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The list of the banned ships

Maritime safety in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

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Maritime safety: Commission publishes a new list of ships banned from EU ports [ full text ]

European Commission published on 1 October in the Official Journal the list of ships which, between 1 November 2003 and 31 August 2004, have been refused access to EU ports. Publication of this information is required under the new European rules on port State control to ensure transparency and to deter those who already fall short of the relevant maritime safety standards. "This measure is part of the arsenal of legislation adopted in the wake of the Erika and Prestige disasters to combat oil spills and rust-bucket ships. We must keep up the pressure so that maritime safety continues to improve globally and ensure that the rules are applied rigorously by all Member States." said Loyola de Palacio, Commission Vice-President responsible for transport and energy. In parallel, at the request of the Commission, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) publishes on its web site a regularly updated list of banned ships from EU ports.

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Galileo in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Galileo: slides presentation (PDF) 

GALILEO: the Commission proposes the transition to the deployment and operational phases [ full text ]

The European Commission on 6 October adopted a communication on moving to the deployment and operational phases of the European satellite radionavigation system. On the basis of the conclusions of this document, at the end of 2004 the Council will take the political decisions needed to launch these two phases concerning, in particular, funding and the definition of the services. In its communication, the Commission comes to the conclusion that the conditions are now met for launching the GALILEO programme. "There are no more obstacles to launching the subsequent phases of the programme" said Loyola de Palacio, Commission Vice-President

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State Aid in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

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Commission authorises German aid to support its railway infrastructure for freight transport [ full text ]

The European Commission decided on 6 October not to raise any objections to a German aid package to support its railway infrastructure. The scheme consists in funding support for the construction, extension and reactivation of private railway sidings that are used for freight transport. € 8 million is earmarked for aid in 2004 and an annual amount of € 32 million is estimated for the period 2005 – 2009.

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State Aid in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Intermodal transport  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Commission approves Italian regional aid to restructure the freight market and to develop road-sea combined transport [ full text ]

The Commission authorised on 6 October a package of aid measures that was notified by the Italian Region of Sicily for the restructuring of road haulage and the development of combined transport. The innovative scheme will be in force for three years with a budget of approximately € 35,000,000. The objective of the scheme is to promote road–sea combined transport services on long-distance routes between ports in Sicily and other Italian and Community ports. The scheme is conceived as a pilot project with an experimental character: it aims at achieving a structural modification of the current freight system in Sicily, encouraging road hauliers, in particular smaller companies, to form organisational groups to make better use of combined road-sea transport.

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The Council web site

Road Transport in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Inland Waterway Transport in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

COUNCIL OF TRANSPORT: important advances in road transport, inland navigation and Galileo [ full text ]

Substantial decisions in road transport, inland navigation and Galileo are the main outcome of the Council meeting on Transport that took place on 7 October 2004 in Brussels. According to the provisional version of the Council conclusions released this morning, the Council agreed on a general approach on Driving licenses and River Information Services proposals. On Galileo, the Council adopted a mandate authorising the Commission to open negotiations with Ukraine, concerning the development of a civil global Navigation Satellite System. The council adopted in first reading the Regulation on cooperation between national authorities responsible for the enforcement of consumer protection laws and its common position on a draft Directive on sip-source pollution and on the introduction of sanctions for infringements.

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Enlargement and international relations in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Peaceful uses of nuclear energy: Commission proposes conclusion of cooperation agreement with Japan [ full text ]

The Commission adopted on 6 October a recommendation to the Council to conclude an agreement on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy between Euratom and Japan. This agreement completes the series of agreements existing between the three main users of nuclear energy, namely Europe, the USA and Japan. The agreement will provide a stable framework for the development of nuclear trade between the two Parties and for reinforced co-operation in other areas of common interest, such as research into nuclear fission and radioprotection.

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Euro-mediterranean energy partnership  in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Enlargement and international relations in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Visite officielle de Loyola de Palacio en Libye - 4-5 octobre 2004 [ full text ]

Loyola de Palacio invite la Libye à accélérer son adhésion au Processus de Barcelone et à compléter la coopération Euro-Méditérranéenne dans le secteur de l’énergie et des transports.En visite à Tripoli depuis le lundi 4 octobre, la Vice Présidente de la Commission européenne Loyola de Palacio s’est réunie avec le Colonel Moamar Khadafi, le Premier Ministre Shoukri Ganem et le Ministre de l’Aviation civile. Ils ont soulevé les perspectives de coopération UE-Libye dans les secteurs de l’énergie et des transports une fois que la Libye aura adhéré au Processus de Barcelone.

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The European Energy and Transport Forum in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

The Commission appoints the members of the European Energy and Transport Forum [ full text ]

The European Commission has appointed on 5 October  the 34 members of the European Energy and Transport Forum and their alternates. As over half the members’ mandates were renewed, continuity is guaranteed. The Forum is a consultative body set up by the Commission two years ago to provide it with opinions and advice in the field of energy and transport from professionals and the parties concerned. “I am very pleased with the work carried out by the Forum. In only two years it has presented many opinions on important matters to the Commission as well as providing guidelines for debate on the future of our policies. It is essential to guarantee the continuity of this work and to maintain the momentum created by this dialogue between the Commission and the relevant players in the public arena” said Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President and Commissioner for Energy and Transport, adding that “The newly-appointed Forum brings together all the skills and experience needed to enrich European policies with competent advice and opinions”.


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Overview of national environmental monitoring requirements and inspection activities with regard to nuclear installations O.J. S 195-165855


Ex-post evaluation of the European Radiation Protection Policy O.J. S 196-166691


DOSE Datamed - Development of a harmonised methodology for dose data processing regarding radio-diagnostic imaging procedures in medical applications O.J. S 193-164119


Mediwaste - Management of liquid radioactive effluent arising from medical establishments in Member States O.J. S 191-162404


Establishment of an energy market observation system O.J. S 185-157485


Risk assessment, security and emergency procedures in radioactive material transport operations O.J. S 184-156770


'Railimplement' - study on the implementation of the Rail Infrastructure Package Directives (2001/12/EC, 2001/13/EC and 2001/14/EC) O.J. S 155-134119

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