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Current co-operation activities

The European policy on satellite navigation provides for a two-step approach, starting with EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service). It will augment the currently operating US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems, and make them suitable for safety-critical applications such as flying aircraft or harbour docking. EGNOS has gone a long way towards demonstrating what a more all-encompassing European system like GALILEO can really do, representing a concrete accomplishment that will be in operation as of 2004.

The European Commission is supporting a number of EGNOS activities outside of Europe and in particular in Latin America and in Africa, where infrastructures and flight trials have been organised. This confirms the European commitment to the deployment of satellite navigation systems worldwide. Meanwhile, the EURO-MED satellite navigation project is encouraging training and demonstration for the benefit of Europe’s Mediterranean partners.

last update: 10-02-2009