No 105 - Weekly - 30 July 2004

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 EU INSPIREs better geographical info [ full text ]

To improve mapping in Europe, the European Commission has launched on 23 July  the INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in the European Union) initiative. A database with consistent geographical information, INSPIRE will support environmental protection policies as well as infrastructure development, agriculture and maritime navigation. A new Directive proposed today calls on EU Member States to put geographical information on a publicly accessible electronic network and to progressively harmonise it. At present, information on rivers, road networks and other geographical features is collected in an uncoordinated way and based on different methods and specifications, resulting in data gaps and lack of comparability


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 New European Parliament committees [ full text ]

Following the European Parliament's constituent sitting earlier this week, the 20 parliamentary committees held their first meetings on Thursday and Friday 23 July in Strasbourg to elect their chairs and vice-chairs. The Committee for Industry, Research and Energy (51 members) will be chaired by Giles CHICHESTER (EPP-ED, UK) whilst the committee for Transport and Tourism (51 members) will be chaired by : Paolo COSTA (ALDE, IT).



This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on Tenders Electronic Daily

New Calls for Tender

In this section you will find the latest calls for tender, calls for manifestation of interest and calls for proposal in the fields of energy and transport.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Operating the European Road Safety Charter campaign O.J. S 139-118594


Common Application of Traffic Violations Enforcement (CAPTIVE) O.J. S 136-115873


Various services regarding contracts studies in the nuclear sector
Lot 1 Regulations governing radioactive waste disposal in EU countries
Lot 2 Situation concerning uranium mine and mill tailings in an enlarged EU
Lot 3 Situation concerning public information about and involvement in the decision-making processes in the nuclear sector
Lot 4 Inventory of best practices in the decommissioning of nuclear installations
Lot 5 Analysis of environmental, economical and social issues linked to the decommissioning of nuclear installations
Lot 6 Preparatory work for the definition, organisation and planning of a system devoted to the development of safety and industrial standards for nuclear installations in the European Union
Lot 7 Analysis of the factors influencing the selection of strategies for decommissioning of nuclear installations
O.J. S 135-114777


Study on the technical security rules of the European electricity network

O.J. S 134-113871


Implementation report on the TEN-T guidelines (Trans-European Networks - Transport)

O.J. S 133-112484



O.J. S 128-108026


ManagEnergy Initiative: information, communication and capacity building action for energy and transport actors at local and regional levels and for the selected final energy users, such as municipalities and schools

O.J. S 128-108024


ManagEnergy Initiative: virtual facilities for energy and transport actors at local and regional levels

O.J. S 128-108019


Status report of the Pan-European transport corridors and areas

O.J. S 121-101640


CORRIGENDUM: Analysis of investments in the trans-European energy network (TEN-E) projects

O.J. S 109-090159

New date! 30/07/2004

CORRIGENDUM : Analysis of the national transport policies of the new Member States and their impact on Community transport objectives

O.J. S 115-096070

New date! 23/07/2004

Study: implementation of Freight Integrator Action Plan

O.J. S 114-095421


Assessment of the contributions of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010

O.J. S 112-093570


Impacts of transport security directive

O.J. S 110-091294


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Publications : Just Released !

A selection of our latest publications:

International aviation agreements: Opening the market for efficient air travel
Just published (July 2004)
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2004 - 8 p.
Catalogue no KO-56-03-425-**-C
ISBN 92-894-6657-X
Language(s) : EN ES FR
Price: gratis


Intermodal loading units: Industrial solutions for better freight transport
Just published (January 2004)
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2004 – 8 p.
Catalogue no KO-56-03-425-**-C
ISBN 92-894-6657-X
Language(s) : EN FR ES
Price: gratis


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