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Euro Mediterranean Energy Forum

On 21st September the European Commission, DG TREN, is hosting in Brussels the meeting of the EU and MEDA Directors' General of energy: the EURO-MEDITERRANEAN ENERGY FORUM.

The Euro-Mediterranean energy co-operation is developed in the framework of the Barcelona Process established in 1995, which set out as a mid term objective the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area by 2010. Energy cooperation was developed in this framework aiming to promote regional integration of energy markets, enhance energy security, including diversification of energy sources and supply routes and ensure environmental sustainability of energy sector in the Mediterranean region.

The main instrument of energy cooperation is the Euro-Med Energy Ministerial Conferences and the Euro-Med Energy Forum which meets at the level of general directors. Sub-regional energy dialogues and co-operation initiatives have also been promoted with the objective of progressive creation of an integrated Euro-Mediterranean energy market. Over Euro 55 million has been allocated to projects in the region under the EC MEDA programme over the past 8 years to support the gradual integration of the Euro-Med energy markets. In addition, loans for nearly Euro 2 million have been given by the European Investment Bank to support energy infrastructure priority projects, notably to complete the electricity and gas links in the region.

At this meeting of the Euro-Med Energy Forum, participating countries and organisations will review the progress achieved in the various energy cooperation areas set for the period 2003-2006. They will also address future orientations for regional energy cooperation in the Mediterranean and agree on the priority areas for the upcoming 2007-2010 period. These will be endorsed by the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers at a Ministerial Conference that should take place in 2007.


last update: 11-02-2009