create a level playing field in the competition between ports.

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Short sea shipping  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The Court of Justice web site

Quicker formalities for ships in EU ports: Commission decides to take Belgium and Italy to the European Court of Justice [ full text ]

The Commission has 13 October decided to initiate Court cases against Belgium and Italy for non-communication of measures to transpose EU legislation on reporting formalities for ships arriving in and/or departing from ports of the EU Member States. It has also adopted a Reasoned Opinion concerning Belgium on non-conformity of measures adopted to start transposing the same legislation.

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Road Transport in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The Court of Justice web site

Domestic road haulage market: the Commission calls on four Member States to implement the Community legislation [ full text ]

The Commission issued on 13 October reasoned opinions against Greece, Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg for their failure, to date, to notify measures for the transposition into national law of Community legislation relating to the maximum weights and maximum authorised dimensions for certain road vehicles.

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The Court of Justice web site

Road safety and pollution: Commission calls on four Member States to apply European rules [ full text ]

The Commission on 13 October adopted reasoned opinions to be delivered to France, Germany, Luxembourg and Denmark, which have yet to notify measures transposing Community legislation on roadworthiness tests for vehicles, including checks on speed limiters and exhaust emission levels, into national law.

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The Court of Justice web site

Road safety: Commission decides to take Ireland and Portugal to the European Court of Justice [ full text ]

The Commission decided on 13 October  to lodge a complaint to the Court of Justice against Ireland and Portugal for failure to respect EU legislation on new minimum standards for theory and practical driving tests for all categories of driving licences. “It is unfortunate that a piece of legislation that reinforces road safety has still not been fully transposed throughout the EU”, Vice-President Loyola de Palacio said.

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Nuclear issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

UK faces legal action under Art. 37 of the Euratom Treaty [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 13 October  to send a reasoned opinion to the United Kingdom under the Euratom Treaty when authorising the disposal of radioactive waste from the Atomic Weapons Establishments (AWE) in Aldermaston and Burghfield.

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Internal market for electricity in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Internal market for gas in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Opening up of energy markets: 18 Member States still have to transpose the new EU rules [ full text ]

The European Commission on 13 October sent letters of formal notice to Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg asking them to transpose the EU directives on the internal market in electricity and gas into national law.

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Managenergy web site

Internet broadcast at the Managenergy web site

The DG TREN Fourth Annual Conference on Local Energy Action in Brussels and on the Internet: "Optimising local action to drive sustainable energy and transport in the Europe of Twenty-Five" [ full text ]

"Optimising local action to drive sustainable energy and transport in the Europe of Twenty-Five". This is the subject of the DG TREN 4th Annual Conference on Local Energy action, which will take place next 20-21 October, in the Charlemagne building , Brussels, Belgium and live on the Internet. More information is available on


This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tender

In this section you will find the latest calls for tender, calls for manifestation of interest and calls for proposal in the fields of energy and transport.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Overview of national environmental monitoring requirements and inspection activities with regard to nuclear installations O.J. S 195-165855


Ex-post evaluation of the European Radiation Protection Policy O.J. S 196-166691


DOSE Datamed - Development of a harmonised methodology for dose data processing regarding radio-diagnostic imaging procedures in medical applications O.J. S 193-164119


Mediwaste - Management of liquid radioactive effluent arising from medical establishments in Member States O.J. S 191-162404


Establishment of an energy market observation system O.J. S 185-157485


Risk assessment, security and emergency procedures in radioactive material transport operations O.J. S 184-156770


'Railimplement' - study on the implementation of the Rail Infrastructure Package Directives (2001/12/EC, 2001/13/EC and 2001/14/EC) O.J. S 155-134119

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Trans-European energy networks: TEN-E priority projects
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2004 – 44 p.
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