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European Road Safety Charter presentation event 29 January 2004

Council Transport, Telecom. and Energy 08 - 09/March/2004

3rd Annual European Energy and Transport Conference 4-5 May 2004

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Shipbuilding in the web site of Trade DG

Maritime Policy in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

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Shipbuilding: Commission proposes extension of EU support until 31 March 2005 [ full text ]

The existing mechanism allowing for the grant of temporary state aids in the shipbuilding sector (so-called temporary defensive mechanism- TDM) should be extended until 31 March 2005 according to a decision adopted today by the Commission which will now be sent to the Council and to the European Parliament. Announcing this decision on 21 January, the EU Commissioner for competition, Mario Monti stated: "While State aid is certainly not the way forward to make EU shipbuilding more competitive globally, today's decision does show that the Commission recognises the exceptional circumstances in cases where Community interests are at stake. The extension until March 2005 is justified because no solution has been found so far bilaterally or at WTO level.

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Road Transport in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

State Aid legislation

Bus transport: Commission approves German regional aid on the "promotion of pollution control and climate protection" [ full text ]

The Commission authorised on 21 January  the last part of the support measures aiming at promoting pollution control and climate protection in the energy and transport sector in Saxony (Germany). The Commission gave today the go-ahead for transport companies in Saxony to benefit from financial support for the acquisition of low noise and low emissions busses, of diesel cars and locomotives and for the drawing up of plans to ensure the environmentally efficient use of the subsidised vehicles. The objectives of the German regional scheme are the control of the air pollution and the protection of the climate.

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EMSA  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The web site of the European Parliament

No powers over terrorism for European Maritime Safety Agency, says the European Parliament [ full text ]

The Transport Committee this morning adopted a report by Emmanouil MASTORAKIS (PES, GR) on new tasks for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), which was originally set up to deal with marine pollution and safety following the Erika disaster of December 1999. MEPs today backed the Commission's proposal that EMSA should have the resources to enable it to operate specialised pollution response ships as well as equipment for collecting oil and other harmful substances from the sea. Under the proposed legislation, EMSA would also play a decisive role with regard to seafarer's qualifications. However, while broadly welcoming the Commission's proposals to modify and update the agency's tasks, which are being made in the aftermath of the Prestige disaster of November 2002, MEPs were doubtful about the idea of widening the agency's remit to include security issues.

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Coal issues in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

State aid to hard coal sector in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

State aid to hard coal in Germany (1997-2003)

Coal industry: Commission authorises France to grant closing aid to its last two mines [ full text ]

The Commission decided on 21 January not to raise any objections to the nearly € 1 billion aid which France is proposing to grant to its coal industry for the year 2003. The aid is meant to cover the costs of closure of the two last operating mines and in particular the social and regional implications of the closures. The aid is compatible with the proper functioning of the common market. The Commission authorised France today to grant closing aid to its two last operational coal mines. The proposed aid measures fulfil EU rules on state aid to the coal industry. The Commission concluded that the aid is compatible with the proper functioning of the common market.

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New and renewable energies  in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

The Campaign for Take-Off Partnerships Awards

VP De Palacio speech on renewables at Berlin's conference

Commission awards 2003 Prizes to the best European projects in Renewable Energy [ full text ]

On the occasion of the European Conference for Renewable Energy, today were handed over in Berlin the 2003 EU Awards of the Renewable Energy Campaign for Take-Off. For the 4th consecutive year, the Commission rewarded the efforts made in promoting renewable energy and showcasing successful projects and initiatives all over Europe. The Award Ceremony marked the official closure of the campaign. "I would like to congratulate the winners again this year for their commitment to renewable energies. In view of the greater challenges facing us now that enlargement will become a reality in May, I would also like to encourage them and all our partners to continue these efforts" said Loyola de Palacio. The Award Ceremony took place in Berlin today on the occasion of the European Conference for Renewable Energy 'Intelligent Energy Options' (19th 21st January).

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Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform in the web site of Research DG

New and renewable energies in the web site of Energy & Transport DG

A strong European technology partnership to move towards the hydrogen economy  [ full text ]

European Commission President, Romano Prodi, has launched on 20 January the "European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology" Platform, whose Advisory Council includes key players of the European hydrogen sector, at its first assembly in Brussels. The Platform has the task of drafting a blueprint to smooth the EU's transition from a fossil fuel-based to a hydrogen-based economy. The creation of this platform follows the presentation of a report by an EU high-level expert group on June 16, 2003, and the inclusion of a hydrogen and fuel cell initiative in the "QuickStart" list of transport and research projects. This list was presented by the Commission on November 11, 2003, in the framework of the "European Growth Initiative". World-wide energy demand will double in the next 50 years, and Europe still has very limited home-grown resources. The EU currently imports 50% of its demand for oil, and, if nothing is done, this figure will rise to 70% in 20-30 years time. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies could form an integral part of future sustainable energy systems. This will contribute to improving Europe's energy security and air quality, whilst lessening climate change. Developing the new hydrogen society while gaining worldwide leadership will require a coherent EU strategy, which this European Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Platform will help devise.

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Euro-mediterranean energy partnership  in the web site of energy & Transport DG

Loyola de Palacio welcomes Greece-Turkey gas agreement  [ full text ]

Vice-President of the European Commission Loyola de Palacio today welcomed the conclusion of the negotiations in late December 2003 between Greece's Development Minister and Turkey's Energy Minister on the construction of an interconnection between their countries' gas networks to carry natural gas supplies from the Caspian Basin to Turkey, Greece (and, at a later stage, the Balkans) as soon as 2006. Acting as facilitator and catalyst in this process, the European Commission had, in 1999, helped set up the first economic cooperation agreement between Greece and Turkey, focusing particularly on interconnecting their national gas networks. In 2000, these intergovernmental agreements made it possible to institute commercial negotiations between the gas companies of the two countries (DEPA in Greece and BOTAS in Turkey). This was the basis for the Commission to grant € 5 million in funding under the trans-European energy network programme towards technical and commercial studies for the construction project.

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 RTD Framework Programme in the web site of Energy & Transport DG 

The web site of Research DG

Consultation for revision of the FP6 Energy Work Programme (mid-term review) [ full text ]

All interested European organisations, especially organisations which represent groups of relevant research or market actors, are kindly invited to contribute to the consultation process by submitting their views to the Commission before 29 february 2004. All interested organisations are invited to look regularly for up-dates on this web site. In order to help organisations to structure their comments / inputs and at the same time to help the Commission with analysing the expected inputs and comments, the Commission is planning to add specific questions on each of the areas of the Work Programme listed in the framework described in section 4 below. These additions will be made in the first half of January 2004. After the consultation is over, the Commission will publish a summary of the results on this web site.


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