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22.12.2004 Results of the study carried out by HELIOS TECHNOLOGY: "Recommendations towards a European Union Radionavigation Plan (ERNP)" - Executive Summary
17.12.2004 Press Release: Information Day in Chile (spanish version)
14.12.2004 Press Release: Information Day in Argentina
13.12.2004 GALILEO videos
A downloadable version of the video "Galileo: Europe shows the way" is now available
10.12.2004 Transport Council of 10 December 2004
Press Release
: GALILEO on the home straight
Council Conclusions
07.12.2004 Press Release: The Commission proposes opening negotiations with Morocco
18.11.2004 The GALILEO Joint Undertaking has launched the following procurements:
- GALILEO Cooperation project for Latin America
- GALILEO Information Centre for Latin America
09.10.2004 Press Release GJU:  Galileo gets a global Vision: The Chinese National Remote Sensing Center (NRSCC) becomes a Member of the Galileo Joint Undertaking
07.10.2004 Press Release: the Commission proposes the transition to the deployment and operational phases
05.10.2004 Press Release Concession:  "Important Step in the Concession Process for Galileo: Galileo Joint Undertaking gives its Evaluation Report to its Shareholders"
28.09.2004 Notice of vacancy for the post of executive director of the Galileo Supervisory Authority (OJ 2004/C 237 A/03) Deadline 03/11/2004
Form to be complete by the candidates
Form to be complete by the candidates
27.09.2004 Press Release "GALILEO: Strengthening of the cooperation between the European Union and the Mediterranean Countries"
07.09.2004 International Cooperation
Press Release:  The Commission proposes to open negotiations with Ukraine on satellite navigation
02.09.2004 Concession
Press Release:
One important step further in the concession process
01.09.2004 EU/Israel Agreement
pdf  Text Agreement
GALILEO Joint Undertaking
Information Day of the Euro-Mediterranean Satellite Navigation (GNSS) project
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Cairo, EGYPT
27 September 2004
pdf Invitation Letter   pdf Draft Agenda  pdf Registration Form
For more information: GJU

Proposal for a EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL REGULATION on the implementation of the deployment and commercial operating phases of the European programme of satellite radionavigation

14.07.2004 Signature of EU/Israel agreement:
Press Release: EU and Israel seal their agreement on GALILEO
Agreement EU/Israel
12.07.2004 Official documents
COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 1321/2004 of 12 July 2004 on the establishment of structures for the management of the European satellite radio-navigation programmes
07.07.2004 Draft Council Joint Action on aspects of the operation of the European satellite radionavigation system affecting the security of the European Union
28.06.2004 Signature of EU/US agreement:
Press release "GALILEO and GPS will navigate side by side: EU and US sign final agreement"
pdf "Agreement on the promotion, provision and use of GALILEO and GPS satellite-based navigation systems and related applications"
pdf Provisional application of the Agreement on the Promotion, Provision and Use of GALILEO and GPS Satellite-based Navigation Systems and Related Applications between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the United States of America of the other part (14 KB)

European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Council conclusions (20 KB)

pdf Draft COUNCIL REGULATION on the establishment of structures for the management of the European satellite radionavigation programmes (59 KB)
01.06.2004 The second GALILEO-specific call for proposals in the frame of the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development has been published.
17.03.2004 EU and Israel reach agreement on GALILEO. Under the auspices of the EU, cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is also taking off
26.02.2004 Press release "Loyola de Palacio welcomes the outcome of EU/US discussions on GALILEO"
19.02.2004 Commission Communication to the European Parliament and the Council "Progress report on the GALILEO research programme as at the beginning of 2004"
13.02.2004 Galileo Joint undertaking
Invitation: Concession Industry Day, Tuesday 9th March, Flagey, Brussels
06.02.2004 Press release:
- Progress in Galileo-GPS negotiations
- GALILEO: Three operators competing for the concession

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