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European and international co-operation

GALILEO is a worldwide system and maximising its benefits means making international co-operation a fundamental part of the programme. Such co-operation can help to reinforce industrial know-how and to minimise the technological and political risks involved.

This includes, quite naturally, co-operation with the two countries now operating satellite navigation systems. Europe is already examining a number of technical issues with the United States related to interoperability and compatibility with the GPS system. The objective is to ensure that everyone will be able to use both GPS and GALILEO signals with a single receiver. Negotiations on co-operation scenarios with the Russian Federation, which has valuable experience in the development and operation of its GLONASS system, are also ongoing.

In addition to the technical harmonisation required between GALILEO and existing satellite navigation systems, international co-operation is necessary in the development of ground-based equipment and ultimately to promote widespread use of this technology. It also falls in line with the objectives of the Community with respect to foreign policy, co-operation with developing countries, employment and the environment.

Several non-European countries have already contributed to the GALILEO programme in terms of system definition, research, and industrial co-operation. Since the Council’s decision to launch the GALILEO programme, even more countries have expressed the wish to be associated with the programme in one form or another. Indeed, the Commission sees GALILEO as highly relevant to all the countries of the world and remains committed to further collaboration with countries that share its vision of a high-performance, reliable and secure global civil satellite navigation system.

last update: 10-02-2009