No 100 - Weekly - 25 June 2004

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Informal Council of Transport on short sea shipping and wider Europe 9 -10 /07/2004

Council of Transport, Energy and Telecom

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Air security in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Air security: Commission decides on staff screening in security restricted areas at EU airports [ full text ]

The Commission adopted on 23 June new legislation establishing a common definition of critical parts of security restricted areas at EU airports. The purpose is to oblige, for the first time, airport staff to undergo security screening checks when entering security-sensitive zones of airports. "This is another key step in enhancing security for flights departing from EU airports.

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Aeronautics in the web site of Research DG

Air Transport in the web site of energy & Transport DG

EU research for cheaper, greener and quieter aircraft [ full text ]

European-funded research projects to reduce aircraft noise and fuel consumption are now running at full speed, said Reserach Commissioner, Phillipe Busquin on 22 June. Included is one of Europe’s largest-ever noise-reduction research ventures, known as SILENCE(R). A consortium of 51 companies is testing new technologies to reduce aircraft noise by up to 6 decibels (dB) by 2008, with the EU contributing half the funding for SILENCE(R), with a total budget over €110 million.

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Managenergy web site

New and renewable energies  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

 Commission supports development of renewable energy and energy efficiency through Internet [ full text ]

The European Commission has launched on 23 June its first streaming portal on renewable energies and on energy efficiency, with interactive live Internet broadcasts and video on demand. The portal will allow more efficient and transparent direct multilingual communication. Such streaming services provide particular advantages in the areas of renewable energies and energy demand where action needs to be taken at local level. With its new Internet broadcast portal developed under the ManagEnergy initiative, the Commission is going a step further in enabling awareness-raising and exchanges of good practice between energy actors and citizens across Europe.

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he web site of Loyola de Palacio

Energy Demand Management in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

Loyola de Palacio presents the new trends of the European Energy policy [ full text ]

Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Transport and Energy presented the new trends of the European Energy policy in a conference titled: "An Energy Outlook for Europe – from today into the next 30 years". De Palacio made her speech in the Workshop of Foratom in Brussels on 15 June 2004. "This evening, I would like to look ahead" -she said-" I would also like to take a wider view of Europe’s energy future - a future in which all energy options play a full and sustainable role in Europe’s economy; and one in which we, Europe’s consumers, have a greater understanding about the energy which we use".


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New Calls for Tender

In this section you will find the latest calls for tender, calls for manifestation of interest and calls for proposal in the fields of energy and transport.



Time-limit for receipt of tenders

Study on the functioning of the internal market in air transport

O.J. S 120-100789


Study on the future of air transport in the European Union

O.J. S 118-099140


CORRIGENDUM: Mobile location unit - telematics on-board terminal for road vehicles

O.J. S 101-080040

New date! 22/07/2004

From infrastructure expenditure to infrastructure costs

O.J. S 116-097187


Analysis of the national transport policies of the new Member States and their impact on Community transport objectives

O.J. S 115-096070


Impact assessment study on different aspects of road safety at European level concerning sports utility and multipurpose vehicles (SUV), light vans, cruise control, harmonisation of signs on the TEN

O.J. S 102-081581

New date! 30/06/2004

Study on the functioning of the internal market

O.J. S 102-081578

New date! 07/07/2004

Study on the public financing of seaports in the EU

O.J. S 103-083655

New date! 22/07/2004

Notice of call for proposals with a view to obtaining grants in the field of transport

See our web page


Notice of call for proposals with a view to obtaining grants for the organisation of conferences in the field of energy and transport

See our web page


Analysis of investments in the trans-European energy network (TEN-E) projects

O.J. S 109-090159


Study: implementation of Freight Integrator Action Plan

O.J. S 114-095421


Assessment of the contributions of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010

O.J. S 112-093570


Impacts of transport security directive

O.J. S 110-091294


Comparative study on national requirements regarding cockpit personnel licences in the current legislation of the Member States of the European Economic Area

O.J. S 108-089074

New date! 19/07/2004

Assessment of the social impact of Single European Sky

O.J. S 107-087247


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Publications : Just Released !

A selection of our latest publications:

Implementing the internal energy market : Second benchmarking report
Just published (March 2004)
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2003 - 84 p.
Catalogue no KO-52-03-352-**-C
ISBN 92-894-5584-5
Language(s) : EN DE FR
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Nuclear safeguards: Europe remains vigilant
Just published (January 2004)
Luxembourg: Eur-OP, 2003 – 8 p.
Catalogue no KO-56-03-409-**-C
ISBN 92-894-6644-8
Language(s) : EN FR
Price: gratis
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