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09.12.2002 Following the Commission's Communication of 24.09.2002, the Transport Council has adopted its Conclusions on 05.12.2002.
05.12.2002 New factsheets on different applications and ongoing projects.
New section: Pilot projects.
03.12.2002 New date for the GALILEO Information Day: 18 March 2003.
28.11.2002 The European Commission and the European Space Agency are inviting European companies to a Europe-China Industry Seminar on satellite navigation in Beijing on 17-18 December 2002. The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The Seminar aims to encourage cooperation between European and Chinese industries involved in satellite navigation and space technologies in general.
08.11.2002 New brochure on international cooperation: Galileo - A satellite navigation system for the world.
17.10.2002 Galileo Signal Task Force: Status of Galileo Frequency and Signal Design.
07.10.2002 New homepage and content structure .
25.09.2002 Commission Communication: State of progress of the Galileo programme.

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