No 104 - Weekly - 23 July 2004

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 Commission takes action to enforce “Open Skies” Court rulings  [ full text ]

The Commission took on 20 July further action to tackle the discriminatory bilateral aviation agreements signed by Member States. By reserving traffic rights for national carriers, these agreements prevent free competition in the provision of international air transport between the European Union and the United States, to the detriment of the airline industry and consumers. Vice President Loyola de Palacio said “It is over one and a half years since the European Court of Justice ruled that the discrimination between EU airlines embodied in the Member States’ bilateral agreements with the US is contrary to EU law, yet that discrimination still remains in place. Member States must take the necessary measures to comply with the Court rulings. It is unacceptable that Member States continue to be party to agreements that deny consumers and airlines the benefits of the European Single Market more than one and a half years after the Court judgements. Moreover Member States which do not have “open skies” agreements should not now negotiate on their own such agreements with the US.”

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 Air transport: the Commission authorises rescue aid for the Italian airline Alitalia  [ full text ]

The Commission authorised on 20 July rescue aid for the Italian airline Alitalia. The aid consists of a €400 million bridging loan at a short-term market rates which must be repaid on expiry to enable arrangements to be worked out for the possible restructuring of the company without additional State aid.

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 Commission approves aid for anti-pollution filters on Danish lorries [ full text ]

The Commission has decided on 20 July to approve aid to alleviate the cost of retrofitting Danish lorries with particulate filters. Such filters will reduce the pollution level of mainly old lorries and so contribute to the protection of human health and the environment, in particular in bigger cities.

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 Vice President Loyola de Palacio visits Turkey to boost bilateral transport and energy co-operation   [ full text ]

In the course of her visit to Turkey on 14-16 July, the Vice-President Loyola de Palacio in charge of Energy and Transport met with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Gül, Minister of Transportation M. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources M. Hilmi Güler, parliamentary representatives and the President of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). During her meeting with Vice Prime Minister Gul, Loyola de Palacio underlined that “Turkey is a strategic partner for the EU as regards the security of energy supplies. It is an important bridge for the transit of gas and oil from the Caspian basin and the Middle East to the Balkans and the EU. In this context, cooperation between the EU and Turkey and other Black Sea and Mediterranean partners is essential for the improvement of energy security and maritime safety”.

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Opening of the electricity and gas internal market: progress so far  [ full text ]

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, has published on 16 July a synthesis note entitled "Towards a competitive and regulated European electricity and gas market" making the point of the situation in this field. The entry into force of the two new Directives adopted in 2003 concerning common rules for the internal electricity and gas market will make the enlarged European Union the most integrated energy market in the world. These two Directives represent a major step towards the completion of the internal market for electricity and gas. This package gave deadlines for the full opening of the market – 1 July 2004 for all business customers and 1 July 2007 for households. Equally it strengthened the independence of transport system operators from other activities (production and supply), through legal and operational unbundling of these activities.

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 Just released: video "Security of electricity and gas supply: Europe spins its energy web"[ on-line video]

A video (5 languages: DE-EN-ES-FR-IT ; length: 11'48") has just been produced by the European Commission on this subject.The Italian blackout of September 2003 clearly demonstrated the need to further develop interconnections between national grids and reinforce cooperation between transmission system operators. Ensuring that electricity production capacity is sufficient to cover times of peak consumption is imperative. As the EU will increasingly depend on natural gas, the key issue here is to diversify its sources of supply. These measures are taken within the framework of the completion of the single market for electricity and gas, security of supply policy and the management of energy demand.


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New Calls for Tender

In this section you will find the latest calls for tender, calls for manifestation of interest and calls for proposal in the fields of energy and transport.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Operating the European Road Safety Charter campaign
O.J. S 139-118594 13/09/2004
Common Application of Traffic Violations Enforcement (CAPTIVE) O.J. S 136-115873 10/09/2004
Various services regarding contracts studies in the nuclear sector
Lot 1 Regulations governing radioactive waste disposal in EU countries
Lot 2 Situation concerning uranium mine and mill tailings in an enlarged EU
Lot 3 Situation concerning public information about and involvement in the decision-making processes in the nuclear sector
Lot 4 Inventory of best practices in the decommissioning of nuclear installations
Lot 5 Analysis of environmental, economical and social issues linked to the decommissioning of nuclear installations
Lot 6 Preparatory work for the definition, organisation and planning of a system devoted to the development of safety and industrial standards for nuclear installations in the European Union
Lot 7 Analysis of the factors influencing the selection of strategies for decommissioning of nuclear installations
O.J. S 135-114777

Study on the technical security rules of the European electricity network

O.J. S 134-113871


Implementation report on the TEN-T guidelines (Trans-European Networks - Transport)

O.J. S 133-112484



O.J. S 128-108026


ManagEnergy Initiative: information, communication and capacity building action for energy and transport actors at local and regional levels and for the selected final energy users, such as municipalities and schools

O.J. S 128-108024


ManagEnergy Initiative: virtual facilities for energy and transport actors at local and regional levels

O.J. S 128-108019


Status report of the Pan-European transport corridors and areas

O.J. S 121-101640


CORRIGENDUM: Analysis of investments in the trans-European energy network (TEN-E) projects

O.J. S 109-090159

New date! 30/07/2004

Study: implementation of Freight Integrator Action Plan

O.J. S 114-095421


Assessment of the contributions of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010

O.J. S 112-093570


Impacts of transport security directive

O.J. S 110-091294


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