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Profil of Jacques Barrot

The new Commission

Jaques Barrot, designated new commissioner for Transport [ full text ]

José Manuel Barroso, President-designate of the European Commission, announced on 12 August the policy portfolios he has allocated to each member of his team. Former French minister, and current commissioner of Regional Policy, Jacques Barrot, has been designated as the new commissioner for transport. Barrot will be responsible for Transport activities in the Transport and Energy DG, and the aAgencies: EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and ERA (European Railway Agency).



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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The  Road safety charter in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Road safety video

Commission’s experts group on accident investigation takes up job [ full text ]

The European Commission’s Group of experts on accidents in the transport sector has held its first plenary session on 14 July 2004. The group, which will advise the Commission on its transport safety strategy, was created in June 2003 and has 12 appointed members, out of 100 candidates from across Europe. Increasing safety was one of the main objectives in the Commission’s 2001 White Paper European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to decide. “The expertise and independence of the newly appointed members will be key to reach a higher and more uniform level of protection and of safety for all transport modes”, said Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for transport and energy.

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Road safety  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

eSafety in the web page of information society DG

Commission, ACEA and ERTICO sign Memorandum of Understanding on introduction of eCall for road crash victims across Europe [ full text ]

Mr. Fabio Colasanti, Director-General at the European Commission’s Information-Society Directorate-General, signed on 27 August together with the representatives of two other major stakeholders, ACEA and ERTICO, a Memorandum of Understanding that aims at realising an interoperable, pan-European in-vehicle emergency call, eCall. The MoU, which is soon expected to be signed by other industrial and public sector stakeholders, provides for a solid basis for the partners to actively contribute to the development and implementation of the eCall in potentially all new vehicles sold in Europe.

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Clean Urban Transport in the web site of Energy and Transport DG

Transport trining web site

Applications now open for the 2005 EU training programme on urban transport policies and measures [ click here for further information]

The European Commission, DG TREN, is running a training programme that offers transport professionals the opportunity to take part in a series of training seminars on urban mobility policies and measures. The training programme is targeted at mid-career transport managers and executives working in local/regional authorities and related bodies, or for public transport operators in the EU and future member states. It consists of a cycle of four seminars, to be carried out on a yearly basis from 2003 to 2005. The seminars are held in different locations in Europe (Brussels, Prague, Parma, and Rotterdam) and last for two days. The content of the seminars is based primarily on the results of EU research and demonstration projects in the field of urban transport, covering an extensive range of issues relating to integrated mobility in cities and the policy framework for urban transport.  The deadline for applications is 18 October 2004

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Profil of the new Commissioner for Energy

The new Commission

László KOVÁCS, desginated new commissioner for Energy [ full text ]

José Manuel Barroso, President-designate of the European Commission, announced on 12 August the policy portfolios he has allocated to each member of his team. Former Hungarian foreing affairs minister László KOVÁCS, has been designated as the new commissioner for Energy. László KOVÁCS will be responsible for Energy policy, Nuclear Safety and Security and Energy activities in the Transport and Energy DG

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The web site of Loyola de Palacio

Oil issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

With oil prices surging, Loyola de Palacio recalls the necessity of having a concerted European approach to the issue of security of energy supplies [ full text ]

For the Vice-President in charge of Energy and Transport, the latest surge in oil prices have once again underlined the importance of developing a proactive and concerted European policy on the security of energy supplies. In particular, Loyola de Palacio considers that the "Strengthening of the EU’s energy partnerships with the main surrounding suppliers and the European system of security stocks are both indispensable parts of such an approach", she said on 5 August.

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Nuclear issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

Nuclear safety at Sellafield: the Commission turns to the Court of Justice [ full text ]

The Commission has just found on 3 Septembre inadequate the United Kingdom’s response to its Directive of 30 March 2004 concerning the Sellafield site, in which it asks the UK authorities to present an action plan to ensure proper accounting of the nuclear materials stored in one of the installations on the site as well as physical access to the facilities concerned. The Commission does not regard the plan proposed as a formal response, since it has not been officially approved by the competent UK authorities, and it says that the plan does not provide the Commission with the information it needs to assess whether the proposed measures satisfy the requirements of the Directive.


This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tender

In this section you will find the latest calls for tender, calls for manifestation of interest and calls for proposal in the fields of energy and transport.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Training in relation to enforcement of road transport acquis: review of current arrangements in Member States and acceding Member States O.J. S 157-135927


Scenarios, traffic forecasts and analysis of traffic flows, including countries neighbouring the European Union O.J. S 156-134990


Study on the compliance of rail border traffic agreements with EU rail and competition legislation O.J. S 155-134119


Radiation protection services O.J. S 152-131356


Operating the European Road Safety Charter campaign O.J. S 139-118594


A service contract to assessment of options, benefits and associated costs of the Sesame programme for the definition of the future air traffic management system O.J. S 147-126587


Common Application of Traffic Violations Enforcement (CAPTIVE) O.J. S 136-115873


Implementation report on the TEN-T guidelines (Trans-European Networks - Transport)

O.J. S 133-112484



O.J. S 128-108026


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